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  1. Yes, same thing happened to me. I ordered the same truck and options on 12/31/19. Got a call on 01/17/20 from the dealer. My order was rejected because the safety pkg was not ordered. It's a pisser! The Silverado build-and-price form has been updated so future buyers will only order correctly...
  2. This very good topic has gone sideways but it’s the best one I can find to announce that I’ve made my choice between the 5.3 and the 6.2… Six years ago I ordered and purchased a very well optioned GMC Sierra 1500 2wd V6 Z-71 w/20”s. It served me well for these six years. When I mat the pedal it never lets me down. I hold my own with the casual traffic light racers. It accelerates strongly to the 102mph limiter. 22.5 mpg over the last 40,000+ miles! …Still I remember the truck before, a 2014 Silverado single cab with the smaller rarer 4.7? V8. Same hp as my 2014 4.3 but the 2004 V8 was ridiculously fun and exciting. I miss the adrenalin rush of a strong V8. I remember frighteningly swift acceleration, having to let off for fear of imminent death. My V6 can’t provide that level of joy. The extra cost of the 6.2 option and premium fuel seems like a bargain for those who crave the rush. I’m ordering 2020 6.2 Silverado tomorrow. This is a stretch for me. I take performance-driving seriously but I also am a hyper-miler. I take great satisfaction from nursing a full size truck through 30+ miles on a gallon. I like running clean and efficient but I still enjoy prevailing at the local run-off.
  3. My 4.3 is still getting better and better since my post above from several years ago. This weekend I just beat my 25 mile record, achieving 33.8mpg on the expressway. I cruised at around 55mph in light traffic, partly in a construction zone. There are several methods to stretch the fuel, all requiring effort by the driver. My wife just drives it with no attempt to hyper-mile, gets 15-16mpg around town. My average over the last 26000mi is 22.2mpg which I'm also very pleased with. I can get the 25mi average up around 30mpg on back country hwys almost every time by cruising 55mph on the flats. I go a little faster down the hills, a little slower up them, using the cruise-control to + - one mph at a time.
  4. Hello Brian S, and regular visitors to GM-trucks.com/forums You make a valid point. Your math is correct. I am working hard to achieve an end. I should say your math is correct about the dollars per mile and the difference in dollars between driving styles. There is a bigger picture though, more at stake than my personal dollars. I operate my the mower that I mow my lawn with, the saws that I heat my house with, the motor vehicles that I transport with: in the most efficient way that I can. I know that lots of folks have not seen any connection between our personal transport choices and the world climate. I have done the math. I’m just saying that there is more at stake than a few dollars out of my or your wallet. If I can drive this truck more efficiently, I will. It is worth it. General Motors built in a bunch of features that make it easy to not waste fuel. I choose to take advantage of these features and to go beyond. I’m a truck guy. I like driving a pickup. This 2014 Sierra is my fifth pickup truck. I like to drive off-road. I like put the hammer down and rip. I like to do some big drifting, precision power-slides in the Michigan winter… Still, I make the choice to get that extra 1040 miles out of each 10 tankfulls. It is not easy to do, but it is easy for me to choose to do it. It has nothing to do with “a dollar a day” but you are correct about the fact that it is up to each of us to decide what matters. Please, Please, Please don’t interpret this post as my invitation to everyone to pile-on about your displeasure with the liberal mindset. We are truck folks, and the trucks are better than ever! I’m just a guy with a V6 GMC who speaks his mind and goes his own way.
  5. I work hard to average over 22mpg lifetime, 10 tankfulls in six months. My best 25mi average is 32.5mpg. The V6 is very efficient from 35-55mph. City stops-and-starts and expressway speeds are less conducive to high mpg. While I am far from the quoted 25.5mpg (no one on Fuelly.com is close either) these are some of the ways I get the most that I can out of each gallon. I like how the transmission back-drives the engine when decelerating so the fuel injectors can be turned off. I put the trans in N when I want to coast further without slowing down. I run almost 40 psi in my stock Good Year “off road” 20” tires. On the expressway I use the cruise-control but I press the decel-button several times as I climb inclines, and then add the speed back on mile-at-a-time on the way down the other side of hills. In heavier traffic on the expressway I’ve found it useful to set my cruise control at a lower-limit like 62mph. I then run the throttle with my foot but don’t have to worry about slowing down too much on hills because the cruise will kick in if I don’t react in time. The 2014 truck has another feature that works well with this strategy: In “settings” you can set a speed-alert. That is probably not the right term but it sounds an alarm when you go over a preset speed. I set that around 73mph to stop me from accidentally going faster than I need on the downhills. Having these lower and upper limits preset allows for easier driving and speed variation. I can run the throttle pedal with my foot, reacting to traffic and grade changes, but not have to worry about going too slow or too fast...
  6. Update on RX can I installed 1000 miles ago, page 2/ post 21 of this topic. I drained just over 2 ounces of oil. I'm really pleased with the RX product. The included bits and hose are spot-on. I think it should cost less but I would buy their can again. I have been dreaming of owning a direct-injected engine since I first read about the tech ten years ago. Making sure that minimal engine vent oil is being ingested is a natural upgrade for DI engines.
