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  1. Hi guys, Does anyone have the Bose amp (like the one on a 2015 Yukon SLT) harnesses wiring diagrams. Specifically for the speakers. Cheers.
  2. How To: Replace Heated Seat Element Pads

    Hi, any tips on how to remove the seat back panel?
  3. How To: Replace Heated Seat Element Pads

  4. How To: Replace Heated Seat Element Pads

    Do you have a link to that video? I would like to try replacing this pads myself. Did you also replaced the back rest element?
  5. I’ll give it a go and see but I do have this problem for some time now and the car been through a few washes since. As I mentioned the adaptive cruise and flashing red lights are working so it seems the system does calculate distance from the car. Also changing the gap settings affects the distance with the adaptive cruise control
  6. I do get flashing red lights but never an amber car light. Always green
  7. I've tested with all three settings. Always green, never amber
  8. Hi guys, Do anyone else have this issue where the tailgate warning (the green/amber car logo on the cluster screen) is always green when a vehicle is detected? It should become ember if you don't keep enough distance from the car in front The adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning works so I assume the system does know how far the car in front is but the light doesn't change.
  9. I've removed the headliner up to the 2nd row rear entertainment. It was quite straightforward although I lost a couple of metal retainers that I need to order now but no biggie. "Luckily" Ive found that the leaks are coming from the rear roof rails bolts. I've retighten them and the leak is gone.
  10. Just an update. The windshield was replaced and no recalibration was needed. Everything works as it should
  11. Hi guys, Anyone had the chance to remove these roof racks from their car? I just want to look underneath as I suspect I have some minor leak underneath Do I need to remove the headliner to do this? Thanks
  12. I appreciate the suggestions guys! I went ahead and bought PowerStop rotors and pads kit. Hopefully I will install it this weekend
  13. Hi, just replaced the windshield on my 15 Yukon and the guy told me that I might need to recalibrate my adas systems ad rain sensors. Did anybody here had to go through this process? I’ve actually called the dealer which told me that 99% of the times there is no need to recalibrate the system...
  14. Hi guys, Looking for any recommendations for an aftermarket front and rear brake discs/pads. To be installed on a 2015 Yukon SLT 4WD Too many options online thought someone might have some insights or experience with aftermarket ones. Thanks!

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