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  1. Adjusting Torsion Keys

    Adjust both sides till level if desired. Alignment mandatory!
  2. Higher then average oil pressure

    +1 verify with mechanical gauge.
  3. Need help with heat!

    Sounds like you fixed the first problem with the thermostat. Second problem sounds like the blower motor could have a bearing starting to go out? Third sounds like the temperature blend door actuator is faulty. They have a position sensor that is crap. Tons of issues. If the blower resistor had issues you would not have all speeds. They either work or they don't. Should not cause any intermittent issues.
  4. Hi all

    Welcome aboard.
  5. +1 on the GLOCK 19. Also one I haven't seen mentioned is the Taurus PT111 G2 9MM. I know they have a bad rap lately, but I have one with numerous rounds through and love it. It is slightly smaller and easier to conceal than the GLOCK. Don't go cheap on holsters. Aliengear makes great stuff. I also have some Galco leather, and Desantis. You get what you pay for. Inform yourself and be safe. I will also say when you first start to carry, you will feel like you have a flashing billboard on your back that says "I have a gun!!" but as time goes on it will fade and you will start to feel like you are missing something when you don't carry.
  6. Universal joint life expectancy?

    Ive seen oem u joints go farther than 10 years, 100,000 miles. If yours is squeaking, time to replace.
  7. Stormchaser - Project Storm Chase Truck Build

    Awesome looking build! Be safe out there.
  8. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Cousins Kubota, doing some work at the farm.
  9. A/C Noise

    Sounds like you have some debris in the blower motor. Remove blower motor and clean and leaves/ dirt. Reinstall and test.
  10. New Member from Texas

    Welcome aboard! Sounds like you have a full plate.
  11. Air Horn Recommendations??

    I picked up a horn at a scrap yard and bought a portable air tank to put in the bed. Was cheap setup and sounded good. Far as kits, im no help.
  12. HVAC air blend door

    Yea entire dash. And them have to unhook heater core, a/c evap core and remove hvac case.
  13. What's your job?

    Worked 8 years at GM dealership as light duty mechanic. Left there and now working (4 years) as light duty/ diesel mechanic/ welder/ fabrication, etc for local street dept. Also volunteer fire fighter and first responder.
  14. Going Led Crazy

    Nice job!

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