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  1. I've got one on my 09 dually but it's the toolbox version. It has a lot more plastic on it than I'd like having paid $835 for it. It also isn't made right for my truck. The rear "clamps" don't hook on where they're supposed to according to the instructions or the manufacturer. Supposed to be the correct one though so I don't know. Works well enough that I still use it. Been off and on my truck since April of 2019. If you do get one make sure you shop around. I saved almost $100 on mine by going through one of those deal sites, discount bandit. Ultimately it was shipped from one of the aftermarket sellers. If I remember right it was even cheaper than they were listing it on their own site too.
  2. Hit 100k on the way home from work Wednesday. Changed air filter out Thursday 1000,040 miles vs zero. Looks like it did its job dirty side is dirty and clean side didn't look too bad. Figured it was time to replace it. Thursday and Friday helped my buddy move furniture between his air B&B and his place. Also picked up some new furniture. This one person he got stuff from was selling a bunch of her stuff, all in great condition and only had it 6 months. I guess I'm old and lazy I'm still using the couch that dad bought before I was born among other stuff. Buddy was worried about putting mile on my truck [emoji23] Contemplating on buying my other buddy's flat bed car hauler trailer. Just need to get the brakes working and register it as a home built. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  3. Started in a 73 c10 long bed, then 2001 & 2006 2500HD with the gasser and short beds. Now in a 2009 dually with the duramax. Definitely can't go back to a half ton but I am toying with the idea of going back to a gasser. With 14kish towing capacity on the gasser I think I'd be right around that number but live in FL so no hills to worry about. Big reasons can't go back to a half ton is lack of 8ft bed option on a crew cab and lower stock height. If you don't tow a lot why not consider the gasser in a 2500 or 3500 SRW? Get the towing stability when you need it vs the half tons and the higher stock ride height. All the emissions crap scares me on these newer diesels my LMM only has EGR and DPF. Seems like majority of the problems of diesels no matter their size are emissions.
  4. That's a good question. I know some vehicles have buttons for the brake. Some take it off automatically, although I'd hope that's only when put in gear. Has to be a way on those new fangled things to set the brake in neutral. What's the manual say? Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  5. Parking brake and neutral was the solution after however many 10s of pages in the other thread about this.
  6. Not really since the gas combo weighs less. The truck has the same gross regardless of what's in it so less options and gas motor = higher payload vs diesel or more options. Also the new duallys are very rare right now and if someone has a RCSB dually from GM it's custom. Unless things changed GM only has long beds with a dually. There is a higher gross option on the 2500s. I don't know if it's only available with a diesel though. I think it's for either though.
  7. In hotter climates sunglasses don't keep the truck cooler. I wear sunglasses all the time but tinting helps me not run AC full blast everytime I'm in it. Also helps me not get burned when I get into it. I would have gone darker when I had my truck redone but I was still working nights back then. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  8. You might also need an adapter if you're running the factory controller. I know when I finally get around to converting my boat trailer to electric over hydraulic I'll need an adapter to make the system play nice with my factory controller. *edit* Might need the adapter for aftermarket as well. Like Jsdirt said check out etrailer. Their customer service is top notch and their are questions and answers on product pages.
  9. Pretty sure this is overkill for what you're asking but yes I have an on board air system in my toolbox. Viair 444C and a 4 gallon pancake tank. I've run an impact on as well as a pneumatic bottle jack. Obviously doesn't work as well as my 60 gal compressor at home but I can't take that everywhere. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  10. Replaced my seat bottom on my 2009 sierra last month. Process was fairly simple and seat feels great now. Bought it from the seat shop linked by a previous poster. Old on left new on right. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  11. All they found wrong with fatty was the pinion seal. At least for what I took it in for. Their suggested stuff was that I need an oil change at $124.94 looooooool. That's not even for synthetic. Tire rotation which b/c I'm lazy I'll let them do and hope they do it the way I told them to (probably not) and I told them to balance the tires. Transmission service at $324.99 LOL?? They also said my driver's side rear door lock actuator is bad and want $320.59 to replace that...uhh no. The paint correction guy is supposed to come out Tuesday to do the paint from when I pointed it out to them back on January 31st. So instead of going through the hassle of trying to figure out how to leave my truck and get one of their non existent loaners I'm just leaving fatty with them until then and I'll keep paying out of pocket for the rental. They claim they aren't responsible for the leaking tail light and it's leaking because I put aftermarket LEDs in it. Yeah okay then why aren't the other 3 corners of the truck leaking since I replaced all 4 corners with LEDs? As far as my rental this Excursion XL is pretty nice. Might swap it for a Tahoe or see if I can get lucky and get a Suburban but I doubt I'll go through the effort. Had a 4Runner and I didn't like how it drove so I took that back and got the Excursion. The mirrors are shockingly not complete garbage and I have decent visibility from them. Rides smooth and is quick as hell. Downsides are the stupid start stop crap and I'm not sure if I like the 10 speed or not. Oh and the center console lid rattles when going over a bump.
  12. I didn't like gasbuddy stalking me everywhere I went even when I wasn't using the app so I turned off it's location access. So since it didn't know where I was at it couldn't tell me what the prices were for my location. All but 2 of those 20 are are the way home from work on the few different route options I have so no need to go out of my way to save a few cents per gallon. Wish I saw that consistently around here. I'll randomly see 9 cents otherwise is less than 5 cents. Just changed over to regular gas and there are a lot more in the 5-10 cent range vs diesel. I guess while I have this rental waiting on the stealership to attempt to fix my truck yet again I'll rack up some cashback on gas in this 4runner or whatever I go back to swap it out with.
  13. Yeah if I only had 3 gas stations to choose from I'd probably not even bother with gas buddy but I've got 20 stations on my favorites list and the prices of diesel from just those 20 can vary by $0.40 between them.
  14. Probably. Also might get kickbacks from the stations for attracting customers just like the cashback/credit card websites do. I use shell a lot and with getupside only giving $0.01 95% of the time I've looked means I don't use it and instead use the instant $0.05 off. My biggest problem with all these gas station rewards is the discounted prices per gallon are all limited to 20 gallons. Murphy stations give you $0.10 off for every 100 points if I remember right but again limited to 20 gallons if I remember correctly. Shell's rewards are limited to 20 gallons but I've figured out that if I just do a new transaction after hitting the 20 gallon limit it'll give me $0.05 on the next one too. A little inconvenient but money saved is money saved.
  15. I use it to figure out which way to go home when I'm wanting to fill up. Also works decently when I'm on a road trip like last week. Going one exit up or 2 miles further can save $0.30 a gallon sometimes. I had a station picked out 110 miles ahead of time on exit 1 right before crossing back into Florida.
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