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  1. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Cleaned my fog/driving light lenses. Not perfect but definitely a ton better than they were. Also took another stab at cleaning the driver's headlight. Now it doesn't look like it's cracking from the sealer adhering wrong, it's just foggy. Especially compared to the crystal clear passenger side that I just replaced earlier this year. The shake/wobble saga continues. Since the dealer said nothing was wrong, yet again, I got up early this morning and went to Action Gator Tire to have the right rears road forced. Their road force machine ended up breaking, or wasn't known at the time to be broken, so all 6 tires were balanced. Looked like the outer right was wobbly though. Since they had time they checked the drive line and front end for me for anything that could cause a shake. All that checked out. Decided I wanted to know if the tire was bad so I went to another AGT. The right rears both came up as fine on road force, they did it a couple times too. They put the tires back on and ran it up on the stands, right rear wobbles. Pulled the tires off checked them again still came up fine. I asked if they ran it w/o the tires on so we did that, hub is wobbling. Thanks dealership. So back to the dealership since they're the ones that "fixed" it so it's their problem to fix it. My problem now is I have a road trip I'm leaving for on Saturday. They have no loaners and don't even know if they'll get a chance to look at the truck tomorrow. I wonder if I can just give them the bill for the rental I'm going to end up getting because they can't ever seem to have enough loaners on hand. I should have given them the bill for the last rental I had to get while I waited for them to get around to checking the truck out that time. I hate people...I don't understand they don't believe someone who has been coming to them for years and has demonstrated that he's not completely mechanically stupid. I said something wasn't right. Guess what, I was right, every single time!
  2. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Yeah I'll only gone a week and 2 of those 7 will be driving to/there so I guess 5 days there. I doubt I drove more than 250ish miles while I was there last year. This year I'll probably drive more since I'm driving my sister to and from whatever airport she's flying into. I think it's only about 45 minutes away. I've never bothered with an oil analysis, been thinking about doing them for years, just lazy. Maybe now that I have a Fumoto valve I'll get around to doing that. Oh yeah I installed one of those when I did my oil change yesterday. Amazing how great it fits if I'm sent the right part. I went to install one on my previous oil change and Amazon sent me the wrong one.
  3. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I run 15w40 and change 4-8k. If I towed more or lived in a colder climate I'd consider going synthetic but doubling the cost of 10 quarts isn't something I plan on doing anytime soon. 15w40 worked just fine last year in low the 20s when I was in VA and I don't see why it won't work well next week when I'm up there again. I had about 4k when I changed this morning and I think OLM was down to 25%. Michelins are what I went with again. So I guess I'll try something else next time, or go back to the old M/S instead of these Defenders.
  4. I just went through the process of having 3 out of 6 of my Michelin Defenders replaced. My set had 38k on them so Michelin is supposed to be reimbursing me 45% for the cost of the 3 tires. Call Michelin (if they're Michelin tires) and start the process. They'll give you some suggestions of shops in your area, for me Tire Kingdom ended up being a huge CF. Having told them the story of TK I asked if my local dealer who had a road force machine could do the warranty since they're the ones who found the bad tires in the first place. Michelin said that was fine (why the heck I couldn't have used the dealer in the first place is beyond me) and I had my front 2 tires checked out to make sure it was only 3/4 of the rear tires that were bad. One of the dealer employees used to work at a tire shop so he ended up talking to Michelin on my behalf found out all the paperwork that needed to be submitted and where to fax it to. If I remember right he told them the road force balance results and also the remaining tread depth. As well as a copy of the invoice for the new tires. Michelin said 4-6 weeks for a check to come in the mail. I got lucky in that the guy dealing with me at the dealership knew what he was doing, everyone else didn't have a clue and said they haven't done a tire warranty yet. I think there was also an option to have Michelin reimburse the dealer or something but I didn't go that route as I didn't want the warranty process to invalidate my cash back, rebate, or GM price match. Maybe you having a Tahoe you won't have to repeat what you own multiple times to multiple people like I always end up having to do. Everyone always puts 1500 when I specifically say 3500 dually or 6 tires on my 3500 dually.
  5. I had a Tahoe as a loaner and all the nannies kicked in one time which almost caused me to hit someone. Darn dash lit up like a Christmas tree and my butt vibrated lol. I doubt I was going over 30.
  6. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Should be a warranty on them. They warrantied 3 of 6 on the last set and they had 38k on them. I'm just going to have to find another place that does road force balancing, or another shop period for that matter. Anyone have a pretty big drop in their OLM? I changed the oil this morning and it's already at 89% with only 39 miles driven. Maybe 10-15 minutes of idle between checking for leaks, checking trans fluid level, and auto start to cool truck off walking to the truck from work. At that rate I won't make it out of Florida before it needs to be changed again.
  7. Or maybe people could, you know...drive and pay attention.
  8. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Changed the oil and filter as well as the external transmission filter. Also heard my oh so favorite phrase "it's a dually, it rides just like a dually should. Throw some weight in the rear end." Yeah maybe the duallys you've ridden in but if it was normal I wouldn't be taking it to you dangit! I think I messed up one or two of the new tires already. Haven't even hit 1k mileage on them yet. If I did then I'm definitely changing to a different tire when these go. Seems pretty absurd one hit unloaded is enough to mess up a tire. It rides acceptable at 85+ right now so I'll figure it out after my road trip I guess. Hopefully tomorrow I clean the head light lenses and the driving/fog light lenses and maybe even a bath before I go to work.
  9. Yeah I'm becoming a broken record on the topic but it still aggravates me. It's not just GM either they all do it. The whole buy 10 things just to get the 1 thing you want and end up with 9 things you have zero desire or use for. Stupid packages and bundles. Why can't I be an odd ball that gets leather bucket seats, full console, no crap bose audio, no lane/crash/whatever nannies, and plastic flooring instead of carpet lol
  10. Looks good, I like the blue. All these "special" thingies just annoy me seeing as I still can't build a truck the way I want it.
  11. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    There are 2 fuses on mine. We just ran the wrong power source is all. We didn't realize that location was fused is all. Now it's run from the battery. There's a 50 amp circuit breaker right off the battery and then there is a fuse box for the compressors in the toolbox. Each compressor has it's own 20amp fuse. So if something blows up it somehow got past double fuses. Sent from my Find7 using Tapatalk
  12. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Figured out the cause of the trailer system warning. We hooked the compressors to the post on the fuse box. Well apparently that is fused by a 30a and a 40a fuses. Those were blown. Put new fuses in and changed the power source for the compressors to the battery terminal. Problem solved! Well one problem. Sent from my Find7 using Tapatalk
  13. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Drove down to my buddy's place and the DIC gave me a service trailer brake system while in traffic. I wasn't towing anything... I'm starting to wonder if payments would be better than putting up with this damn shaking. Plus all the time and money spent chasing the solution. Sent from my Find7 using Tapatalk
  14. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Yeah the old one lasted in high heat, these should too. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets above 120 in that box and that's w/o the pumps running. Sent from my Find7 using Tapatalk
  15. 6.6L GAS for 2010HD?

    Yeah I've come to realize the stuff I "want" is usually what no one seems to care about. If I had a car maybe I'd concern myself with HP, but since I've always had a pickup I like torque.

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