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  1. How about between the $200 off and taking your existing radio and selling it, you buy a used one that has the capability you need? Keep your existing radio until the 'new' radio arrives is proven to work as expected, or until the warranty runs out. Don't forget to check for compatibility, programming needs,etc for the swap. There have to be OEM radios out there from people who like after market.
  2. Yessir! I am not even sure what to search for online. There are several Route 66 museums/collections/etc within a short drive of here, those may have some pictures. Other than that, not sure where to look.
  3. Any of those online? I'd like to see a couple.
  4. Good stuff! I'd forgotten about the supercharged 'roadsters' and all. As you mentioned, for the rich. Weren't there several Hollywood types with these early supercharged luxury go-fast buggys? I think I have a bit of a handle on pre-war performance, but my knowledge then skips towards the late 60's early seventies. Thank you. Like to hear any and all more!
  5. I was wondering what were 'high performance' mods back in the 50's? Better carbs? Better intakes? Porting? Cams? Exhaust work?
  6. Guessing on year/model/etc but.... Shark fin antenna is bad or no voltage to it.
  7. Ah, thanks. Was picturing some sort of diaper for the truck bed so <gasp> there was no way it could get scratched/ding/dents/etc.
  8. Wait...cloth bed liner? That is a thing? I seriously had no idea. Yes, mine has a few dings and scratches from being used as a truck.
  9. Kodi is great. Haven't used it on a Firestick, but used it on several other platforms. OTA is MUCH better now than 'back in the day' when it was analog. Where I grew up, we had one and a half channels (1 channel always came in, the other at night). Now, same house, same antenna, same downlead, now has @15 watchable channels. With the switch to digital and the transmitter power being used so much more efficiently, it is a huge improvement. Also have HDHomerun and a Tablo DVR. Both have their uses. With the Tablo, you better be patient. The HDHomerun (on the second or third model, I keep selling them) likes to reboot or re-detect its channel lineup in the middle of the night when some stations are off the air. So I lose those and have to re-detect the channel lineup. I watch about 4 hours of TV a week. I'm kind of a TV DX'er is my vice. That stacker antenna is a great piece of reception hardware.
  10. antennasdirect.com see what OTA (free) is available in your area. Want DVR, Tivo makes a nice OTA DVR with a one time fee,then free for the lifetime of the unit. Same unit also plays Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Would require a broadband connection for the streaming/guide stuff though. (OTA=Over The Air)
  11. Try unhooking the aftermarket harness from the factory harness and see what the drain is, perhaps something in the aftermarket harness or radio is bleeding voltage into someplace it shouldn't. Always been your truck? If not, look for any thing that probably shouldn't be there, under dash electronics wise. A wiring diagram can be your friend here, if nothing else as a way to explain everything attached to the fuse(s) you pull to stop the drain.
  12. IMO, getting a wiring diagram is one of the best things you can do here. However, you might start looking at the wiring in and around the tailgate area. Perhaps some splices or animal related damage have caused shorting in the harness back there. That would be the easiest place to start looking, after that its into the pillars, floor area, dome, etc. Also check for blown and shorted bulb(s), rare but I've seen it.
  13. You might check (there is even a screen to show you) what is eating your battery life. I get 3.5(easily)-4.5(occasionally) days in between charges on my S5. Currently on day #3 @ 37% with an estimate of 23 hrs run time. @2 years old and still on the same battery when new. I do no video streaming and audio streaming seems to do little to hurt the battery life estimate. GPS and bluetooth are always turned off, except I turn the bluetooth on when in the car or truck. No facebook and little to no web browsing. Tons of (work) emails (24x7) and fair amount of messaging (younger siblings and co-workers who are not aware a phone works for speech too, lol). Don't overlook how far from your carriers Preferred towers you are for long periods. If your home or office is a long way from your carriers towers, your phone will use more power to stay connected to them. Yes WiFi impacts this.
  14. "Eventually"? Minutes? Seconds? Several minutes? Just a few minutes? How are the subs wired? You are not exceeding the load the amp is designed for are you? Could be thermal or other amp protection kicking in. The amp feel fairly warm when this occurs?
  15. Never seen a bus swing out stop sign on the back of the bus. Seems like a good idea.
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