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  1. The intent was for this project to be open source. I don't have access to the firmware nor time to reverse engineer the HMI module meaning the project is at a stand still. For the time being you will have to rely on those who have capitalized on access to gm equipment for updates and modifications.
  2. Maybe there is some weird harmonics in the road youre driving, or the dealer has incompetent employees prepping the trucks. Mine is a 9/13 build with 33k. Smooth as can be.
  3. XD mod.2 9mm Just bought it. Massive improvement on the grip ergonomics over my XDm.
  4. I tried cm12 but its still a little too buggy. Problems with gapps installing too.
  5. Going g to match the colors while I restore it.
  6. Its a truck, buy them for their practicality. I need mine for towing a 22ft boat and hauling materials and tools for my house. Otherwise golf clubs will fit in the back of a 2016 camaro.
  7. There is nothing whorth while on corporate radio. Why not stream from your phone via Bluetooth or load up a flash or SD card. First mod to my truck was removing the antenna.
  8. OhmMega

    Love Bar-B-Q!

    Gates and Arthur Bryant's are pretty low on my list. The meats were usually dry and service unsurprisingly terrible. If they'd move out of the ghetto and hire people that give a damn then I bet they would be the top dogs. I had high hopes for John Russell's but Russell bailed and things didn't taste as good. OK Joes for their pulled pork, turkey and chicken, Rosedales for their sausage, Johnneys/Jack Stack for the brisket, and Zarda for burnt ends and ribs. You can usually find Gates or K&N sauce in my refrigerator.
  9. Eliminate your truck as the problem. Go to the dealership and put the card into a brand new pickup. I bet your music id3 tags are the problem.
  10. My job is my hobbies. Computer programming :c,c++,php,JavaScript,CSS,HTML. Electronics design and microcontrollers, atmel primarily. Bought my first oscope couple weeks ago. Auto and marine mechanics, built a v8 s10, hotrod ski boat and currently working on my ls velocity boat. Ho scale model train with arduino NFC RFID automation assistance. Remodeling my home/carpentry. Like firearms but there's not a lot of places to shoot in the city, may grow when we get to visiting the lakes again. I work to pay for my hobbies. Currently a "Field engineer" for fire/life safety systems. I more o
  11. Going to have to change mine soon. 27k mi. I'd like a charcoal or odor reducing filter, I hate trailing in the wake of some nasty diesel.
  12. Its not bad at all, as you stated the people with bogus expectations tend to complain the most. Test drive a truck overnight, put 100 miles on it. Its an expensive commitment and you should be happy with it before you make the purchase. I love my truck, its totally stock.
  13. If it is intended as a luxury vehicle... I imagine it'll be driven by useless people. Trucks are utilitarian vehicles with a purpose that exceeds human transport. People who wear vests and sport coats don't usually get their hands dirty with all that laborious activity. If you can afford a 120k vehicle I'm sure you can hire somebody for whatever task necessitates a truck.
  14. Holly hell. Can nobody take responsibility for themselves? People just beg to be led, like a bunch of sheep. Yet another illogical aspect of the human disgrace, a future paved by the anti-intellectual.
  15. Why does anyone care what clarkson did, it wasn't overly obscene? He along with his two colleagues provided some of the best entertainment to date. I hope they go indie and start a YouTube channel.
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