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  1. Pandora Issue 2014 Silverado

    Same thing here. Running Moto X4. It was totally fine then all the sudden so I also thought it was probably the update. Hoping the next update fixes it but none of the old tricks you mentioned are working for me either. ugh. I think I'll send the developer an email through the app store and maybe they can fix the glitch.
  2. you might be able to get it on from the top side if you have someone with small hands/arms that can get behind there. Slide it under the metal slider bracket and over the loop and snap it on. but if you have no noise it doesn't matter. I've had one of those pieces in my console for a couple years lol can't remember if you get more clearance behind the seat when it's up or down, i think up. the other way you can't even get a hand back there.
  3. What should I use on door seals?

    Make sure the latches are lubed as well. A lot of plastic parts in there. I had a squeak coming from the back of the crew cab it took me quite awhile to figure out and that's what it turned out to be. it would only happen if you hit bumps a certain way.
  4. wonder if he typed that backwards...my 2014 limits at 98.
  5. Interior creak

    some older threads on that. I was using a file on the latch too but it kept coming back eventually. finally put some black duct tape on the inside of the lower piece the lid latch goes into and that has lasted the best.
  6. Anyone Driven Pikes Peak?

    Personally, I'd do Mt Evans instead of Pikes Peak just due to the tourist factor, but of course Pikes is the famous one. They chopped off the top and put a parking lot with gift shop and restaurant on Pikes. Mt Evans is more rustic I guess. Park near the top then take a short hike. Talking May you definitely have to keep an eye on the conditions if you are talking something like the trails down around Lake city like Wager Gulch. We haven't had great snowpack this year but May is pretty early, could easily not be passable all the way to the town.
  7. that looks like someone with a buffer got too aggressive. is it on both? or maybe if others have it, it is a manufacturing issue. I'd probably try to get them to replace it, looks scratched.
  8. Bad vent smell after starting up

    Definitely, I had a big nest in mine. Dead mouse is a pretty distinctive smell lol
  9. Hill descent control

    I wrote that yesterday and wasn't signed in and it got lost LOL......if you like your truck don't worry about it, you aren't missing anything. Not to devalue the feeling of getting mislead about what it was, but as far as the truck you won't miss the HDC. It works totally spotty and I don't trust it, old-school using 4lo is better. I've only used it a handful of times to play with it around Moab, and I offroad quite a bit. It needs to be improved for sure. The other poster was talking about grade braking, which is often confused with hill descent control. HDC is low speed off road or short icy stretch down a bad driveway or something, grade braking you'll still have and is used when going down a long highway descent type stretch, so that's why it helps when towing. Uses the engine and lower gears to maintain speed instead of frying the brakes.
  10. Mildew smell

    I'd get an odd smell occasionally when I first turn it on, took it in for scheduled maintenance/recalls a couple days ago, had a nice mouse nest buried back inside the vents/cabin filter. Maybe something crawled in there while you were parked.
  11. Better tire choice for stock

    another vote for the Defenders. they will do everything you need them to do other than look cool ;-)
  12. Creaking center arm rest?

    center console here, consistent problem, it's in the latch. at first I took a file and took a bit off the latch and that would work for awhile, but then I ended up lining the receiver part with black duct tape and that's done the trick. It kept making me think it was on the edges or somewhere else but it always came back to the latch. Pretty much anywhere plastic hits plastic on this truck will creak at some point.
  13. Hill decent control

    Try it out and see what you think but I'm with SSG85...the thing is a clicking, ticking, jerking mess. And I've had it turn itself off in the middle of a hill more than once. Went back to just old school using 4 low if I need that kind of control on a descent. Idea is good, but it needs some work. it would be interesting to find out how it compares to Toyota's.
  14. prehistoric silverado

    ha, hey I've been to that place!
  15. whats everyone doing for flag poles

    no idea....the sides are a bit slanted and then you have the curve of the sides to the bed. I rough cut mine then hit the ends with a sander to get it just right. Cut the bottom corners at a 45 so I didn't have to mess with the curve. Then I painted it with some house paint I had around. It will definitely stay in there nice and tight and snug without any help with the slant of the bed sides providing compression if you cut/sand/trial and error it down to fit your truck.

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