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Found 56 results

  1. 2003 Silverado 2500HD gasser. Just got the truck about 6 months ago so I'm not to sure what kind of history, or other work my truck has had done to it previously. Right when I got the truck I started losing my fan settings. I only had 4 and 5. Heat was working better then than it is now. Anyways, I replaced the blower motor resistor and that fixed my fan problem. The heat has always been intermittent on the driver side though. And recently it hardly ever works. It's winter now, and here in Illinois its pretty cold. So I would like to get this fixed ASAP. If i mess with the temp. controls it will sometimes switch to heat for me. I can hear the blend door opening and closing. What is my problem. Any questions or clarifications I'd be more than happy to answer! Thanks again.
  2. Hi hello, recently my v8 2001 1500 suburban rear end got destroyed, i have a v6 2004 Silverado 1500 with no motor, i was wondering if i can just swap the rear ends on them, anybody know if it will it work? What could be the problems if i do it and its not compatible???
  3. Curious to know who in this forum has the highest mileage truck. Just took delievery of my new 2018 truck with the 5.3 V8 and 6 speed tranny and wondering how long I should expect it to last? Coming from a Toyota with about 350k kms I have set the bar pretty high haha. Feel free to post the year of your truck with the # of miles and what repairs/replacements you have done to date. Trying to get a little thread going about mileage and what people have been able to get. Since this is a 2014 forum I'm not expecting massive numbers, but I know some of my friends with Rams that have had engines and transmissions break down at 50k-80k kms (moment of silence for Ram owners) Ford seems to be doing a bit better in terms of major issues. If there's already a thread regarding this issue please redirect me to that one
  4. 4.8l cat codes

    Need some opinions on what the heck is going on with my 2007 silverado classic. It has a 4.8 litre vortec with an afe cold air intake, edge cts2 programmer, gibson shorty headers, and a 3 inch catback exhuast. I have the code p0430 coming up but cant figure out what it is. Ive done a back pressure test on the cats, and did knock sensors and all O2 sensors a year ago. It doesnt feel like it has a misfire and im very mechanically inclined and everything in this truck is looked after. When i bought it there was a 4wd code and it wouldnt engage so i swapped out the button cluster in the cab and now it works fine. Other than that the truck has been perfect but id like to figure out what the heck is setting off the code. I have no exhuast leaks and the cats checked out perfect, anyone know what else it could be? Im looking for anything at this point, i hate check engine lights and have cleared it with the programmer but it comes back very shortly after being cleared. Thanks
  5. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 12-12-2018 Wards has named the General Motors 6.2-liter V8 engine with Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) to its 2019 Wards 10 Best Engines Award list. “General Motors’ thundering 420-horsepower V-8 in the Silverado exemplifies how engineers continue to find ways to improve efficiency without giving up something in return. DFM determines 80 times per second exactly how many cylinders require fuel to meet power demands. And, incredibly, it uses as few as two cylinders to propel the full-size pickup down the highway,” says Wards' Senior Content Director Drew Winter. “The truly amazing part is the cylinder deactivation is imperceptible, so seamless that the only thing the driver notices is fewer stops at the pump." Coincidental to the award, GM-Trucks.com has just taken delivery of a long-term tester with this very engine. “Chevrolet first introduced its Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation system in 2005, and Dynamic Fuel Management is a natural progression of the technology,” said Jordan Lee, Small Block chief engineer. “Dynamic Fuel Management enables only the cylinders needed to deliver the power you want, seamlessly delivering the best balance of power and fuel economy.” The full list of Wards' 10 best engines is as follows: 3.0L (B58) DOHC Turbocharged I-6 (BMW X5) 6.2L OHV V-8 with DFM (Chevrolet Silverado) 5.0L DOHC V-8 (Ford Mustang GT/Bullitt) 3.0L DOHC TurboDiesel V-6 (Ford F-150) 2.0L DOHC Atkinson i-VTEC 4-Cyl./HEV (Honda Accord Hybrid) 120-kW Fuel Cell/Electric Propulsion System (Hyundai Nexo) 150-kW Propulsion System (Hyundai Kona EV) 2.0L DOHC VC-Turbo 4-Cyl. (Infiniti QX50) 2.0L DOHC Atkinson 4-Cyl./HEV (Lexus UX 250h) 3.6L DOHC Pentastar eTorque V-6 (Ram 1500)
  6. I recently bought a used 2016 Sierra Denali 5.3L 4x4 in March with 48k miles. Truck has been great until yesterday (now 52k miles) when I ease into the gas it shudders and shakes like crazy until i punch it. The tach is bouncing up and down and it doesn't matter if it's in v8 or v4. It almost feels like it's a misfire but it's weird that it only does it when I'm easing into the throttle or going uphill. The truck has the 8 speed transmission. Has anyone else ran into something like this and would the manufacturer warranty cover the fix for this?
