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  1. So question about this upgrade. I tried to swap the newer sharkfin antenna onto my 2014 and got a “check xm antenna” error. This seems like a 2014 issue. Im wondering if I did the 2.5 HMI upgrade for Car Play if it would also correct the antenna error as an added benefit. Thanks
  2. I heard that the purple connector is still XM and the gold one is for the Onstar WiFi
  3. Add another member on another forum with a 2014 having the same problem.
  4. Was definitely plugged in fully, and is a brand new factory antenna. This seems to be a 2014 problem. I’ve talked with another guy on another forum with the same issue.
  5. It took me a minute to figure what you were trying to say in that incoherent response. I really appreciate your unsolicited opinion. Anyways, Does anyone have any insight into how I can make this mod work for me? Because I do notice the difference.
  6. Like the old antenna except slightly larger , smooth and painted black instead of black textured plastic.
  7. I just swapped out my textured xm antenna in my 2014 Silverado LTZ for the newer style color matched one. Install went fine, but when I started up my truck the radio screen said “check xm antenna” and the reception was terrible. I did an xm reflash and that did not help. So I swapped back to my original. The message went away and reception came back. Anyone who swapped shark fins ever run into this problem? Do I need the dealer to reflash? Is this a case of the 2.0 HMI not compatible with the new antenna? Or did I just get a bad antenna?
  8. Not sure if these were ever sold separately aside from their eBay store, but you can call RC and verify the part numbers.
  9. Please make the WiFi hot spot work!! I’m going to hold on a 2.5 upgrade for this.
  10. Part numbers are 94004358 94004359
  11. I bought these new from the RC scratch and dent eBay store, but never installed them. They’ve been taking up space for a few years now. The finish is chipped in a few places, and I just noticed that one of the ball joint boots has a small tear (see pics). The ball joints are Moog K6540 ($22 each on Amazon) and are replaceable. They are for K2 trucks with factory aluminum UCA only. $100 plus shipping
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