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  1. Just curious, why did unplugging cause a trip to the dealer? I did not realize simply unplugging from the BCM would cause an issue.
  2. I'd be interested in the the tow mirror rear-facing LED's illuminating when the truck is actually in reverse. Not tied to reverse lights since those come on when you unlock, and those mirror LED's are blinding to walk up on, but only when the truck is actually in reverse. The rear view camera receives power if I read right when the truck is actually placed in reverse so maybe the cargo circuit could be tied to that?
  3. Will the latching relays latch a ground? Or only power? My brain says it should complete the circuit either way but I don’t know enough about the latching relays and factory switches to wrap my head around it. Does each fog lamp switch have its own input and output or do they use a common input for everything in the headlight switch assembly and just have separate outputs? I need a constant ground on one circuit and constant hot on another.
  4. Is there a thread about that headlight switch yet? I assume those are both momentary switches for fog lights and what was the other one for from the factory?
  5. I have two different auxiliary circuits I was going to run (my truck doesn't have fog lights) so I like the look of two extra switches in the headlight switch. I know a lot of the factory switching though is sending momentary signal to the bcm so I don't know that it would work anyway. One circuit needs constant ground to work and the other needs a constant 12V, not momentary. Oh and I wish there was a way to dim the factory radio at night more than the dimmer wheel does. 2018 Silverado LS 4X4 crew cab, Special service
  6. Very interested in that headlight switch mod, I was just about to mount two micro switches by mine to run a couple of other lights.
  7. I don't think the Speed turtle works with our trucks, after 2016. Not sure what the difference is.
  8. Just my opinion- stay away from hideaways that are drilled into stock housings, I’ve never seen a set yet that didn’t end up leaking and discoloring the whole assembly. I just picked up my ‘18 Silverado SSV last week so I’ll do a build thread eventually and it will have lights etc for work.
  9. Mine dropped the intake lifter on #4 twice in short order (less than 2500 miles). The first time had damaged the cam enough it was allowing the lifter to rotate, thereby eating up the lifter guide. Did a complete AFM delete, cam, lifters, valley, and program from AMS Racing in Bossier. About $700 and so far has been good but I’m only a couple hundred miles in.
  10. I have a 2018 Silverado SSV ordered (since February) to use as a work/personal/law enforcement vehicle, expected build date of 04/30/18. I plan to put a folding tonneau cover on to secure work equipment in the bed area and to keep the equipment dry and safe. I am entering to win ONE (1) 14-ON Chevy/GMC Full Size 1500 5’ 8” Box The LOMAX would be perfect for keeping work equipment safe and dry. The security and dry storage offered by a hard tonneau are the most important features to me. No, not on my current truck but plan to on my ordered truck once it arrives. This pickup will be my personally owned vehicle used for hauling kayaks, fishing gear, and hunting gear. It will also be my work vehicle for law enforcement, and will have law enforcement equipment stored full-time in the bed.
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