  7. Hi. I own a 2015 Chevy 1500 Silverado 4.3L V6 CrewCab 5.8' Box. Can I swap the rear differential from a V8 1500 Silverado onto my 1500 Silverado? According to chevy I can tow max of 5,600lbs, I blew out my rear differential from towing 5,300 pound trailer, bearings are shot, shattered. Trailering – 2015 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab (SAE J2807) 2WD: Crew Cab, 5’ 8” box 5,600 lbs. / 2,540 kg. – 4.3L (3.23 axle
  8. Hello, I'm new to the forums here and needed some assistance in replacing the shocks and tires on my new Truck. I just recently purchased a 2016 Silverado High Country with 35k miles on it and after a week a driving it around I feel that it rides a little to stiff/bumpy for my liking. I know it's not supposed to ride like a Cadillac or an Audi or anything like that but my previous 2014 Sierra All Terrain seemed to ride pretty smooth. I have heard that replacing the stock tires and shocks can help with that issue but I have no clue as where to start. Was hoping some of you GM truck enthusiasts could help enlighten me as to which shocks and tires I should look into purchasing for an overall more comfortable ride. Thanks in advance
  9. I’m looking for any information on swapping gen3 5.3 With a gen4 controller (I want to use the 6L80e transmission.) I know the knock sensors are in the valley cover and it has the 24x reluctor and 1x cam sensor. I’ve heard it is possible to relocate the knock sensors to where they are on gen 4 block and swap reluctors and cams to work with the gen 4 controller, does anyone have any experience with actually doing so?
  10. Hi Guys, i got a 2016 4wd GMC sierra and it has stock suspension and it rides really bad the oem shocks are very soft and whenever i hit a bump the front keeps bouncing. so what do you guys recommend i'm trying to do a 4/6 drop if it is possible and replace the shocks with stiffer shocks why do you guys think ? which lowering kit and shocks should i get ? Thanks here is a side pic of the truck
  11. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and was hoping the community could help me with my new vehicle search. I absolutely love the styling, features and capabilities of the 2018 Sierra. I think the SLT trim level with the z71 package would provide the perfect balance of capability and luxurious comfort. I am all but sold on purchasing one of the last few 2018 models that are still sitting on the dealer lots. My conundrum comes from the various reviews that call the GM truck's reliability into question. One such prevalent issue is the vibration or "chevy shake" that drivers experience at highway speeds (from my research, an un-balance drive shaft may be the culprit). The other prevalent issue appears to be the hard downshift and "clunks" that may come from the transmission. On paper, I love everything about the vehicle. I am just apprehensive about making a big investment in something that appears to have frequent issue. Any opinion on this topic is much appreciated!! Thank yall!
  12. 1999 GMC Sierra 1/2 ton 4X4 240k miles I am hearing a loud single pop/clunk from the front end passenger side when I turn the steering wheel sharp LEFT ONLY in forward and reverse. I can replicate the noise nearly 100% of the time if the truck is on a moderate to steep incline. This only happens at slow speeds. I feel next to nothing through the steering column. I hear the most out the front passenger window and feel the pop/clunk through the floor of the cab. I have replaced the intermediate steering shaft with the updated GM part. Any direction would be really appreciated.
