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  1. Rancho Struts

    If you have a spring compressor it is pretty simple. Randall
  2. Rancho Struts

    I have the Z71 Rancho's off a 2014 LTZ they have 3k miles on them. Randall
  3. I am looking to change the look of my truck and I would like to start with replacing the beat up Chrome valance panel with a shiny new black one but I can't find a part number for it. If you know the part number, please post it. Many Thanks Randall
  4. Tow Hook Surround Trim

    Still no part number for the black filler plate? Thanks Randall
  5. Tow Hook Surround Trim

    Has anyone been able to find the part number for the black one? Randall
  6. Pop-I, These will stop the hop. This is the very same reason I bought them (5100's). I have several large speed bumps I have to cross on the way to work and this hop drove me crazy. Now, I can go (glide) over the speed bumps like a normal vehicle. I drove over them today doing 20 mph and did not feel too bad. It did not hop. Even at this speed it was far better than going over them slow with the OEM's (Rancho's). I set the front only one notch up from factory because I did not care about the ride height, I only cared about the ride comfort. I also live on a country road that is very rough and the ride there is way...... smoother. I am very happy with the result. Thanks Randall
  7. Range AFM Disable - Anyone tried it?

    I have one and it works as advertised. I had exchanged it several times for software updates and until this version I had errors. I have since went with a Black Bear tune and no longer need the range device. I will sale it for $100.00 if you are interested. Thanks Randall.
  8. I finally got the front installed along with the rear. I wasn't too interested in changing the ride height, so I just set the fronts one slot up from stock. My goal was just to improve on the ride smoothness, and now the ride is much smoother. I live on a country road that is pretty rough (patched pot holes galore) and there are several speed bumps (huge) on the way to work. The truck (stock) rode pretty bouncy on the pot hole road and like a bucking bronco over the speed bumps, and now it just glides over them. Definitely worth the cost just for the ride improvement. Thanks Randall
  9. The UPS guy stopped by last night and left me a package. Randall
  10. How is this going? Randall
  11. New tire and wheel vibration issue

    I had the same thing with my truck and the fix was Road Force balancing. They found a bad rim when doing the RF balancing. All is well now and I enjoy driving my truck. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  12. Phoenix - Blackbear Tune

    Yes, I put down my deposit already. Randall
  13. I had the similar issue with the factory tires. When I first got my truck it was smooth. I went in for a rotate and balance and the vibration's began... The dealer road force balanced them twice and couldn't get rid of the vibration at 77mph. I changed to Michelin's and had the same vibration. Not as bad, but still there. Since the dealer was busy, I found a local Firestone car care center that had recently got the RF balancing machine. They said the tires were way off and they fixed them. I now have a smooth ride at all speeds. I believe the dealer wasn't doing the road force balancing good enough. They take just a little while to do it, about 30 - 45 minutes where as the Firestone guy took 1 1/2 - 2 hours to do it. I watched him so I know he was working the whole time. This leads me to believe that all road force balancing isn't alike. Maybe it is the technician or maybe its the machine. I bet the factory tires would have been ok if the balance had been tight enough. P.S. I had discount tire balance them 3 or 4 times and no joy... Thanks Randall
  14. For Sale Borla Sport Exhaust (140550)

    OK. I got and responded to your PM. Randall
  15. For Sale Borla Sport Exhaust (140550)

    You could get a local shop to make different outs. The tips are bolt on.

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