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  1. Silverado Extended top headlight caps

    How easy is it to install the cap over the longer bulbs with the Headlights installed into the truck? I had a terrible time trying to install the modified stock caps. Hoping these work better. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  2. Looks good! What did you do for the plastic low beam caps/covers? Have you figured out how to adjust the beams left and right? I feel like I want to point them a little outwards however the knob that's supposed to adjust it only moves them up and down. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  3. Silverado Extended top headlight caps

    With the current design of the cap, can you install the cap with out having to remove the whole headlight assembly? The modified stock cap is nearly impossible to install with the FXR projector. Does the new cap address this issue?
  4. Tie down loop?

    Check these out, I have a few in the bed and they're pretty awesome. Chevy bullring bullet, http://www.bullringusa.com/shop/retractable-tie-down-chevy-bullet/
  5. Which fuse on the driver's side was it?
  6. Did you retro fit a fxr projector?
  7. I know this is a little old but what adapters did you get from TRS to get such a clean setup? I've read issues with other LTZs with the bulbs sticking out.
  8. Hey so I'm looking for a signal I could tap into that is on only when the engine is running. Something with a simple connector would be preferable. I haven't found anything yet in the up fitters manual either
  9. 2016 Sierra headlights???

    What's the status of that lawsuit? Do they need more people to join? About to pull the trigger on a kit from TRS
  10. When you use a turn signal or hazards, do your Headlights flash?
  11. Has anyone successfully turned off their DRLs via the BCM?
  12. LED fogs & headlights

    So question regarding the DRL with LEDs. Are the LEDs dimmer when in DRL mode?
  13. Halogen & LED Headlight Bulb Upgrades

    Has anyone seen these? Claiming 4500 lumin each... http://www.vleds.com/bulb-type/headlights/h11-h8-h9/h11-ultra-lmz.html
  14. 2014 Coolant Flush

    That common? I could have sworn it was at the line months prior, that's why I took it in...
  15. 2014 Coolant Flush

    Coolant picture

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