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  1. No wonder I have cold issues with my truck up here in Canada they test them with blankets maybe I need the blanket kit option
  2. I installed Sprint Booster and am very happy with the results https://www.sprintboostersales.com/
  3. Hello looking for input or anyone experience this problem. I will do my best to describe. 2014 GMC 35.000 km 6.2l 3:73. 20 inch rims.First off the vibration issue when driving on the highway is getting frustrating, but i think that is a wheel tire issue but not sure. Now periodically when in reverse and backing up it almost feels like it is in 4 low with the hoping and grabbing grinding feel. i have to go forward and reverse two or three times before it reacts normal has anyone experience this Thanks
  4. I here it all the time dont like it but am used to it now. The sound is the fuel injectors and other engine components
  5. Update to the original post i checked the bulbs they put the drivers bulb was in wrong missed one tab. Now theres quality control. The lights are a big improvement but i would like to upgrade the fogs now Thanks for the advise Ron
  6. I got the headlight recall done PIT5374 new bulbs and BCM calibration. The light is definitely brighter but very choppy for a lack of words with a big bright ball on the center line. I am wondering if anyone else has gotten it done and what they are seeing. I have included a pic of what i am seeing and this is exactly the view there is no reflection in the pic. I still find it frustrating this whole head light issue
  7. I was told the same thing but i never remember to do it and it hasn't done again, been about a month but its also -10c not -35c when it happened. I guess i have to move to Florida to drive a new GM
  8. Hello All are any of you having the issue with the truck stuck in 4 Hi. My truck was in auto and switched into 4 hi and would not come out. I took it in and all they are doing is resetting the codes G.M has no fix yet, They told me everytime I use the 4 wheel drive modes before you shut the truck off switch it back to 2 wheel drive. Ron
  9. yep easily done i switched mine from the chrome to the black
  10. Test drive it at night on a dark road you may change your mind Ron
  11. I just installed the sprint booster last night and Wow no more of the damm lag, I love it, best mod yet. and yes i would and did spend $300.00 on a mod to be honest it has been the cheapest mod so far Ron
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