  13. Guys, I'm new here and I'm sorry if there's already a similar thread about this issue. I chose to eliminate my new truck fever by sprucing up my truck that has been paid off for 5 years now. My truck is 2WD and leveled. I went from the stock 17" wheels with 275/70/17 tires to the XD Buck 25 20" x 10" rims with a -25 offset. The new tire size is 275/55/20. I got it back from the tire shop and it was rubbing everywhere and shaking while I was breaking. The shaking came from the clips or "keepers" on the rear wheel studs that keeps the drum in place in the factory (got that part resolved after it was found on this forum! So, thanks guys!). After much trimming, the tire shop says I need a 3" suspension lift to have more room and eliminate all rubbing. Am I missing something? It's been four days in a row that I've been to the tire shop and it seems that nothing is getting resolved other than the shaking due to the clips. Is there a certain style trim that I can perform? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. Weird thing happening, my check engine light came on and my scanner pulls P0113 and P0228. P0113 is IAT sensor and P0228 is Fuel and Air Metering. I had to remove the airbox last night to replace a headlight, which requires me to unplug the IAT sensor right on the airbox. And then when I took the truck for a drive, I noticed the engine fans are running at full blast and then the engine light came on (solid light). Immediately turned off the truck, hooked up the sensor and checked the codes. Saw they weren't "hazardous" and drove to work. Why would unplugging the IAT sensor cause a code to be thrown? I checked and made sure to reconnect it securely. Its on there fine. And why are the engine fans going full blast? Thanks guys.
  15. Oil Catch Can

    has anyone invested in an oil catch can? if so, what one and what kind of success??? Worth it?
  16. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 7-11-2017 East Coast Defender blends English ownership and tradition with a U.S.-based workforce in Florida to build amazing Land Rover Defenders. The classic compact SUV is quickly becoming one of the hottest classic restoration segments in America, and East Coast offers some very interesting updates on what is perhaps the defining European "contemporary classic" compact SUV. East Coast Defender's latest project involved adding a Chevy small-block V8 to the classic Defender 90. The East Coast Defender 90's LC9 has 326 hp, up a smidge from the 68 hp the vehicle originally started with about 30 years ago. East Coast Defender adds a six-speed transmission, stainless exhaust and brake lines, EBC Performance brakes, and an improved cooling system centered around a Ron Davis aluminum radiator. “We have an incredibly diverse client base who come to us from across the country,” said Elliot Humble, East Coast Defender Co-owner. “I believe that speaks volumes about the broad appeal of our handcrafted Defenders. Like a finely tailored shirt, each SUV we build exudes the character and personality of its owner. ‘Project Blackout’ is an attractive vehicle that’s a stunning extension of its new owner.” This off-roader looks like a cool combination of old and new. What say you GM-Trucks.com faithful?
  17. "ENGINE POWER REDUCED, SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL, SERVICE STABILITRAK" Has anyone ever came across this before? Let me start from the beginning. On 11/2932013, halfway on my drive from work to home, I noticed that my truck would "sputter" and the rpm would fluctuate when giving it some gas while going up a hill/incline (interstate). Once I was done with the hill/incline, everything would smooth out. Closer to home, once again, I would only notice the "sputter-like" reaction and rpm fluctuating slightly when giving it gas to climb a hill/incline. Made it home fine with no problems or warnings/lights. Upon embarking to work the next morning (11/30/2013), at approximately 5-6 miles from home, I went to give the truck some gas to get above 60 and all of a sudden all these warnings and dings starting going off. My engine warning light illuminated and my traction control light came on and I noticed some warnings scrolling through at the bottom saying: "ENGINE POWER REDUCED, SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL, SERVICE STABILITRAK". it blew my mind! Meanwhile, I noticed my truck slowing down no matter how much gas I gave it. I was coming to a road intersection just ahead and preceded to turn around and pull over to investigate. I couldn't understand what was going on so since I was close to home, I just "limped" it back home and not getting over 40-45 mph. Got home and shut engine off and called my job. I went back out later before my ride got there to pick me up, and started my truck. It started fine and I didn't notice any "sputtering" like before, however the engine light is still illuminated. I can't do anything until this Wednesday anyway. Is there someone that has come across this before? The day it happened I Google'd to my heart's content and found that I am not alone, however I did notice that there can be a number of things that could cause this. Would any of this be covered under a warranty? How would I know if I still have warranty on my truck? I need some expert advice on this. Here is my truck info to the best of my knowledge: 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Taupe Gray 5.3 L V8 Crew Cab Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, R. Ashley
  18. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 12-27-2016 Death, taxes, and a pushrod V8 in a Corvette. At least until this year. According to documents found by MotorTrend, a new dual overhead camshaft V8 engine will soon be in the Corvette and its name is LT5. There was an LT5 with cams on top once before in the 1990s, but it's been a while since we have seen that. MotorTrend speculates that this might be the heart of the white whale - the mid-engine Corvette's engine. We doubt it. We spotted this story at Torque News, where Patrick Rall (Who lives just outside the GM proving grounds) goes into finite detail about what the engine could be, and what it most likely isn't. The documents say 6.2-liters, aluminum, and not much more. Both publications doubt this is the new base engine for the 2018 "Vette. That is because the base engine appears to also be listed in the service documents that are the basis of all this intrigue. Nor is the engine said to have forced induction (turbocharging or supercharging). That makes it unlikely to be the engine in any top-spec Corvette trim. What say you GM-Trucks.com faithful? Is this dual overhead camshaft engine just a ruse or misunderstanding? Could it signal some kind of high-RPM, normally-aspirated engine for a special Corvette? Image Note: That's not the engine in the story being built. Can anyone guess without cheating what that engine is?
