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  1. Following up here on my issue. I originally just pulled the fuse to check if it was blown and left it out for ~an hour, didn't bend the prongs, and the issue remained. Last week someone mentioned resetting the system, and I planned to do that this past weekend. We had been out of town for a week and I only drove the truck a couple times the prior week, so it sat for around 12 days. Came home Saturday night and was going to pull out of the garage and the truck was dead. No lights, no clicks, no nothing. I used jumper cables and a trickle charger, but neither helped. My dad brought over a jumper pack and was able to get it started - PLUS, the fwd collision alert was gone now. I let it run for like 30 min, which seems to have been enough to give it some juice back and have now been able to start/drive it normally. The light has stayed off all week and I've been able to use auto dim brights and lane keep assist like normal. I also emailed GM Customer Service who posts their offer to help, which resulted in them saying to take it to my dealer - so yeah. Just thought it was worth a try lol.
  2. Add mine to the list of affected trucks. 2022 refreshed TrailBoss LT and barely over 1k miles. I tried the fuse thing and the light was still on. Auto-high beams, lane keep assist don't work either. I haven't tried cruise control, which would be the only feature out of these that I care about. Super annoying for a brand new $65k truck to have this problem and I'm not sure if I'm relieved that so many of you also have it, or more annoyed.
  3. @z28tranz what steps do you have on that? I can't decide between the power steps or stationary ones and those look great.
  4. Here's my 6.2 Trailboss, my first non-white vehicle. Ordered March 31, delivered June 2. So far I've done 5% windows, ceramic windshield tint, and just finished installing the Borla S-type true duals. I love this thing! But I'm also super bummed about a dent and rock chip down to bare metal on day 2. A few inches behind the rear wheel and no idea how a rock did that on the highway when I was all alone. Oh well.
  5. They are slightly wider and shorter than my current Wildpeaks. Mine are 265/70/18 and his are 275/65/18, so it'll be close.
  6. Thank you! I forgot to mention the sales guy said they probably wouldn't fit from what he heard, but I was guessing he had it backwards.
  7. My neighbor got a new Trail Boss and aftermarket wheels, so he's going to sell me his factory black wheels for a great price. My 2014 is at factory ride height and I'm wondering if the wheels will fit properly? I searched and haven't found anything and I can't test it out because they're still at the dealership. Can anyone one help me out on this one?
  8. I doubt anything is bent, because swapping back to the factory pedal makes the light go away. I also disconnected the battery for a bit and that didn't solve it. I'll give it a couple days I guess and then try to return it edit: Oh, mine is the 5.3.
  9. So I just replaced my pedal and the dash says "engine power reduced"...great! This is just with the truck still in the garage and key switched on for lighting. Anybody else get that message after swapping? edit: after driving, the engine light is on, but no message. Driving seems fine but I just went around the block. I'll probbapy swap back until I get more info.
  10. Bumping for an update. Considering this or Blackbear for mine.
  11. In the middle of typing my reply, yours popped up. Exactly what I had to do.
  12. All you have to do is take out like 4 screws holding the fan in place in the passenger footwell. I had to do this last time I replaced it. One leaf was causing the noise. I only replaced 3 of the screws because one was at a weird angle and stripped the head of it.
  13. I can't believe how much play some of you guys have in this assembly. Mine is fully seated against the floor and has no flex. I watched a few videos to confirm what I was looking for and it doesn't exist on my 2014 with non adjustable pedals. I still have crappy throttle response, though.
  14. I've been anxious to try this fix to cure what I think is crappy throttle response. I just started looking at the videos posted and mine doesn't move like that. It's fully seated against the floor/firewall area. I can pull out on the whole assembly and the pedal moves up with it. So I think there's an unfortunate group who have this bracket/assembly bent or warped, so it flexes down where it should be with any pressure. Kinda bummed, because I wanted to do this fix and gain some throttle response.
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