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  1. Lol I have no clue either. It said one left and now it says sold out. I believe the seller was gmpartsamerica. We’ll see but your right and my expectations are low.
  2. Th Thanks for the info, I had the same experience ordering from multiple places only to have them cancel. Just found one left on eBay and ordered, we’ll see what happens.
  3. I just tried to buy this software card and gm says it’s discontinued. I’m pissed I wanted the navigation option. Did you just have this done? Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the info. Unfortunately this card is now discontinued, I am trying to find someone who will sell it to me. Not sure why they would other than someone wanting to release something that costs more to the consumer to unlock these features.
  5. Truck looks great man. I want the ready lift Plus 2” for my trail boss but they are back ordered. I like the added bilstein shocks in this kit. This kit components look a lot like the TB 2” kits, does anyone know why this is labeled not for trail boss. I’m guessing it’s because the front struts are different but figured I’d ask to see if someone had some knowledge on these. Thanks !
  6. Love the flag. Where did you find it perfect size to fit the window?
  7. Does anyone have the rough country body lift installed? Pictures? Or any insight/opinions on it? Thanks
  8. Can anyone help me with the part number for the trailer hitch dual oval connector that is in the rear bumper? Thanks!
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