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  1. I can top that.....I went through one in my truck and one of the brushes actually came off the metal pole that they are mounted to. So I got to sit there and listen to the spinning metal rod go thwack, thwack, thwack all along the truck. Their insurance covered it to the tune of about $2k. Several cars got hit before it was figured out and shut down. Usually those signs they hang say no damage covered for accessories or antennas, things sticking off your car. There's no way they could claim no damages covered if they were negligent, as they were in my case.
  2. 2014 here...I never thought the range on the fob was all that great. I'll be bummed when my 5 years is up this summer. Totally agree, they should have a basic plan for under $5, otherwise not worth it.
  3. you mentioned two kids, plus a couple dogs and maybe a wife thrown in there....you might want to consider a crew.
  4. I use dryer sheets in my camper and they seem to work. Steel wool is also real good if it's a certain opening they are trying to get through. I've definitely had them build nests on top of the cabin filter. Not fun having to take the air compressor in there and stuff blowing off out the vents all over the place! Peppermint oil sounds like a 2-fer....cabin will smell minty fresh! I'll have to try that one.
  5. Probably that flapper valve in the exhaust. You'll find some threads on a search. You can take a small c-clamp and clamp it open and then see if it keeps doing it so you'll know if it's something else. It's normal but if it bothers you you can leave it clamped that's what I did.
  6. I thought the update this week broke it again but I checked the release notes and they said if you are running Oreo or later the Launch by Car will be turned off. So I had to manually go into the settings under advanced and turn it back on to get running again. just fyi.. sometimes when mine is sketchy all I do is change the input (like double click up with my left steering wheel finger button to select a radio preset) then hit the pandora icon again on the screen and it will boot up. that works when it doesn't automatically start when the car does.
  7. I updated the app after seeing your post earlier and mine worked tonight too! Ahhhhh And then TMobile had a deal today for customers for a free year of Pandora plus, sitting pretty! Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  8. No joy here on the update Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  9. I got the same thing....they replied and asked for a bunch of build info and then I sent it to them and they said they were aware and working on it. Seemed good they were at least trying to get it to work but it's still not fixed yet. Agreed its a pandora issue that happened on the last update. especially since we are all on different phones/android builds. I think Bill has the right idea rolling back to the previous version. I was just hoping they would roll out an update quickly and fix it. I mean, I think we all know pandora isn't the greatest but it's fine. it's just so dang convenient to use the app and controls on the truck without manually doing anything on the phone. I only started using it once I bought the truck for that feature. if I have to switch to only using the manual streaming then sure I'd use spotify or google play music more. it's just more of a hassle. first world problems to be sure.
  10. Same thing here. Running Moto X4. It was totally fine then all the sudden so I also thought it was probably the update. Hoping the next update fixes it but none of the old tricks you mentioned are working for me either. ugh. I think I'll send the developer an email through the app store and maybe they can fix the glitch.
  11. you might be able to get it on from the top side if you have someone with small hands/arms that can get behind there. Slide it under the metal slider bracket and over the loop and snap it on. but if you have no noise it doesn't matter. I've had one of those pieces in my console for a couple years lol can't remember if you get more clearance behind the seat when it's up or down, i think up. the other way you can't even get a hand back there.
  12. Make sure the latches are lubed as well. A lot of plastic parts in there. I had a squeak coming from the back of the crew cab it took me quite awhile to figure out and that's what it turned out to be. it would only happen if you hit bumps a certain way.
  13. some older threads on that. I was using a file on the latch too but it kept coming back eventually. finally put some black duct tape on the inside of the lower piece the lid latch goes into and that has lasted the best.
  14. Personally, I'd do Mt Evans instead of Pikes Peak just due to the tourist factor, but of course Pikes is the famous one. They chopped off the top and put a parking lot with gift shop and restaurant on Pikes. Mt Evans is more rustic I guess. Park near the top then take a short hike. Talking May you definitely have to keep an eye on the conditions if you are talking something like the trails down around Lake city like Wager Gulch. We haven't had great snowpack this year but May is pretty early, could easily not be passable all the way to the town.
  15. that looks like someone with a buffer got too aggressive. is it on both? or maybe if others have it, it is a manufacturing issue. I'd probably try to get them to replace it, looks scratched.
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