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  1. I have a set of Curt Pucks that I used for my old GM. It was used with the 24Q hitch but probably could be used for other curt hitches. For sell on Amazon for $375. Selling for $200 plus shipping (they are heavy).
  2. I have a 2005 Colorado. Recently the key fob quit working unless a door is open. Both fobs same issue. When doors closed they will not lock/unlock the doors. With a door open it will unlock and the door will beep at you 6 times (to let you know door is open). Any ideas all wise ones?
  3. Very helpful... Used to actually get help here...
  4. Anyone know the part number the license plate lense? I need one for the driver side.
  5. I ordered one of them from amazon. Any idea where it is located? Do I need to remove the glove box?
  6. Bought a 2005 Colorado Z71. It will basically be used for hunting but I am the type if something is wrong fix it. One of the issues it has is that the AC/Heater will only work on none or high. I think it may be a resistor based on research, but since my research is old figured I would ask the group. Any pics of the fix would be appreciated. I am not sure how to access the resistor would be appreciated ...
  7. Legally, I would say no. With that said on my NHT I put airbags on and it help tremendously. I have since moved from a TT to a 5th wheel and upgrade to a 3500 dually. Probably overkill since we only go out 3-4 times a year but I'd rather be safe then sorry.
  8. Don't forget payload....payload limit is usually hit way before tow rating...
  9. as long as the phone creates a wireless network for the truck to connect to it should work
  10. She wants to move up from a TT to a 5er....she is the mindset of go big or go home lol
  11. How do you remove it the cover if the four screws are holding it in? I must be missing something
  12. 3500 Denali. Wife wanted to get a bigger camper so....I get a bigger truck....love it! First diesel truck so may need some advise here and there....
  13. Yeah no... Lol... I expect stuff to work right for 50k... Will contact Gm Monday
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