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  1. Don't forget your truck's vehicle gross as well. You said you were a family of 4. Normally half tons run out of carrying capacity before they ever hit their max tow. Stickers on the door/door jamb will tell you what it weighed coming from GM.
  2. You can air down the rears if the ride is too harsh for you on a dually. I guess I'm just really weird first truck was a half ton, then 2 2500HDs, and now a 3500HD. I know for sure I can't go back to a half ton, not sure if I want to go back to a SRW even. If you avoid cities then a crew cab 8ft bed dually isn't really difficult to daily drive. The new 2500s from all 3 are rated pretty high for 5th wheel ratings. If nothing else then do the inbetween get a 3500 SRW.
  3. Fatty carried a couple pounds today. 2580 lbs makes her sit about level apparently
  4. Yeah blow up half the earth on the 4th but stop pregaming weeks before and stop post gaming weeks after.
  5. I'm more worried about the fireworks than a hurricane actually, but thanks.
  6. If you have a Samsung phone you can have Bixby read your txts. I have routines set up when I'm connected to certain bluetooth devices it turns that feature on. If you don't have Samsung you can have google assistant read them as well. Probably a way to set that up automagically but before Bixby I just told assistant to read last text message. Granted I have a 2009 so if I'm not connected to my BT dongle thingie it comes out of the phone and not over the truck's speakers.
  7. I didn't even know we had something coming towards us until I logged into FB today. I've got water and a propane grill I'm good for a few days w/o power. I just hate not having AC. Not that it matters much UPS doesn't really shut down for much so I generally just go to work to sweat and get paid vs staying home and sweating. Dad and I got tired of hanging plywood so we had storm shutters installed. Now I just walk around the house closing them in the middle of a hurricane when I think it gets bad enough. If this one hits it'll be the first with my dogs so I'll see how they handle it, pro
  8. I'm using a Viofo 119v3 currently. Holding up so far just fine. I haven't had an SD card die in any of my dashcams and I don't use the endurance versions either. I also use the max size supported which right now is 256 gig in my 119v3. I have hardwired so anytime my truck isn't parked in my driveway that camera is running. Haven't tried running anything as a rear camera yet, not sure if I ever will or how much good a rear facing camera will do. Might try running one eventually.
  9. While I was in the Dominican Republic my buddy started on Fatty's new bumpers. He did a great job welding them together, especially since it was his first real welding job. Still need to do a few more things before they get put on permanently. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  10. Take the glasses (or your head) and turn them 90 degrees and see if you can see the screen that way. If you can then it's just the way the lenses are polarized. I had the same problem with an old phone. The way the screen was made "clashed" with my sunglasses and I couldn't use my phone in landscape.
  11. My 09 is 11,100 or 11300 GVWR I can't remember which. Not sure what the GCWR is probably 20k or less. I think it found the curb weight saying it was 7k from the factory. Not sure how accurate that is but 900lbs of stuff added by me is completely believable. Just interesting that the new 2500 short beds are just as heavy as my loaded 3500 dually is all.
  12. Good to know. I measured my '09 CC Dually and from nose to the hitch/head was about 22ft. It's interesting to see how much heavier these newer trucks have gotten though. Mine is 8100lbs (soon to gain a few more lbs with the bumpers that are going on it) with me and my usual load out. GM's new 2500 short beds are 8k "dry." Which means I'll probably be pushing 10k when I get a new truck.
  13. The upfitter switches on the 2500/3500 are not install at the factory either. Either the dealer is nice and does it for you or you do it yourself. At least that's what I've gathered from this forum
  14. Don't need a lift to rotate your tires. Jack stands and a floor jack have worked just fine rotating my dually. Also don't forget about oil rebates to save even more. Both Mobile and Shell have rebates. I was buying 10 gallons of oil for under $100 which is good enough for 4 oil changes. Figured out it's even cheaper not buying 5 gallon buckets on sale from autozone/orielly's and next time I need oil I'll be getting gallon jugs from walmart and using Mobile's rebates that way. Or you can buy the oil and filter yourself and bring it with you to the dealership. I think they'd cha
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