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  1. Which system/muffler do you have?
  2. Reduced power after new intake

    Did you clean the sensor before re-installing it?
  3. I appreciate the insight. It is definitely going to be a challenge. I don't like to cut corner's and I am one who knows to do it right the first time. Too many times redoing something I should have done in the first place so i don't do it anymore.
  4. Yes! Landscaping is going to be one of my bigger tasks to accomplish. My yard is a mess and doesn't have much grass so I am trying to reseed but the weather hasn't cooperated much. I will need to change up the retaining wall as well and looking to add onto the back patio and get rid of some of the grass/dirt that doesn't get much sun so it doesn't grow well. It's going to be a lot of time and money i have a feeling, but in the end looking to add a shed, gazebo, and fire pit. Should look good and raise the value. It will all be a learning experience for sure.
  5. I agree. I recently took a trip with two large coolers loaded with beer and ice and some other gear and the ride was much better. A lot less rebound on bumps.
  6. I will use 4auto as well in the rain at times. This is only the case when turning from a side street into a heavy traffic road. It's not fun losing traction during rush hour.
  7. FYI, this was posted in the wrong section I believe. I doubt you get many hits in the garage & Home section. I would move to the designated truck section or modification section. It gets more traffic.
  8. Can't say I am a fan.
  9. Sometimes it is a battery/wiring issue. You might check those first to ensure good connections. As far as towing vs driving, that's your call and your money (potentially). I would like to say that this should be covered under the powertrain, but we know how stealerships work. Good luck.
  10. I have not. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Moved to St Charles county. I am in a subdivision, but no idea what it is called honestly. Assuming you are out by Wright city or Foristell?
  12. Well I closed and signed my life away. The place was nasty. I don't think they ever cleaned, and for sure never deep cleaned. 4 people cleaned for 2 days. At least it is done now. I don't know how some people live. Lesson learned, pay a cleaning company the money when you move in. It is worth it.
  13. Since it was still working, it isn't something they are asked to replace.

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