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  1. I think you need to trim a little more off the bottom edge when compared to the inspiration truck. That will make it look a little better I think.
  2. not a truck but our Tahoe, all stock except 275/55 KO2s
  3. 20x9.5 ProComp 6089 -6 offset. 305/55/20 Nitto Trail Grapplers. The wheels are long discontinued. I’ve had these for 10 years.
  4. Could you get a measurement from the face of the rotor to the outermost protrusion of the caliper and the measurement of the wheel mounting surface to the same location on the caliper? Might help us figure out if these will clear wheels before finding out we need spacers. Thanks.
  5. Then I screwed the second circuit board onto the adapter plate. Put the wires back into the connector, XM in pin 2, other thing in pin 1. Then re wrap the wires with fabric tape. Reinstall the painted cover.
  6. Time to swap circuit boards. The XM one is easy, it is a direct swap. Same size, same screw pattern. The other circuit board is not. The one from the old antenna is much smaller and none of the screw holes align with the new antenna base. So I gave my son the circuit board from the new antenna and he 3D printed me an adapter plate for the old circuit board. Here it is installed.
  7. On the new antenna base unscrew the two circuit boards. Cut the connectors off all three wires and toss it all in the garbage. Now take a drill and make the wire hole in the new antenna base plate big enough to fit the wires of the old electronics through the hole. I used a 1/4” drill bit.
  8. On the old antenna, mark the wires and pin locations, then with a little regular screw driver pop out the white clip that holds the wires into the connector. Take out all the little screws that hold the two circuit boards to the base plate. The end on the wires are too big to pull up through the wire hole in the base plate. Then use something to cut a slot in the old antenna base plate (I used a dremel with a cut off wheel) so that you can get the wires out of the base plate.
  9. These are the electronics inside the new antenna. These all get relegated to the trash bin.
  10. These are the electronics inside the old antenna. The small black one at the bottom is marked “XM” and has one wire that goes to pin 2 on the connector. Not sure what the top thing does, but it’s wire goes to pin 1. Some people have done this by only swapping the XM piece and claim everything works as it should. I’m a “it has to be there for a reason” kind of guy so I swapped both pieces.
  11. So here is how I did it. Credit really goes to member Viktorrocks15 who sold me the antenna. Now I will say, if I were to do this all over again, I would take the cover off my existing antenna, and smooth and paint it instead of going through this swap. The old style antenna has a two pin magenta connector. The newer style antenna has the magenta connector plus a second one pin gold connector. I had read somewhere that the gold connector was for the WiFi hotspot that was added in ‘15. Made sense at the time, but that is incorrect. The gold connector is for the XM. That’s why everyone with a ‘14 gets an antenna error after this mod. Because the antenna is no longer plugged in. Start by removing the little philips head screws that hold the cover onto the base. The new antenna has six. The old one has five.
  12. I ended up swapping all the guts from my old antenna into then new one. Would be way easier to just sand and paint the old antenna cover.
  13. So question about this upgrade. I tried to swap the newer sharkfin antenna onto my 2014 and got a “check xm antenna” error. This seems like a 2014 issue. Im wondering if I did the 2.5 HMI upgrade for Car Play if it would also correct the antenna error as an added benefit. Thanks
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