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  1. When I asked what the max was a couple pages ago someone said they believed the max was 85.
  2. If I have to do it myself then why bother giving me the false option of having GM build it the way they think I want it? Also I'm one of those that sees the sunroof as pointless and since I seem to be in the minority finding my next vehicle that doesn't have one will yet again add to my needle in the haystack search.
  3. Yeah I don't understand why people are so angry. I love my job, wouldn't have stayed 14 years and counting if I didn't. Does the company screw us over? Sure, just like politicians, the union, and we do to each other. Keeping track of 1000+ workers between the 4 shifts is too much work. I protect myself by letting everyone think I'm the guy that will lose his shit and... Even though when people tell me that "I'm that guy" I flat out tell them morality issues ignored none of them are worth my job, being bubba's b**ch the rest of my life, or even the cost of the ammo. They don't like that answer though lol Also it's not just anger. It's just plain stupidity. When military people question how we're so fkd up it really puts it into perspective haha
  4. Do the high air flow hand dryers count? Those things blow some air. I like them, gives me a nice blast of air while I'm dropping the kids off at the pool.
  5. Chevyguy85

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    I have been for 14 years...
  6. Chevyguy85

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    Nope just careless over paid babies. Not going to lie I've dropped a few packages in the 14 years and counting but I do try not to. Some of these sh**bags just DGAF. Morons think we're too big to fail.
  7. Yes and no. Yes because if you buy a vehicle with this crud in it, it will be Android OS on the vehicle. No in the sense you're probably meaning that you as an Iphone user won't have access to it. Unless I'm reading the OP wrong anyway.
  8. Nope, while a lot of my co-workers are borderline alcoholics, I don't work at a bar.
  9. Chevyguy85

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    Yep my coworkers at the big brown turd strike again. What I don't understand is how the dang driver felt ok delivering that. I didn't deliver something that bad when I used to deliver on saturdays. Put it in the system as damaged and take it back to the building.
  10. Exactly. Which is why it's so frustrating to be given the "option" to build your own truck yet you can't actually build your own truck...
  11. As the safety co-chair for my shift please help me management person in explaining how and why this picture is bad as well as what to say to prevent it. Thanks - dumb hourly. lol
  12. Yet another reason vehicle prices keep skyrocketing. Forcing "safety" features on those of us who have no desire to have them. I guess I'm old fashioned in my young age but I was taught to drive by paying attention. Did I make mistakes? Sure, none of which ever went on my record, no at fault on there either. My '73 C10 custom deluxe's safety feature was steel and the idiot behind the wheel. Worked fine for me. Bounced off a guard rail once, spun off a highway, and I was rear ended twice in that truck. I had a Tahoe as a loaner once and that safety garbage almost caused me to get into an accident. Scared the crap out of me. Computer or no computer if the idiot behind me can't keep proper distance to be able to stop in time they'll meet my old school tech, a hitch. The hitch has won every time
  13. I poop at work quite regularly. Half the time, regardless of how often they're cleaned, they seem to look like a high school full of idiots use them. Recently one of the toilets actually came off the wall, not sure if intentional or accident though. Last week one of the pipes burst and flooded a couple offices upstairs and a couple offices downstairs below the bathroom. Made a nice waterfall though
  14. Chevyguy85

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    I just want to thank my oh so amazing co-workers for their excellent handling of the brake set I ordered for my boat trailer. Good thing they weren't back ordered for 2 or 3 weeks...Buddy sent me these since I had them shipped to his house. https://imgur.com/a/FRSbMrk Thankfully etrailer has pretty good customer support so I'm confident they'll make it right. Just need to drive an hour to go get them. Still need to order another set after we get this one replaced and installed. Eventually I might even add brakes to the 3rd axle that don't have them already.
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