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  1. I have the Goodyear Fortera SL tires in 285/45R22. I’m on my second summer with them. They are not a great all season tire, but I live in Canada and have Michelin Xice tires for winter, so it didn’t matter to me. Price was much less than the Nitto Terra Grappler (which I had previously and I highly recommend them). https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Goodyear&tireModel=Fortera+SL+Edition&partnum=845HR2FORTSLXL
  2. Motor mount condition is ok? If so I would reset the fuel trims and do an idle relearn to start.
  3. The difference between a lifter/camshaft problem is that it doesn't really go away with temperature or RPM and piston slap goes away once the engine is warmed up.
  4. You actually want some colour change in the oil believe it or not, I prefer it to be dark brown definitely not black. I believe what you are hearing is cold piston slap. One there is enough thermal expansion in the pistons, there is literally no noise. Let it warm up a bit more before driving or keep it under 2500rpm until it warms up.
  5. Are you sure it’s lifter tick? The 6.2’s are known for piston slab when cold. Lift tick doesn’t normally go away with temperature.
  6. I haven’t heard of anyone doing this yet. I was really interested in putting a Borla Atak system on my 2011, but I’m not willing to buy it and test fit it.
  7. Remove the third cat instead. That will not cause any drone and will give you a bit more noise.
  8. I experienced with the Airraid MIT that the factory airbox became a restriction after adding headers to my 6.2. There was a noticeable seat of the pants(wheelspin) difference and airflow volume increased when comparing back to back datalogs. I've since lost the datalogs in a laptop hard drive failure. Personally I ended up cutting up my factory airbox on the lower front corner to open up the factory box behind the headlight and below to the fender well area. No pics again.
  9. I emailed air raid tech support since mine was falling off the throttle body once a month. They had me send a picture of the mit installed. They promptly sent a more flexible silicone coupler and I haven't had issues since.
  10. I've had great luck with Hawk HPS pads. I'm surprised more people don't upgrade to stainless steel lines as well.
  11. Cut out the 3rd cat for a bit more noise. There are greater power gains in long tube headers instead of catback exhaust. Personally I tuned my truck first, then removed the third cat for a bit more noise. And now I installed long tube headers. With the stock exhaust, I have no drone, my exhaust note is slightly louder at idle. On the highway I can hear the headers 'tick noise' over the exhaust, I certainly have no drone whatsoever. If I step on it, it is angry as all hell.
  12. My Kooks with the high flow cats made my truck throw P0420 and P0430 codes. I did a new datalog and sent it into Blackbear. With some patience I got a retune. After I updated my tune, my fuel mileage is better than ever, idle is smoother and the truck behaves like it should. I would not recommend putting headers on and not retuning the truck based on my experience.
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