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  1. I can't give you a recommendation on any streaming device since I download everything and use my media pc to watch whatever I want on my dumb tv. However I can highly suggest you don't rely on any smart tv's apps. They are updated less frequently than a stick thing and tv makers have very little incentive to do even short term support on the apps. Just my 2c though. Good luck with your firestick.
  2. Have you had the tires balanced? Depending on mileage it might need diff fluid change regardless, but I don't see bad fluid making the truck shake at speeds.
  3. Always depends on what insurance says. We can say one way or the other based off one picture but until the insurance person comes out to look at it no one knows.
  4. Did thermostats last weekend, only took me 3 hours, which for me is super fast since it's supposed to be a 2 hour job. Had reduced engine power message, CEL for something with the MAP I think, and low coolant which I knew I was going to get. Cleared codes while driving and when I started it back up a couple hours later after having walked around a food truck thing all I had left was the low coolant. Tires seem to be working out fine they're quieter than I thought they'd be. Haven't driven in a Florida storm yet so I don't know how they perform there but dry and wet roads they're fine. Was reminded yet again the other morning why you don't take a rear wheel drive 8300lb dually into wet grass when it's rained daily. Made it out without having to get out and deflate the tires or calling someone to come yank me. Still need to do brake flush, oil change, and the coolant just came in today so that eventually needs to be done as well. https://youtu.be/hgfep_eGgdY
  5. It's been a while so I guess I'll spam some pics and give updates. Bought a trailer off a coworker earlier this year. Used it to haul some cars and the weekend before last to help someone's girlfriend move. Also both bumpers have been on for over year and haven't been tested by the idiots on the road yet. The Bilstein steering stabilizer I had on for a couple years chewed up the tires. I probably could have went another 5-10k on this set, have about 64k on them right now. Removed that one a few months ago and about a month or two ago I put a different one on. Hopefully tomorrow 6 Toyo Open Country A/T IIIs are getting put on. Metal valve stems will also be put on and maybe that will help prevent my valve stems from failing so much, I think it's b/c of the TPMS system I bought putting strain on the stems. I did a power steering flush about a month ago. I have 2 thermostats waiting to be put in when I get the ambition to do them. I should probably replace the front rotors and pads, they've got about 145k on them, then a brake flush. Oil change will be done sometime before my road trip in November. Sway bar end links were done fairly recent as well. Probably forgetting stuff I've done to it in the last year but that's enough for now.
  6. Environmental and political BS aside I find EVs interesting. GM claims to have an HD EV that'll be ready in the next couple years and when that happens I'll be even more interested. It'll still be another 20-30 years (if I live that long) before I have an EV as a primary vehicle. The range and charging infrastructure just isn't there for someone like me who can randomly decide to drive 3 or 4 hours to go somewhere. I'm not planning my random trip based off where I can charge and a lot of the places I travel to a charging system will be one of the very last things put there, if ever. People are free to buy what they want and when they want, doesn't bother me. What needs to stop is people thinking their opinions are more important than the person buying what they want. Do what makes ya happy.
  7. Diesel is dropping. I think I paid $4.38 or there abouts when I filled up yesterday. Other places seem to be dropping as well. This place is right across from where the tankers come to fill up so maybe that's why these 2 stations seem to drop first. Towed my cargo trailer to my buddy's to install a winch in it DIC said I got 10.0-10.5ish mpg. Same trailer with an Audi in it got me about 9.5-10 according to the DIC 4 or 5 months ago. So the truck doesn't care what's in the trailer I guess
  8. Price at the pump for the last 2 fill ups has been just under $5.00 a gallon for diesel. There are still stations that are above $5 but they are finally coming down. Most seem to be $5.09-$5.15. Too lazy to do the math but 5% back from my credit card as well as $0.10-$0.20 a gallon back from upside is probably putting me close to $4.50-$4.75 a gallon for my final cost. I'll be curious to see how my mpg is changed when I change to AT tires in the next month or so before my 2-3k road trip at the end of November. Maybe I'll learn to keep my foot off the skinny pedal, until then 12-14 mpg is what I'll get lol
  9. $315.46 since October 7, 2019. For a while there Shell's $0.05 for being gold whatever (with promotions going as high as 30c a gallon discount) was either negating all cash back or cutting into the cash back. I haven't done any of the eateries yet and none of the groceries participate here. According to fuel rewards I've saved $140.68. No clue when I started that. Plus I always get 2% or 5% back on fuel and whatever I buy from inside via my credit cards.
  10. Yummy. Maybe one day I'll get around to doing the mod to my '09 that will let me have a cabin filter.
  11. Hey now I speed over here in Orlando too, not just on your coast
  12. Chevyguy85

    New truck?

    My grandparents/dad used to tell me about the 70s gas crunch. Only being able to fill up your vehicle on certain days because they limited it to I think the last number on your tag (evens and odds). Also remember stations would have a certain gallon limit. They told me about driving "old blue" our '73 c10 through the desert I think and finding a station that said absolute fill up. At that time that poor C10 was still a tow truck so it had an aux tank. They filled up with 80-100 gallons and said they went by that station the next day and the "absolute fill up" sign was gone lol
  13. Chevyguy85

    New truck?

    Yeah I'm waiting. I remember 2008ish when fuel was high and the housing market crashed. I was waiting for one of those to happen again to get into a truck cheaper or buy a couple houses to use as rental properties. A certain virus screwed that idea up this time.
  14. Only time I let anything cool down is if I've been running it hard. So I'll leave it running with the keys in it while I use the rest stop if we're traveling in a group. Alone I'll shut it off or use auto start and go do whatever I need to do. I've never really towed what would be considered heavy though (10k is about the max for me other than the boat which weighs more). Just watch your gauges and temps. Don't try to win any races, stick to the right lane and let everyone be in a hurry. Does the manual say anything about what temps to let it cool down or just a general statement of letting it cool down. If you're fine with letting it idle and the fuel consumption then let it idle for a few. Other things you should check would be the same for any road trip. Tire pressure, oil levels, as well as other fluids, if you're one to change a tire yourself instead of calling AAA then make sure you have the equipment for that. Couple of boards to drive up/back up on if the trailer is a double axle so you can easily change a tire if need be. Gloves, some type of triangles or flashing "triangles" are always good to have in the vehicle normally. CHECK YOUR SPARE(S). I don't know how many times I've gone to help some rando or friend on the side of the road and their spare was flat. If I didn't have an onboard air system then that would have been super annoying.
  15. Nice, that's exactly half of what diesel is going for here hahaha
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