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  1. Lol the dealer couldn't figure out where the fuses went AND told you that too? Like a legit Chevy dealer told you that? F#%@ Me. Lol. They go in the fuse box. Installed mine myself recently and ill admit I did skim through a utūb vid before doing it but it was pretty obvious once you get going where they went. I can turn wrenches as good as the next guy but Im far from a journeyman mechanic fwiw as well. Sorry I cant search for the info for you at the moment my connection is hit or miss.
  2. Mines held since my post on September 7th. Should've took the few seconds to do this a longtime ago. Im sure it wouldve been at my local dealer for hours amd returned unchanged if I told them about it.
  3. That would make more sense. Lol Figure anything else out in the meantime? I'm guessing maybe its been drivable since I last stopped in here?
  4. 5 hours and 47000kms. Crazy. That truck is fast. I would suggest taking that ****** right back to the dealer you got it from . If you got a smoking deal and paid cash for an under the table no warranty vehicle then scan for codes. Haven't heard of crazy flooding like down south up here so maybe a VIN search can help with any claims that you may not find out from a dealer VIN search. To me if it was a purchase from a business though sounds like I would have it fixed ASAP or my cash back, PERIOD.
  5. Well I finally did the install. Got the truck may 27th of this year and had the "kit" sitting under the center seat storage waiting for ambition to build. Took 5-10 mins to run the wire along the firewall and into the cab. A little time to take the dash apart and put back together. Was pretty straight forward thanks to your post. Hardest part was definately the 2 screws to mount the fusebox. I was lucky to have some extra torx screws from a mudflap install when replacing the plastic molding deal at the time(think thats where they came from) so swapped out the hex heads for that spot and
  6. That is 100% true. Not the same thing at all. Thanks for the link. That is some good informative reading for the Duramax guys.
  7. Exactly!!! And backwards compatible explains the rest. Or at the very least 1% of it , right. You gotta love these trucks and there clarification of fluids and specs outside of the factory choices right(I can only assume the other brands are similar at the very least too tho right.) You can believe, I've done many many hours of reading on fluids and fluid specs in my Duramax years since 2006ish among many other issues and whatnot. It is almost worse than a YouTube spiral. And much worse and expensive than clickbait in its worst form. True story.... but i digress......
  8. Read that thread years ago. Thanks for jarring my memory as to why I switched all those years ago newdude. And yes elcamino I know that as well. But the builds that were still to Allison specs the first couple after I would still be willing to use Allisons recomendations. That along with the fact that Allison designed the transmissions they should know best IMHO. But all said and done I guess I will avoid using the Transynd in the 21'. Thanks for the replies guys.
  9. 10-4 buddy thanks. Appreciate the answer. But in my previous experience my Duramaxs called for DexVI (2006+ models) and Transynd was recommended for an upgraded fluid being that it is a TES-295 certified fluid and recommended by Allison. That was why my thoughts led me to think it would be fine to use in the new truck. You definately now have me second guessing my theory though.
  10. So I come from the Duramax world. I've always bought Transynd by the 5 gallon pail. Is Transynd a recommended option for this new 2021 HD 6 speed gas trucks?
  11. Yeah. I got ya. Thank you kindly sir. Pan drop will be needed unless changing excessively. Mine looks to have a drain plug more central to the pan rather than off to one side. But I do ha e a bad memory lol. Im sure its the same as the pic you have there. Although it is gona be much more awkward and a lot more of a pain for refilling. As long as the trans temp is within range it will no doubt make filling to the proper level somewhat easier. Just fill til it comes out and cap it once it slows to a drip. Much messier than all my previous year trucks.
  12. Well, I got it back yesterday. They claim it was "just residual fluid mostly". That was a lot of residual fluid then, and what does "mostly" mean anyway. SMH. The advisor said "I dont know what kind of undercoating was on their but it pretty much came off even when i just touched it, but we did the better duraguard on it anyway and fixed it up." I said ok that will have to do but fyi it was the factory undercoating that was on there. Looks like they just spray bombed a can of black spray paint or cheap bedliner type can but I guess at least its not bare metal anymore, although I could've
  13. I want to first thank newdude one more time for this info. It will come in very handy, and already has sadly. Now my rant will begin... Had my truck booked in this morning (9am) for the recall(trans cooler jumper line at the crimp) and my first oil change while its there(free so why not). Got the truck back at about 145pm. Started walking away and saw the paper work said "DIESEL ENGINE OIL SERVICE &FILTER CHANGE HYPURON & MPVI". (I put custom badges on the damn truck that say 6.6L L8T V8 right on the hood) They say oh no he just did the paper work wrong he put the r
  14. Been annoyed since May 28th. The day after i got the truck home with the startup volume being super loud when i get in and start it. Just tried it and so far 3 starts its holding. Fingers crossed. Its booked in to the dealer for a recall and free oil change tomorrow morning. I guess ill take this off the list
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