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  1. They are slightly wider and shorter than my current Wildpeaks. Mine are 265/70/18 and his are 275/65/18, so it'll be close.
  2. Thank you! I forgot to mention the sales guy said they probably wouldn't fit from what he heard, but I was guessing he had it backwards.
  3. My neighbor got a new Trail Boss and aftermarket wheels, so he's going to sell me his factory black wheels for a great price. My 2014 is at factory ride height and I'm wondering if the wheels will fit properly? I searched and haven't found anything and I can't test it out because they're still at the dealership. Can anyone one help me out on this one?
  4. I doubt anything is bent, because swapping back to the factory pedal makes the light go away. I also disconnected the battery for a bit and that didn't solve it. I'll give it a couple days I guess and then try to return it edit: Oh, mine is the 5.3.
  5. So I just replaced my pedal and the dash says "engine power reduced"...great! This is just with the truck still in the garage and key switched on for lighting. Anybody else get that message after swapping? edit: after driving, the engine light is on, but no message. Driving seems fine but I just went around the block. I'll probbapy swap back until I get more info.
  6. Bumping for an update. Considering this or Blackbear for mine.
  7. In the middle of typing my reply, yours popped up. Exactly what I had to do.
  8. All you have to do is take out like 4 screws holding the fan in place in the passenger footwell. I had to do this last time I replaced it. One leaf was causing the noise. I only replaced 3 of the screws because one was at a weird angle and stripped the head of it.
  9. I can't believe how much play some of you guys have in this assembly. Mine is fully seated against the floor and has no flex. I watched a few videos to confirm what I was looking for and it doesn't exist on my 2014 with non adjustable pedals. I still have crappy throttle response, though.
  10. I've been anxious to try this fix to cure what I think is crappy throttle response. I just started looking at the videos posted and mine doesn't move like that. It's fully seated against the floor/firewall area. I can pull out on the whole assembly and the pedal moves up with it. So I think there's an unfortunate group who have this bracket/assembly bent or warped, so it flexes down where it should be with any pressure. Kinda bummed, because I wanted to do this fix and gain some throttle response.
  11. Also skeptical and looking at mine this weekend. If true, I can't believe I've ignored these posts for so long.
  12. I'm hopping on this bandwagon. Turned it off several times that last few days, but was mostly highway driving. It did seem to coast better with GB off, but that's about all I noticed and wasn't impressed. Then today on the way to work I wanted to test acceleration/shifting. With GB off and cruising like 65 I hammered it and accelerated quick and crisp like it should. This has been an area that I've been very disappointed with and wish I had the better gearing for it from the factory. So to double check, I turned GB on/off and tried it both ways several more times with the same speed and RPM to start. It most definitely shifts better and faster for me with GB off. With it on, the trans would search for gear and the lag was awful, as usual. Hopefully I can keep remembering to do this when I start the truck and just have it become a habit.
  13. Mine does this without a/c on. Just noticed it during a 12 hour road trip.
  14. Yeah I think I'll be hanging back on this recall for awhile.
  15. Does this only happen when you start driving, or have you heard it while stationary? When I go down to my garage to get something out of my truck, I'll open the door and hear this metal ping sound. I can't decide if it's the same as yours or maybe the leaf spring bolts needing to be tightened like others talk about.
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