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  1. About 2.5 gallons (10 quarts) of 15w40 Mobil Delvac 1300. I've bought a few 5 gallon buckets when they go on sale for about $65 if I remember right and then Mobil rebates of either $25 or $35 on each 5 gallon bucket It changed between one of my 10 gallon purchases. M1-303A filter for about $10. OCI of 5-8,000 miles depending on what the computer says. I'll probably push this one out to 8k like blackstone suggested if the OLM doesn't hit 0 before then and see what the results are.
  2. Used tailgate as a bench to blow out my computers, change some air connections, shelf while moving stuff around/cleaning in the garage, and then did a quick vacuum job. Also rolled 97k the other day. I should probably wash it and clean the interior again next week before my road trip. Maybe put the centramatic wheel balancers back on and hope they do something.
  3. The other issues others didn't mention is if you get a SRW you'll more than likely get the short bed (for some reason people love that thing) vs a dually that will come with the nice 8ft bed. Longer truck means bigger turn radius. If the truck has the tow mirrors on it then the mirrors stick out farther than the fenders. Makes it easy to know if the butt will fit when driving through something, mirrors hit butt will most likely hit. DD a dually is no where near the scary proposition that seems to be said over and over on the internet, especially this forum. If you cant' drive a SRW then you can't drive a dually either. As far as the 2500 vs 3500 SRW unless something has changed on the new ones the difference in empty ride quality is negligible. 3500 SRW is basically just a 2500 with an overload leaf when ride quality is concerned. Previous years used to have a couple differences but none that really did anything to the ride.
  4. You confused the heck out of me by quoting my post from another thread in this one lol. I thought I posted in the wrong thread at first, I don't have a K2 haha. Yeah I'm "that guy with the truck" so I move stuff for people all the time. Way more than I ever move stuff around for me.
  5. I'll trade you! You can have my 74 and I'll take your whatever. If it gets that cold here people would be too chicken *(&*( to go outside their house and we'd probably declare state of emergency.
  6. Wait, there are fuses to disable rear parking sensors? Now I need to pull out my manual and see if I missed this option on my '09. I swear I looked before and couldn't find fuses for those annoying things. Randomly decide to turn themselves back on.
  7. I'm short and the seats don't go back very far anyway so generally I don't if I'm forced to fly. I drive every chance I get and really only fly when I go to crappy freedom hating states like NJ where I'll probably be arrested just for having FL plates What annoys me is when the person in front can't decide where they want their seat back to be or for some reason bounce off of it. So I guess yeah recline of you want, if you didn't want to deal with that crap then you shouldn't have opted for the cattle seat option.
  8. Yesterday buddy and I went and did some work on the boat trailer. New bearings, brackets, and brakes on the 2 drivers side. Went to do the same on the passenger side and they're still serviceable. I talked about putting brakes on the 3rd axle and now I've got a set to do it with. Old 2 from passenger side will go to rear and then we'll put the remaining 2 new sets in their place. All that's left is to attach the brake line back to the driver's side and check fluid level. Boat might be moved to my buddy's house in the next couple months. Cleaned off the back porch. 440lbs of crap gone and lots more room. Then drove out to cocoa for fiberglass and related materials for my boat and buddy's boat. It was windy out today. Also what's this snow stuff? Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  9. Site takes a long time to load at home or on mobile even without ads
  10. Cleaned driver's seat before pulling it out to replace the seat cushion. Also vacuumed where the seat usually sits, lots of food under the seat lol. I guess that's what happens when Fatty is driven by a fatty. Figured out why the rear of the seat didn't move anymore, the plastic worm gear broke a tooth. Need to get the seat back together and take a trip to the junk yard tomorrow. If that doesn't pan out I could pay $50+ to replace the 2 plastic gears with brass instead. Not sure if I want to pay that much. Of course you can't buy just the plastic gears. If anyone knows where I can get just the gears chime in please. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  11. lol why not? A few years ago on XDA there was a thread that lasted 1537 posts (yes I went back and looked) on bacon or bacon related shenanigans. Started as a joke and we kept it going because why not? I want to say there were only about 10-20 of us doing the bulk of the posting. Started mainly by people with the same phone back then too, maybe that's why it died out, I was probably the last one to get rid of that phone after 5 years with it.
  12. Took a few hours to empty out, clean, and reorganize my truck box/tool box. Even though I know I have a lot of stuff in there, pulling it all out and putting it back in really emphasizes how much I have in there. Also go t the results of my first oil analysis today. Engine is doing well and so is the oil.
  13. A lot of cars apparently come w/o a spare tire, I've heard some just give you a can of fix a flat. Weight and $$ savings I guess? I've never owned a vehicle that could use a donut even so what do I know?
  14. When my grandma was still alive I'd run around to the passenger side and put a step thingie down so she could get in or out. My father also had trouble stepping up plus he didn't like how he couldn't get get a full purchase on the running boards with his boots on, wanted more than just toes on it. He made drop blocks for the running boards. Dropped them 2-4" and he made them stick out a few inches as well. It looked odd but it worked for him. Did this to our 2007 2500HD and the 2009 dually. I removed them last year if I find the setup he made ill post a picture. Might have a picture with the running boards setup like that too. Made getting into the truck box a lot easier though, I somewhat miss the running boards being that way. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  15. A previous poster said that the sensors go to 100psi. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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