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  1. Clear them and reseal them. Then put something on them every time you wash them. PlastiX or whatever it's called is what my neighbor uses on his Jeep thing and his are super clear. He redid my previous truck's lenses but didn't have the sealer at the time. They were super foggy and came out crystal clear. Lasted quite a while and would have lasted longer if I had kept up on the monthly PlastiX or whatever that white bottle stuff is. I'd have to look through my phone for the before/after picture. Check ebay too if you really want to spend $$ and replace them. When a duck decided to collide with my passenger headlight I found take offs on ebay well under what they would have cost new. Wish I'd just bought both from the guy at the same time instead of buying one and then going back and buying the other later.
  2. 2. What are you wanting to tow that you're wanting a higher rating? But like CamGTP said what it says on the door is what you can do. If you want more "legally" then you need a different truck. With half tons you almost always run out of cargo/tongue weight before you hit the max tow. Congrats neighbor on the new to you truck.
  3. 6.6 gas is the base engine for 2500/3500s and the only gas "option." The HDs don't have that cylinder deactivation crap, yet. No clue on the DOT thing, that can also vary by your state DOT. Personally if I was going to get a SRW I'd get a 3500 just for the extra capacity over the 2500 and unless things changed zero ride difference unloaded. 3500 DRW will ride rougher empty. If fuel economy is important stick with a 1500 unless you're going to be towing heavy or a lot.
  4. Seeing as how Ford and Ram are the only other ones making 2500s or bigger I guess it would be one of them. I still toy with the idea of going to a 450 for that turning radius. Getting a new diesel also makes me hesitant with all the continued problems and makes me want to keep my LMM even longer. I guess it depends on what the "big 3" end up doing with their gas motors in the next few years. I also like having over kill when it comes to capabilities. Only real thing lacking for me currently is 6x6 just because I'm dumb and like to find non paved roads.
  5. True, but as someone who has only owned pickups and who doesn't even feel comfortable in half tons anymore then everything that could even be considered a fuel saver is a sardine can. I have problems I know this, but if I want to be dumb and drive an 8100lb vehicle then I'll keep being stupid.
  6. No point in downsizing to something I wouldn't feel safe or comfortable in when Fatty is already paid off. So I'll stick to my 12-14 mpg instead of downsizing to a sardine can. If it wasn't for shortages the next few weeks would have been the best time to buy a new pickup. Definitely not going to pay $100k+ for another dually.
  7. Well it's $4.99 for diesel, didn't even make it a week. Good times. Alright that means I'll say it'll be $5.25-$5.50 by the end of the month, probably more. Really hope stations don't start putting $99/$100 limits on pumps I'm way too lazy to swipe twice
  8. I'll be coping by spending more on diesel. Same as when fuel prices went up in '08 or whenever it was that gas was $4+ a gallon here. At least now I'm a bit more financially stable and not spending half my take home pay to get to work and back. It is what it is. I've only ever owned a pickup and probably will always own one so paying for fuel is just business as usual. I wouldn't be surprised to see diesel hit $5 a gallon, it's around $4.50 now.
  9. Moo's Soft serve for ice cream "Long Doggers" and "Sand on the Beach" for food. "Blueberry Morning" for breakfast/brunch. If you go less than an hour north to Port Canaveral there's "Grills" as well as "Rusty's" (haven't been there but know lots of people that have). Jan 21-23 there's a frog leg festival in Fellsmere. There are a few nature preserves in Melbourne or the close vicinity. Go out and see nature! Have fun in the sunshine state.
  10. Don't forget your truck's vehicle gross as well. You said you were a family of 4. Normally half tons run out of carrying capacity before they ever hit their max tow. Stickers on the door/door jamb will tell you what it weighed coming from GM.
  11. You can air down the rears if the ride is too harsh for you on a dually. I guess I'm just really weird first truck was a half ton, then 2 2500HDs, and now a 3500HD. I know for sure I can't go back to a half ton, not sure if I want to go back to a SRW even. If you avoid cities then a crew cab 8ft bed dually isn't really difficult to daily drive. The new 2500s from all 3 are rated pretty high for 5th wheel ratings. If nothing else then do the inbetween get a 3500 SRW.
  12. Fatty carried a couple pounds today. 2580 lbs makes her sit about level apparently
  13. Yeah blow up half the earth on the 4th but stop pregaming weeks before and stop post gaming weeks after.
  14. I'm more worried about the fireworks than a hurricane actually, but thanks.
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