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  1. Damn nice truck. If I wasn't looking for a house right now I would be all over this one.
  2. All you guys have very nice trucks. Wouldn't mind to lower my 4x4 but when you get around 50 to 60 inchs of snow in the winter Being that low would not work so good IMO.
  3. What breed are your dogs? Sophie is a Rottweiler and Roscoe is a Husky, Lab, Irish Setter, Sheltie, Shih Tzu mix. I have done a DNA test on him if you are wondering how I know his exact make up. Ah ok. Great lookin dogs, I guess I knew that the one was a Rottweiler but wasn't sure of the other one.
  4. Great lookin boxer you got there.
  5. What breed are your dogs?
  6. AGREED but have to put up with the wifes and step daughters three. The dog LOVES to chase and pin them down. It's great.
  7. Oh and we have three cats also. (wifes) One more of the dog....
  8. We all know what kind of trucks and toys we have on here. My question is what kind of pet or pets do you have? My family has a 9 month old female reverse brindle boxer. Her name is Serenity.
  9. I woul like one of these. Gonna keep an eye on this thread.
  10. I still might, I just had to get them on for now Well they look good either way. You got a very nice truck.
  11. Looks good. So I guess you decided not to paint them. I saw the thread on TMC.
  12. 08 GMC Sierra and my 05 Honda CBR 600RR Street/Drag bike.
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