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  1. I went ahead and changed my battery the other day. Was losing some charge after a few days. Didn't want to get caught out on road this summer. I put in an O'Reilly's Super Start Extreme. Just a regular flooded one like it had from the factory. I got $15.00 off in rebates.
  2. I've been using this one on it once in awhile. Thinking about getting a tester though. I've got serveral batteries plus couple family members id could use it for. https://cloreautomotive.com/product/pl2310/
  3. Anyone here use a conductance tester to check batterys? Been thinking about getting one. Something like this one. Amazon.com: FOXWELL BT705 12V 24V Car Battery Tester Automotive 100-2000 CCA Battery Load Tester Auto Cranking and Charging System Test Scan Tool Digital Battery Alternator Analyzer for Vehicle, Heavy Duty Truck : Automotive
  4. No Costco anywhere around here. If I go with an AGM I'll probably go with one from O'Reilly's or a Delco. Got a buddy at a dealer that always gives me a good deal on the Delco's over the years. I checked it yesterday and it was 60% charged. I had drove it about 30 miles the day before. I put the charger on it yesterday and overnight. Just went out and it was done charging. I'm going to watch it for a while before I decide.
  5. 10/6/2 Amp 6/12V Intelligent Battery Charger / Maintainer - Clore Automotive I use this charger on it once in a while. I'm a little concerned about the AGM working with my charging system the way it's supposed to. It's had a regular battery from the factory.
  6. 2014 GMC 1/2 ton. Only have 18,000 miles on it. I've got a Delco 94RPG in it now thats 4 years old. Seems a little sluggish when starting like they do when they get old. Truck sets for a week or better sometimes. Some trips 20 miles or more but some short ones also. I have put a charger on it once in a while but I don't want the hassle of leaving one on it all the time. Would I be better off with an AGM or stick with the flooded battery like its always had? The wifes Cherokee has an AGM but thats what it came with from the factory and it has that stupid start/stop feature on it so I replaced it with another AGM.
  7. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Pretty simple. I'll bet its a long time before they get around to mine.
  8. Looks like my '14 will be getting the passenger side airbag recall at some point. Do they have to remove the whole dash pad to get at it? Or do they replace it through the glove box area? I hate the thought of them taking the whole dash cover off just for something that will probably never cause a problem.
  9. This is what I ended up ordering. Should be all i need. https://cloreautomotive.com/product/pl2310/
  10. Haven't been driving my '14 gmc much lately. Got a low battery warning the other day. Checked it yesterday and it was at 12.25 volts so a little over 50% charged. I'm go to buy a charger. I want to use it on my old 95 silverado, wifes cherokee and my garden tractor also. Tractor battery is 35ah, the others around 800ah Looking at the NOCO either a 5 amp or a 10 amp. I don't want to leave it on for an extended period, just overnight once in a while. Would the 5 amp charger be good enough? The 10 amp seems a little big for my garden tractors 35ah battery. Also if I hook it directly to the battery but don't unhook it do I have to worry about the electronics?
  11. Had common would it be to have a stretched timing chain on a very well maintained 350 TBI in my 95 silverado with about 67000 miles on it but a lot of it short trips. It had been running poorly for quite a while. Last fall I went thru the electrical system, wires, cap, module, plugs etc. That helped a little. Yesterday I decided to look some more and put my timing light on it. It was retarded quite a bit. Put it back to zero, reconnected timing wire, reset computer and it runs like a top now. I did have the intake redone years ago and yesterday when I went to move the distributor it didn't take much to loosen clamp and turn it like maybe the mechanic had not tightened right. I got it locked down good now. I'm wondering if it moved over time or my chain is stretched a little. Quess i'll have to pull the cap sometime and rock the crankshaft back and forth to check it. Is that the best way to check the chain?
  12. I already repaced it with a slightly larger #14 wood screw with the black oxide coating. Looks like a factory screw. I bought 4 and will replaced the other 3 next flter change so they all match.
  13. Probably what I'll do also. Yeah its just a few miles shy of 11,000. I'll have it 5 years next week. Driving it a little more since I retired last year. I got a 95 silverado with not quite 70,000 miles on it I bought new also.
  14. Anyone ever have one of these strip out? I think it was stripped from the factory. I've tightened screws in plastic like it many times. Never even tried to tighten up. I was using a nut runner by hand. Other three were fine. First time its been messed with. Truck only has 11,000 miles on it. Anyone here try going with a little bigger one of the same type screw? Or just replace the whole assembly. I put a machine screw with a nut under it for now but I'm not going to leave it like that. Guess I'm too picky.
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