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  1. Also I have mentioned this forum to the service manager and engineers and they say you can't believe everything on here ...That a lot of people over exaggerate their issues... Really?? I don't kid about spending 40K and don't think anyone else would either!
  2. I understand that those of us having vibration issues would like to figure out what the problem is and have it resolved...But speaking for myself...I for one don't have the time to keep dealing with the dealerships..I have went beyond the dealers and talked to engineers and they have no clue.. we shouldn't have to figure out GM's problem. I think everyone has some good ideas as to what might be the problem or problems. And that's fantastic. I just want a truck that I like to drive and feel safe driving. I'm hoping the new tires will be the fix...But I'm not getting my hopes too high. I know t
  3. Ok I thought the shake and vibration was gone but it is still there. was supose to get a couple new tires a week and a half ago but have not heard from the dealer. this is the first new truck I have bought in 20 years and couldn't be more dissapointed. I had a 1996 chevy 1/2 ton basic model that was a good truck 200 thousand plus miles when I traded it in for the 2014 I have now....I'm convinced GM really is going down hill fast they don't seem to care. at my wits end. I have talked to person( I will not mention thier name) about it and they are somewhat of a big wig in GM and has knolwlege of
  4. Ok vibration was not gone after all. went to the dealer had a oil change and told them to balance and rotate tires. Done in 20 min. I said how could you have changed oil,balance wheels and rotated the wheels that fast?? They said oh" you wanted the tires balanced.... Manager please!! well they did it and found out that two tires were bad. The funny thing is they were trying to tell me that the vibration was coming from the rear... And i told them that they need to think about what they just did before balancing the wheels. They said oh" that's right we rotated the wheels didn't we? I'm not
  5. A new under the rear seat storage box for the new truck is on it's way!! Yay!! Thanks to my Son And wife. Getting Du Ha Brand hope it's all it says it is....and fits well too.
  6. This isn't the first time he has done this. he said he will always give them food but no money, just in case they want to buy drugs or booze... kinda smart on his part don't ya think ?
  7. Recently my son went on midnights at our local Kroger store, he noticed a homeless kid about 18-19 years old sleeping on the patio furniture in front of the store at about 5AM when he gets off. So my son went to McDonalds and brought him food this morning. As my son approached and woke him the kid says i'm sorry I will leave, thinking my son was there to tell him to leave. but instead he hands him the food and tells him to sit there and eat your food. my son said he was very grateful. These are the things that make me so proud of my son. Reassures me that he has been raised right..
  8. I thought I posted this once already, but must have not gone thru.. I have noticed that my antenna on my roof holds a lot of water between the antenna and roof. If I wiggle it water runs out. Just seems to me that this could be a problem down the road... Anyone else notice this on your truck??
  9. LOL sorry for the tent in tent post!! Didn't have enough coffee that morning.... but apparently every one knew what I meant. Thanks for all the links guys!!
  10. I have something like that in the rear bumper, I only notice it when I'm cleaning it.
  11. I seen a web site for truck stuff and seen they have tents that fit right in the back of your tent.. Looks pretty cool, they also have a air mattress that fits around your wheel humps too! Has anyone seen these or have one?
  12. Has anyone added a storage box under there rear 60/40 seat. OEM or after market? I need one and we have fathers day coming up and I thought it would be a great gift as I already have most all I need... No ties ,no shirts no more golfing stuff..Just want a storage box for my truck...
  13. Just curious, where was the defect on the bumper? Was it on the out side thin strip of chrome just above the corner step? and BTW... HNTD!!!! (Happy New Truck Day)
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