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  1. BTW, Lemon Laws only apply to new vehicles to the original 1st owner. Ask me how I know......ugh. Good luck with everything nonetheless. Interested to see how this plays out. I cant imagine GM wont cover it, I'm sort of wondering if GM is actually telling your dealer that vs the dealer wrote it up bad/trying to get money from insurance & GM. That's been known to happen before too.
  2. 2017 is when they added those features to the radio.
  3. I've been doing this for 3-4 years now. The battery tender on my 5th wheel charges the truck's battery. I just make sure to turn off the radio (press and hold the power button) and disable the auto headlamps. Plug in the trailer wire and we're good to go. This worked on my gasser and my new diesel.
  4. DAMN! That looks nice lol....ugh, more money to spend now I guess.
  5. I've had 3 sets replaced. All 3 times they were filled with water. I guess they've been replacing both (or at least charging GM to replace both haha)
  6. I know in my area they sell E85 with "minimum 50% ethanol". So sometimes I get 12 MPG, sometimes I get 9, its so hard to tell. Each gas station has a different blend obviously and half the regular pumps are e10 or e15 now, so its really hard to compare for me. I try to cycle every few fillups with ethanol, but mostly it's a convenience thing for me. I have noticed that when towing, I get the same MPG with "e85" as I do while not towing, but with gas I get 4-6 MPG less. But that could have just been a coincidence too.
  7. Just ordered both sets for me! I'm super excited! I did order them without the CanBus so hopefully that was the right move. You mentioned "without being flashed", what do you mean by that?
  8. Well - simple solution. Get an Android, they're better anyways Sorry...I just had to....
  9. So, I was looking at some Youtube videos and right on Chevy's site, and noticed that the MyLink system is supposed to have a few themes to choose from. The videos I was seeing were from 2014-2016 Silverados, however the trim level was not mentioned. I'm just curious why mine might not have the Theme option. If anyone has any ideas?
  10. Interesting. Maybe it's a gmc thing then. The actual interface looks a bit different on mine. It also doesn't display the little xm logo and the buttons up top and favorites look different.
  11. Sorry to derail this thread a bit, but I noticed your radio "interface" looks WAY different than mine. Is this a standard in the Denali's or is it because my truck is a 2015i? Anyone know.
  12. 2015 LTZ 2500 Gas Sticker $52,640 $47,875 GMS $5,550 GM Dealer Inventory Rebate $1,500 Incentive Rebate Final Price $40,825 6 Year/120k B2B warranty, $875 OTD - $44,352 Seems like an OK deal, but I'm not 100% sure haha.
  13. You got it! Yeah, but if I wasn't told "no" every once in a while, we wouldn't have a home
  14. Haha...$1200 is like $700 more than I'd be allowed to spend
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