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  1. Right now unfortunately it's whatever you find in stock for whatever asinine prices you can find. Rona plus election year is resulting in prices 2-4x what they were at the beginning of the year. The ones that didn't increase are sold out in minutes. Gunbot.net, ammoengine.com, gun.deals, https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/new. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  2. 4 ways won't hyper flash. You have an '01 with the flasher relay you'll be fine. Colossus and I can't use relays b/c we don't have them. They're controlled by the computer or whatever it's called. We need to use resistors.
  3. The long beds are too hard to drive People live in cities and they don't like the 5% more effort it takes. Even on the 2500s 8ft beds are rare to see here in Orlando area. Probably why I'll be getting another dually when it's time to get a new truck, 8ft bed is the only option with a dually from GM GM produces what they think people want or what they can sucker people into buying. There aren't enough of us that want 8ft beds anymore for our opinions/wants to be financially relevant to them.
  4. I put all LEDS on my 2009 3500HD. Had to use resistors for the turn signals. We must have messed up wiring the right one since it hyper flashes if I have the running lights/driving lights off, but not when they're on. I need to find shorter T10 LEDs all the ones I've used or seen are too long to replace in the fender/clearance markers in the rear.
  5. That comes down to personal preference. Most double action semi autos are DA/SA. So first shot is double action (long trigger pull) and then it's single action (shorter pull) there after. There are probably some that are double action only but I can't think of any off hand. Having shot and carried DAO, DA/SA, and striker fired revolvers and semi automatics the trigger usually doesn't bother me. Just practice to get used to whatever it is you are using.
  6. Yeah I know all about Apex Triggers. Shield is fine it's the m&p compact 4" 2.0s that are supposed to have better triggers that I don't like. Also paying half the cost of the gun to fix the trigger stops me lol
  7. Dang 163? I've only got 5 9mms gotta collect them all. Well l I guess technically 38spl and 357mag projectiles are 9mm so that makes 10 9mms? lol
  8. Headlight housings aren't super difficult but they're no where near as easy as they were on my 2006 2500HD.
  9. Wheelies are fun I love them. I keep having to stop myself from getting yet another one. I need to clean my garage and my reloading table and start making some ammo again. Need to cast some projectiles too. Bought a big melter a few years ago and have only used it once. The trigger on my shield 9mm doesn't bother me. The triggers on both of my M&P 2.0 Compact 4" 9mm do bother me. I like the trigger on my SR9c and SR40.
  10. The advice I give to new people is to shoot anything and everything you can get your hands on. Everyone is going to have their own preference. Grip angle, trigger pull, and recoil can vary from pistol to pistol even of the same caliber. Personally I'm a huge fan of Rugers. Cheap, dependable, go bang every time, and if for some reason I need their customer support it's top notch. My buddy loves his S&W M&Ps. I've got a few of those but I hate the trigger on the 2 newest ones I've bought. Also panic buying is making prices suck right now and on top of that it's an election year so that's a double whammy.
  11. I'm somewhere around 106k on fatty. Saturday I drove my buddy up to Leesburg to look at a small pickup. He ended up getting a 1994 Ranger with 58k on it. Other than that I've just been working and trying to deal with the heat.
  12. I've got an extang solid fold 2.0 tool Box version on my '09 dually. It works well. Only real problem I have with it is where it's supposed to hook up/attach to the truck in the rear isn't in the right place. It still works but it's not where the directions or the company says it's suppose to be. It's not completely water sealed either but between the bed liner, tool box, and tailgate cover, and stake pocket tie downs I didn't expect it to be 100%. It's good enough that I don't worry about anything I put back there and if I do I just toss it in a plastic tub/box thing anyway which makes loading and unloading easier too. It has a lot more plastic on it than I'd like for the price I paid. Comes off easy enough when I need full use of my bed and it's been in the FL sun for about a year and doesn't appear to have started fading yet.
  13. Simply Rugged holsters are great, especially for wheelies. I get their holsters with the straps so I can do IWB or OWB. I've got 2 beltman belts to hold them up when I'm actually belt carrying. 98% of the time though I use a smartcarry holster because I'm too lazy to wear pants, and it's too hot.
  14. look up fbpurity for facebook
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