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  1. When I get it back vibration free I'll report. A number of things have been done so far without success, I don't want to leave anyone hopefull.
  2. Same issue with mine (Samsung S4). Dealer did the firmware update last week, no improvement.
  3. I have medium to heavy acceleration vibration that occurs @ 20 mph which goes away once the trans shifts into third gear and what feels like out of balance tires/wheels @ 70 mph. It's been in 5 times up to this point without a resolution but the dealer who has very good up to this point will be replacing a major component.
  4. I also thought something was missing, some sharp dude must have thought to put "drain" holes in the cup holder?!?!
  5. Interesting, I guess having the ring and pinion replaced may not bring hope for me.
  6. Where did you end up with this? I'm going thru the exact same thing (backlash was checked and adjusted with ring and pinion next on the "lets try this" list).
  7. My voltage gauge typically reads a little over 14 volts (14.7) which is what I would expect. The other day I noticed it dropping down to a little over 13 volts. I verified with my Fluke and sure enough 13.5 volts. Is this normal on these trucks? It's usually >14 volts but for some reason I'm seeing it drop down at times.
  8. I just ordered a colored matched set, haven't gotten them yet. I didn't like the way the chrome ones looked, FYI I have a dark red Z71 without the chrome accents.
  9. I agree, very loud. (How am I supposed to sneak out of the house at night) LOL
  10. Another issue my truck is in for today. Most of my driving is 50-60 mph so I hear it everytime I drive.
  11. Mine is in right now for this reason, 2014 Z71, 3.42 rear. I'll let them figure it out but I found in the many posts about this that GM is attempting many things to try to resolve this.
  12. Swipe your finger to the left on your audio presets and more presets will appear. Lock your doors manually, push down the driver's door lock knob and all doors will lock.
  13. Thanks for this, I thought the same thing as you but was afraid to break something. I pulled it out and black rtv'd the slots on the back side of the rubber holder. I give it 1 week before I spill my coffee in the cup holders!
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