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  1. Hi guys, Looking for any recommendations for an aftermarket front and rear brake discs/pads. To be installed on a 2015 Yukon SLT 4WD Too many options online thought someone might have some insights or experience with aftermarket ones. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I'm new here, Just bought a 2015 Yukon SLT a month ago and was hoping to do some DIY fixes. I'm starting with the small things first. The USB in the hidden compartment behind the screen and the 2 USBs near the cup holder don't work. The ones inside the center console compartment and the back seat work as well as the lighters input Does anybody know which fuses relate to these nonworking USBs ports? I saw in the fuse map stuff like accessory power and there is one labeled USB but not sure which one it relates to. What about replacing the one in behind the screen, does it required to take the thing out? Many thanks

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