  19. I have read every muffler swap, delete, topic, post, on this forum and have not found anything of anyone using a smaller case muffler (magna flow) and leaving the resonator and flapper in. Has any one done it or tried it before they cut out one or the other? Im currently looking at running Magnaflow 12259 18" with resonator and flapper or Magnaflow 12589 22" and resonator delete and keeping flapper in. Would either of those setups achieve this: NO drone/chopper I dont want it too loud quiet on cruise nice low key rumble on start, idle, and getting after it
  20. Got a new 2016 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 All-Star 6 Speed the middle of March and I'm wondering what the mileage usually is for the tranny to break in. I have ~3,100 miles on it now and if I let off the gas and just let the truck slow down I can feel the trans downshift and really drag the truck. More of a drag is noticed when I'm going up a hill, most noticeably when I'm going up the last hill before turning onto my street. Speed limit is 25 and I don't usually accelerate very quickly so I tend to just slowly accelerate going up the hill and it almost feels like the truck is struggling or having a tough time figuring out what gear it wants to be in. Also, if I'm turning onto a hill I don't like to do it quickly as it jerks the truck around and, with the trans drag, the truck will almost stop. I have been just trying to give it a little more gas, but nothing crazy, obviously, so that it doesn't happen. I just hope that it's not going to always be like this because I believe that it should be completely smooth. I shouldn't be able to really feel it shift like that and I don't think I should be able to use the downshift of the trans to slow me down like that. I mean, it's really noticeable as, when I'm braking, I have to left off the break a bit to accommodate for the drag of the downshift or it's like I just stomped on the brakes to brake-check someone. Not like the wheels are locking up or anything like that, but it all just seems a bit odd to me. It is my first new vehicle ever though so I've never gone through the break-in of anything other than my utility quad. Just looking for some info and advice, especially if this is not normal behavior. Thanks in advance. Chris
  21. Hey guys, I have a bit of a situation at hand which I need help/suggestions with. I have a 2016 Sierra Denali 6.2L that's been supercharged, has a Corsa cat-back and a cold air intake on it. Mild stuff, no big issue.....what I want now is to be able to go higher on the power and first step to that is get long tube headers. In fact I already have the LT's sitting at home waiting to be installed, however where I come from (Dubai), soft to/and medium loudness of exhausts are acceptable, medium to loud is subject to the cop's mood who pulls you over, acceptability of loud exhausts - well you are treading on thin ice - and too loud is no-go zone. Now with the set-up I have, I would consider myself in the region of medium to loud, leaning a little more to the loud side. Adding LT's would make it SUPER loud....that's beyond 'no-go zone' lol!! I wanna get a muffler which when coupled with my Kooks LT's would sound the same as current set up or I'm willing to go a little softer, but definitely not louder. Can anyone suggest a muffler that could work with A supercharger, Kooks long tube headers Not be offensively loud Most importantly, not affect performance since it's going softer on the volume? I look forward to your feedback and suggestions. *SUPER EXCITED*
  22. Hello, I have a 1999 Sierra with a 5.3L motor. This is my first post to this forum. So this is also my welcome post as well haha. I'm from Ludlow MA and I've had my truck for two years. So now onto my issue! Whenever its really hot outside the truck won't start. It still cranks over, and will fire for a split second then die. I normally have to keep hitting the throttle and cranking it over and shutting it off at the same time until it finally starts up. And whenever it does finally fire it idles very rough until it warms up so I normally have to keep the rpm around 1500-2000 rpm for a couple minutes until its finally warmed up. Any ideas of what I should be looking at or for and what to test? Any help would be great! Thanks!
