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  1. With gas being lower this year I decided that I would run premium to test it as log as it stays under 2.50 a gallon. The only other mod I have done is adding a K&N filter. I noticed what felt like a power increase as well as better mileage. Most of last winter I averaged 14mpg with the K&N. This winter it has been 16+ and felt better to drive. I recently took a trip to Ohio and on the way home I averaged 18.5mpg for the 457 mile trip. I believe that a higher octane with 5.3 does make it better.
  2. Perfect answer I was looking for. Guess I'll stick with my original plan and go custom. Thanks.
  3. Anyone have PERSONAL experience with any of Edge's products? This one is listed for the 2014's. http://edgeproducts.com/products/gas-evolution-cs2-85350/ Good? Bad?
  4. My driveway is fairly short and I would only plow my grandparents after a lot of snow fell or when grandpa doesnt want to be out in really cold weather on his kubota. Great info on ballast 15HDriver. I only need a light duty plow, but I will buy quality. It wont be staying on for more than i need it. Work is only 3 miles away and my grandparents is 8 miles away. I will be putting a level or lift on this truck as well. I like how they look a bit higher than factory. My 14 has a 2.5 lift and I couldn't be happier.
  5. Thinking about a new truck. Current is a 2014 LTZ Z71 5.3 with 3.08. I'll need to plow my personal driveway with this truck and one other short driveway. Anyone have a 6.2 that plows? I'm also looking at the 6.2 for some summer time fun with the added HP over the 5.3 and pushing snow. The 2500 is not an option for me. This truck will be a custom order and I would like some input before pulling the trigger. Thanks.
  6. You have a way to put a video up of how it sounds?
  7. Sounds great!! Thanks for the info. I stopped in to a local muffler shop yesterday just to talk to the guy. He was so against changing them out. He went on and on about how these motors are tuned for stock exhausts and blah blah blah..... They had done 3 and all came back with problems. Makes me wonder about their work.... I'll be doing it in my garage.
  8. Nice!! It's not stupid loud unless you want it to be? You take pics of the whole process? I looked the instruction PDF and watched a couple youttube vidoes and it seems pretty simple.
  9. +1 You can do anything you want to your truck, but like said above, if what you did is a direct result of something braking then you are responsible for the cost of fixing it. Depending on the dealership you might be in for fight.
  10. I think I'm going Corsa sport. I love the ATAK sound but I think its going to be too loud for my needs. I dont want my neighbors pissed at me all the time. lol. They love when I fire up my straight piped bike.
  11. From what I've seen and heard its nowhere near the sound I want. I dont want to wake the neighbors 5 blocks away but a nice rumble at idle and when I pass someone, they know.
  12. I had a 5% show up. 916 out the door. I'm leaning Corsa sport. I like the Borla Atak but the Corsa seems to have a better sound. I'd love a side by side in person. Hope your build goes smooth this weekend. I'll be waiting for your video and review before I pull the trigger.
  13. Looks like autoanything.com has the best prices. About $960 each http://www.autoanything.com/exhausts-mufflers/61A2937A0A0.aspx http://www.autoanything.com/exhausts-mufflers/61A3563A0A0.aspx Anyone find it cheaper?
  14. Why corsa now over borla? These are the main two I'm going between. If you could post a before and after video I'd greatly appreciate it.
  15. Some guys like Dodge, some like Chevy, some guys like Magnaflow, some like Flowmaster. Other than personal preference, for not a lot more than sound, is there really a difference in a quality exhaust brand? A friend of mine has a Magnaflow on his truck and it sounds great. My step dad has a Corsa system on his vette and it sounds great. Both are 6.2 dual cat-back systems. The reading I've done and videos I've watched all systems seem to get about the same HP gains which leads to price and sound being the main factors in the decision. Thoughts??
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