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  1. I'd like to say I had a great experience with CS but they were pretty useless. They'd never call in the time frames they were given. Kept trying to say on you haven't picked up we're going to close the case blah blah blah. Hopefully you're not dealing with the same dealer I did in east orlando even though I've been dealing with them for over a decade they were still a pain on my issues. Just keep hassling CS. Have you tried another dealer? We've got 3 or 4 in Orlando. My buddy had paint problems with his 2016 or whatever year it was. He had to have it corrected 2 or 3 times. Was a nightmare for him. Good Luck!
  2. Yeah it's interesting to see how much heavier these new trucks are. My 2009 Duramax CC dually weighs 8,000lbs with my normal load out. These new 2500HD with the shorty bed are weighing in empty as much as my fatty.
  3. Drove down to the county permitting/annoying govt crap office and the sheriffs department substation. Also removed my A119 V2 dash cam and installed the a119 V3 dash cam. Mounted this one a little higher up maybe the heat reflecting off my sun shield thingie won't hit this one as much. Maybe when this one dies 4k dash cams tech will be better.
  4. I guess you and I are the "weird" ones. I couldn't go back to a 1500 if I wanted to. Went from a 1973 C10 to a 2001 2500HD in 2007, then a 2006 2500HD in 2009, and when dad passed away at the end of 2015 I started DD his '09 dually. Around here it seems like long beds are unicorns so getting another dually guarantees me a long bed. 1500s sit too low and because of that plus they are shorter, feel smaller to me. Plus no 8 footer unless I go way back down to a regular cab. When it comes to trucks I'm along the lines of 0-who cares. I got along just fine in my c10 and that literally could not beat a civic or a saturn in a drag race (I tried, a lot lol).
  5. Just take the extra time. Back in wherever you can. I rarely go downtown so that's pretty much the only place I'd have to parallel park. I think in my short 18+ years of driving I've had to parallel park maybe 5 times. When I do I just park the rear(s) on the curb and carry on. Parking garages are fun, especially at the court house where they force you to pull in forward so they can go around and scan plates. Having a hitch on adding another 1.5 feet just means I'll stick out farther when I can't shove the rear into the bushes. 22 feet from nose to ball isn't bad. Have someone stand at the front end or put a pole up and practice learning front distance that way. With time you'll get the hang of it and then you can have your passengers freak out a little like I do thinking I'm going to hit something when I know I've got at least 2 foot of clearance. Rear distance I just back the hitch into it if it's solid or I cheat and use the backup cam. Dang thing has made me forget how to tell where my back end is, I should disable it so I learn how to drive again.
  6. Those aren't my lame excuses. I have a dually so I've got a real bed. I can't go back to a short bed. Besides I always have a tool box so I guess I have a short box anyway.
  7. Had the tires road force balanced. I guess I'll find out if it helped when I drive to Vero, might end up buying yet another set of tires. Put 15 gallons of diesel in it on the way home. Did a half attempt at cleaning the interior. Put the bed cover back on and gave Fatty a bath. Didn't do the tires and now that I think of it I forgot to do the running boards. Also walked around the lots at the dealer while getting the tires RF. Not many Ford or Ram duallies sitting on those 2 lots. Was tempted to bother someone for a test drive but I don't want to even consider the top trim levels from anyone.
  8. 8 foot is too hard to drive. It's too long. It doesn't fit in the garage...
  9. UPS has been investing in alternative fuel vehicles for decades. They put a huge preorder in with Tesla last year or the year before for their electric tractors. Our hybrids are garbage, I drove one a couple years ago and couldn't do jack crap with them. Then again the way it was set up was stupid. Had to have the package car in park for the generator to charge the battery. I haven't seen/heard anything better about our other electric/hybrid package cars either. All I see online and hear from drivers I know is that UPS is pretty much refusing to buy parts for the vehicles we have. We want the stuff we have fixed and don't care about new tech that won't work properly. By the time it's implemented it'll be out of date anyway.
  10. yeah duallies have only been long beds for years. probably the reason I'll end up with another dually. too many dang short beds
  11. Look for hardwire kits that have a voltage cutoff built in. Also look in your dashcam's settings and see if there are options to turn the LEDS off. Also some dashcams have parking modes. Personally I just leave it on anytime I'm not at home and if I forget to turn it off when I'm at home oh well. With the wind and thunderstorms here I can't see parking mode doing me any good so continuous recording is what I stick with. As far as the dent probably more cost than it's worth to fix it. Try not to go nuts thinking about it.
  12. Mine is a road princess and only hauls my fat butt around so filter probably won't get that dirty. Then again I have taken the air compressor to it a few times in the last couple years so maybe mine would have been that black after 10 years. The air filter changing routine seems to have just as many opinions as oil does lol. I only replaced it just b/c I figured after a decade it was time. If only I could get the damn shake problem fixed there'd be a chance of the truck sticking around for another decade.
  13. I've seen a couple around here in the Orlando area, I see waaaaaaaaaaaay more of the old Kodiaks though. OP Nice truck. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  14. I've got one on my 09 dually but it's the toolbox version. It has a lot more plastic on it than I'd like having paid $835 for it. It also isn't made right for my truck. The rear "clamps" don't hook on where they're supposed to according to the instructions or the manufacturer. Supposed to be the correct one though so I don't know. Works well enough that I still use it. Been off and on my truck since April of 2019. If you do get one make sure you shop around. I saved almost $100 on mine by going through one of those deal sites, discount bandit. Ultimately it was shipped from one of the aftermarket sellers. If I remember right it was even cheaper than they were listing it on their own site too.
  15. Hit 100k on the way home from work Wednesday. Changed air filter out Thursday 1000,040 miles vs zero. Looks like it did its job dirty side is dirty and clean side didn't look too bad. Figured it was time to replace it. Thursday and Friday helped my buddy move furniture between his air B&B and his place. Also picked up some new furniture. This one person he got stuff from was selling a bunch of her stuff, all in great condition and only had it 6 months. I guess I'm old and lazy I'm still using the couch that dad bought before I was born among other stuff. Buddy was worried about putting mile on my truck [emoji23] Contemplating on buying my other buddy's flat bed car hauler trailer. Just need to get the brakes working and register it as a home built. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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