  23. Newbie to this forum. Looking at buying a 1994 Chevy C/K 1500 V8 with 167K miles. Beyond the obvious of checking the compression, frame, and transmission rebuild date, what are the other things to pay attention to that are likely to break so I know what I'm getting into? I'm looking to use this as a truck to learn on, and think I have a good price negotiated with the seller. Any feedback would be great. If there are any sellers of similar models, please hit me up. Thank you.
  24. Hello Everyone, You are looking at an amazing example of a clean, low mileage, Southern California truck. Exterior: the Original tan paint is in amazing condition. I am fairly sure this truck has been cared for since new with cover, carports, or some other enclosures. The paint appears to be original and holds an amazing shine. The Bumpers are straight and nice, doors shut as should and show no signs of sag. The inside of the bed has a few scratched on the "Header" from what appears to have been a plastic bed liner installed fairly early in its life. The liner has since been removed showing an near flawless bed. No dings or holes in the floor or wheel tubs. I am including photos of the only areas I could find issues with. I.E the passenger rear chrome modeling around wheel well has small dings about the length of a dollar bill. The tailgate has a stretch on the passenger side. Interior: This is a highly desirable Grey cloth interior truck. I recently upgraded to a 40/60 bench seat with fold down middle arm rest. The seat and carpet have been steamed clean and show little to no wear at all. The upper dash is in amazing condition with Zero Cracks (dash pad looks to be original since new), the lower dash near the ash tray has several screw holes from what appears to have been a cb install at one time??? The bezel is in great condition having only 2 flaws. 1. the headlight switch is a little rough to the touch and dirty (I have a replacement). 2. 2 of the clips that hold the bezel have come lose. I have replacement). The windows have been tinted within 8% and work perfect. Solid rear glass (non slider). Windshield has one small chip that has been filled by dealer. The headliner shows sings of usage on drivers side, this has not been cleaned to ensure that it wouldn't be damaged. The driver side sun visor has small rip from what appears to be a garage door opener (should have this replaced by time of sale). Heat blows hot, and AC needs recharged, but blower motors blows and is not locked up. A aftermarket CD/MP3 player has been installed in dash and done correctly, new speakers installed in the doors as well. Powerplant: 5.0 Vortex V8 runs super strong and starts right up overtime. truck has been driven less than 7300 miles per year on average, odometer showing just over 129,XXX miles as of this posting. This engine does not run hot, rattle, leak, or burn oil. I do not abuse my cars, this just sits in my garage until the weekends. The transmission and rear end were serviced in May 2016 and all fluids changed. It has a town package installed by a dealer when i purchased, and this will stay with the truck. Other: This truck shows as stock thru and thru. All original suspension, exhaust, and even the air cleaner assembly is original. The current tires and wheels on the truck are in great condition with about 75% life left in tires. Upon the sale I have the original style smooth GM truck wheels that will go with the truck in the event you want to take back to complete original. This truck is 100% rust and rot free, being a SoCal truck its whole life until I brought to NV... I have a clean a clear title in my name, and a auto report(better than carfax) upon request. this truck smoged no problem as well. I have done my best to take all the needed photos and describe all areas of this truck. please feel free to contact me direct should you have any question or want to see photos. Due to site restrictions I am not able to upload the high res images, SO PLEASE USE LINK ATTACHED. I search all over the west coast for these trucks, and only buy the best of the best. This is one of the cleanest uncut, rust free, clean OBS I have come across. $7000 OBO ** This truck has receipts since new, these will come with truck upon sale*** Truck is located in Henderson, NV about 10 minutes southeast of Las Vegas. You can fly in and drive it home, I will pick you up from airport. I will also assist the truck driver if you schedule a shipper and pay in full. I have helped these guys before and have a few I can recommend. http://s1342.photobucket.com/user/briandoleshal/slideshow/1998%20Sierra Thank you for your time, Brian 702-339-1808
  25. Hey guys I know this has been talked about quite a bit but haven't seen much as far as an actual video or someone going through with it. Decided to do the muffler and resonator delete. Guy at the shop said just the muffler wont make a huge difference. Doesn't void any warranties and wont give you any back pressure issues as long as you keep the 3 cats. I really liked the way it turned out. Nice low growl, but not obnoxiously loud. Only complaint is that when V4 mode kicks in you do get a bit of that drone everyone is talking about. Its not awful but definitely sounds better in V8. Thinking about getting that plug-in to keep it in V8 mode. Little windy in the video but throw on some headphones and it gives you a pretty good idea of what it sounds like. Anyway check it out and let me know what you guys think.

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