  7. I know that we all have our own unique sense of hearing, but I have to respectfully disagree. If you think HD radio sounds more compressed than XM, you have probably never heard HD radio. I'm no HD-radio fan boy. HDr has been frustrating for me. Like so many others, I keep experiencing the station going in and out of HD. This constant switching makes it worse than just listening to plain FM. But when I'm parked I tune in one of the two sub-channels of my only local HD station. This is some to the best listening I do anywhere, and I have an good home system. I'm picky about sound quality. To my ears, the order of sound-quality sources from best to worse: HD radio CD FM XM AM I know there are other sources. I just don't have any experience with them. I've been meaning to pick up an Ipod to load up with high bit-rate copies of my extensive CD collection. If I leave it plugged in, in my console, It might be just the thing to bring a selection of good sound-quality to my truck. Despite the poor sound quality of XM, I just subscribed for another year as my 3 month trial had ended. Elizabeth Cook on OutLaw Country is worth the whole cost to me.
  8. I had to change out all eight screws to longer ones when I added my drop-in bed liner. I went to Menards, the big-box home store, for stainless screws. The size is #8 sheet-metal. The tailgate actually has nice inserts for the screws to thread into. These insert-nuts are made to receive #8 sheet-metal screw.
  9. I'm always the first one off the line at red-lights and I get great mileage. For me it is sort of a game, both high mileage and not being left by traffic at a light. I accelerate fairly slowly so it seems even worse to my fellow drivers if I'm caught napping at a light. Two feet on the two pedals helps a lot. I am ready to go as soon as the light changes. I brake with my left always anyhow. I use enough power to make sure I get up to a higher gear in a short time span. The grade/incline of the road makes a big difference in what gear/speed I seek to reach. I accelerate smoothly but often more slowly than other vehicles. When I reach my target gear/speed I transition to maintaining that speed. This is usually a calculated choice to lift my right foot just enough to stop all further acceleration. I always tried to save fuel in my 2004 Silverado. It was frustrating and required ridiculous effort for small gains. These new DI trucks are well suited to stretching the fuel.
  10. Before you make that appointment, consider that the dash dimmer functions differently when the truck senses that it is dark out compared to when it thinks it is daylight. In evening light, or early morning, the dash dimmer seems to act erratically because it is switching from night-mode to daylight-mode.
  11. I installed the Rx Catch Can on my 2014 Sierra V6 at 4,000 mi. I havent checked it for oil yet, as I have not driven far. I will say that it has paid for itself already just by giving me peace-of-mind. The dirty-side pcv tube is on the drivers side. I removed this tube and hooked the included hose from the Rx can kit on to the factory hose fittings. I removed the throttle body to clean it and inspect for oil deposits inside the intake. You can see some gunk starting to build up on around the butterfly. Easily cleaned Having a helper with small hands might be helpful in swabbing out the intake. I actually got more oil from wrapping a wire loop with a rag. The hoses flow like this. I ran them up near the top edge of the firewall, then forward along the fender to the unused battery tray area. I put a longer bolt in the small diagonal support so I could sandwich the Rx bracket. I chose this location for cooler temp than near or behind engine, to improve condensation.
  12. I tried 93 octane in my 2014 4.3. What prompted me to try was lower-than-expected mileage on a long expressway trip. It is much more efficient at 51-55mph than on the Eway. I burned 4 tanks, over 2000 miles, of 93 octane. On the expressway it seemed to improve the mileage enough to offset the increased cost of fuel. For non-expressway driving it didn't offer much improvement. However, I really didn't look for better acceleration on 93. I've been satisfied with the power of my 4.3 but I am certain that fuel octane level alone won't produce near the power of my 2004 4.8 V8.
  13. Manual mode won't harm your trans. M5 will only prevent it from shifting to 6th, and keep your engine in V8 mode of course.
  14. Years ago I was disappointed in the Driver Information Center that came with my special-ordered 2004 Silverado. While I thought that it should have been better, I was more disappointed in myself for making assumptions instead of doing the research.
  15. Coasting in Neutral works great in my 2014 Sierra V6. The engine idles-down and the truck will coast further than any vehicle Ive ever driven, thanks to the new drag-free brake calipers. Ive had the truck for less than a month. At first I didnt like the way the trans backdrives the engine while coasting, in order to turn off the fuel injectors. Now I actually prefer it in some situations. In city traffic or any time I have to slow down without much advance warning it is very effective to leave it in Drive. The truck slows itself using some of the momentum energy that would have been turned into brake-heat. Leaving it in Drive can save fuel, save brake wear and make the truck just a little safer. Other times, when I am on a down-hill and trying to maintain or increase my speed in the most efficient manor, Neutral costing is very effective. The truck actually increases its speed on the way down a hill and coasts part way up the next hill. I put it back in Drive before it slows back down too much and motor on. For me, having the choice of two ways to coast is really better. The OP's engine should return to idle-speed when in Neutral. The only time Ive heard of an engine remaining revved while in neutral is in the case of some Toyota manual shift trans that keep the revs up to smooth manual gear changes.
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