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  1. I've got an extang solid fold 2.0 tool Box version on my '09 dually. It works well. Only real problem I have with it is where it's supposed to hook up/attach to the truck in the rear isn't in the right place. It still works but it's not where the directions or the company says it's suppose to be. It's not completely water sealed either but between the bed liner, tool box, and tailgate cover, and stake pocket tie downs I didn't expect it to be 100%. It's good enough that I don't worry about anything I put back there and if I do I just toss it in a plastic tub/box thing anyway which makes loading and unloading easier too. It has a lot more plastic on it than I'd like for the price I paid. Comes off easy enough when I need full use of my bed and it's been in the FL sun for about a year and doesn't appear to have started fading yet.
  2. Simply Rugged holsters are great, especially for wheelies. I get their holsters with the straps so I can do IWB or OWB. I've got 2 beltman belts to hold them up when I'm actually belt carrying. 98% of the time though I use a smartcarry holster because I'm too lazy to wear pants, and it's too hot.
  3. look up fbpurity for facebook
  4. Interested in how this works out for ya. I know I debated on getting that for my '06. Unfortunately where I'm at I don't trust people with nothing visible in my truck let alone a long arm above my head. Ended up getting a locker down "safe" for under the back seat and center console. They work great and give me at least some resemblance of peace of mind.
  5. Interesting that turning it to off does nothing. My 01, 06, and 09 all turn(ed) the lights off when I push(ed) the switch to off and stayed off until I reset them. I think maybe because you're in Canada you're SOL. Much like people trying to kill the DRLs on later generations, Canada trucks you couldn't turn the DRLs off.
  6. The sure way would be to scale your truck. My 09 dually comes out to 4240 on the front axle and 3700 on the rear one. The new trucks are quite a bit heavier than mine is. You can also look on your door sticker it'll tell you the axle weight ratings and if you're stock and empty it's a good bet you're not at the front axle max. You'll probably be fine but you asked
  7. Warranties usually start from date of original purchase. If something is replaced under a warranty the warranty usually does not start over.
  8. Beats my 16.5 on the DIC with almost all highway driving
  9. Dang they track a lot of crap. I'd be called a dumb driver by that app based on those criteria.
  10. Haven't done much other than work and helping a friend pickup some furniture. Business as usual for me for the last few weeks. Got my oil analysis back today. I don't know if I'll be able to go all the way to 10k before the next one but nice to know I probably can. Usually end up changing it b/c I feel like doing it which is why I was 600 something short of the 8k they recommended after my first one. Fatty needs a bath as always.
  11. Slide hammers work great btw. Banging the snot out of it with a hand sledge did nothing, neighbor brought his slide hammer and that sucker came right off! lol
  12. I'd like to say I had a great experience with CS but they were pretty useless. They'd never call in the time frames they were given. Kept trying to say on you haven't picked up we're going to close the case blah blah blah. Hopefully you're not dealing with the same dealer I did in east orlando even though I've been dealing with them for over a decade they were still a pain on my issues. Just keep hassling CS. Have you tried another dealer? We've got 3 or 4 in Orlando. My buddy had paint problems with his 2016 or whatever year it was. He had to have it corrected 2 or 3 times. Was a nightmare for him. Good Luck!
  13. Yeah it's interesting to see how much heavier these new trucks are. My 2009 Duramax CC dually weighs 8,000lbs with my normal load out. These new 2500HD with the shorty bed are weighing in empty as much as my fatty.
  14. Drove down to the county permitting/annoying govt crap office and the sheriffs department substation. Also removed my A119 V2 dash cam and installed the a119 V3 dash cam. Mounted this one a little higher up maybe the heat reflecting off my sun shield thingie won't hit this one as much. Maybe when this one dies 4k dash cams tech will be better.
  15. I guess you and I are the "weird" ones. I couldn't go back to a 1500 if I wanted to. Went from a 1973 C10 to a 2001 2500HD in 2007, then a 2006 2500HD in 2009, and when dad passed away at the end of 2015 I started DD his '09 dually. Around here it seems like long beds are unicorns so getting another dually guarantees me a long bed. 1500s sit too low and because of that plus they are shorter, feel smaller to me. Plus no 8 footer unless I go way back down to a regular cab. When it comes to trucks I'm along the lines of 0-who cares. I got along just fine in my c10 and that literally could not beat a civic or a saturn in a drag race (I tried, a lot lol).
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