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  1. Nj. I could ship but it's gonna be pretty expensive. Prob like $50-$80 but I'll sell it to ya for $200 plus actual shipping
  2. I have a z71 grille just missing the bowtie. I'd do $250 shipped
  3. You guys looking for an oem bumper? I have one with just a slight scuff on it otherwise brand new.
  4. So as an Upfitter I get this. What you need is the switch panel and 4 of the pinned type I wires to make this work. But I'm concerned that there's no fuses or wiring in the fuse center so weather or not doing all this will even work is to be seen
  5. I have the vibration at 35-50 mph feel it most in the floor. 14 double cab lt with 17s and bridgestones. Haven't taken it in just yet but I was a gm tech and I'm thinking the tcm issue that one guy found makes most sense as it's intermittent and doesn't fluctuate with speed. I'm going to take it in sometime soon and suggest these things and possibly a reflash if available. Mine isn't quite as bad as I'm hearing but it's enough that I feel it in my feet.
  6. Hids aren't hard see my other thread. Just need a relay kit and a capacitor.
  7. Yes that's how I did it and I don't think a diode is necessary as a capacitor only discharges one way. That's why it has pos and negative poles.
  8. Unlikely as that doesn't hold a relay on. The relay is key. And it clearly states does not work on DRL's
  9. Before all that take the radiator cover off (under the hood) and there's 4 bolts holding the grille on there as well. Then the rest is correct
  10. To remove the grill you have to take off the painted front bumper valence (between the bumper and grille) behind it are 4 more bolts. Once you have those off it just unclips. There's 2 screws on each end of the valence and a bunch of clips along the grille so be careful with them. I've had the grille off my truck in 20 min
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