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  1. Please make the WiFi hot spot work!! I’m going to hold on a 2.5 upgrade for this.
  2. Part numbers are 94004358 94004359
  3. I bought these new from the RC scratch and dent eBay store, but never installed them. They’ve been taking up space for a few years now. The finish is chipped in a few places, and I just noticed that one of the ball joint boots has a small tear (see pics). The ball joints are Moog K6540 ($22 each on Amazon) and are replaceable. They are for K2 trucks with factory aluminum UCA only. $100 plus shipping
  4. Bumping an old thread. I guess no one has ever done this yet?
  5. When you assemble the 6112 do you have to reuse the rubber boot over the shaft? Or can that part be left off for a more traditional coil over look?
  6. I have a full chrome mesh grille from my 2014. I swapped it out early for a Z71 so it’s bascially brand new. Pm me if interested.
  7. Tried pming you but it says you can’t receive messages. I’m interested in a similar setup. I have factory nav in my 2014, but don’t really care to have it if I had CarPlay. Do want to keep my XM though.
  8. Looking for an 14-15 Silverado high country grille. I have both a chrome with chrome mesh and a 14 z71 grille with chrome surround if anyone is interested.
  9. It's only on the mobile version. If I use the full version there's nothing.
  10. I'm getting annoying adds that pop up from the bottom of the screen whenever I choose to view a thread or scroll down. How do I get rid of this crap? It's completely eliminated my enjoyment of the forum.
  11. We just made the move from a 2010 Yukon Denali which has the previous gen 6.2 and 3.42 gears to a 2016 Tahoe LT with the new 5.3 and 3.08 gears. Yes, maybe it requires a little more pedal effort to accelate at the same rate as the old one, but it was not as noticeable as you would think when you read it in text. The new engines have much more mid range to them than the old ones. For example the 6.2 in my Silverado blows the doors off the Denali but the peak numbers aren't that different. The new 5.3 is Way ahead of the the previous gen 5.3, and way ahead of the LQ9 in your NBS Denali. As for features, besides the 6.2, the only thing our 10 Denali has that our 16 LT doesn't is cooled seats and some exterior chromed plastic bits. And our Denali was maxed out for that year. I didn't see any value in going for a LTZ at all. Denali maybe for the 6.2, but it's a 7-8k premium. I couldn't justify that for what amounts to just a people hauler. Oh and the LT doesn't have autoride, which in my opinion, is a welcome change. And as a few other posters have stated, the safety features are way ahead of previous gens. Our 10 had blind spot alert, rear parking sensors, back up cam and that's it. The 16 has blind spot alert, front and rear sensors, rear cross alert, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise, on and on. We didn't have any hesitation going "down" in trim level from one generation to the next. The content has gone way up. We got everything we had before and more, and way cheaper than if we had stayed at the same level.
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