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  1. Will have to bring it in and see if they can find anything. Will look at the timing cover.
  2. I have a 2014 Silverado crew cab 5.3 with 19000 miles. I had my oil change last Thursday and ever since then I have been having periods of burnt oil smell come through the AC vents after driving and stopping. It is only when coming to a stop after I have been driving some. Even as little as 10 miles. It was strong at first then it seems to be lesser and lesser but it is still there even today. Here is the mystery. There is absolutely no oil anywhere in the engine compartment or under the car no leaks, drips, dribbles, drops nada absolutely nothing. I have had it on my lift two times and there is absolutely nothing that I could see, feel or even smell. After driving 110 miles i stopped and smelled the burnt oil smell out of AC vents and immediately opened hood and smelled as well as looked and there is not even a wafer of scent of oil. Any Ideas? Oil level is same every time i check it there is no drips on my drive way no oil on bottom of engine or transmission. Anyone else have this issue or any experience as to what it could be. also note I idled it in my drive way for about 25 minutes checking various things and having AC on and nothing not even a hint of smell of oil.... confused to say the least.
  3. Was covered in another topic but here is the link with the perfect match for my 2014. Gloss white aluminum by 3m. http://www.metrorestyling.com/3M-1080-G120-Gloss-White-Aluminum-Vinyl-Wrap-p/gloss1080g120.htm Bought some myself and it is spot on perfect. Credit goes to Tim99GT for the find
  4. Here is video Exhaust.0001.wmv Exhaust.0001.wmv Exhaust.0001.wmv Exhaust.0001.wmv
  5. I have a low resistance glasspack. I love it, it sounds great and better yet it was free... By brother in law has a shop and had two of them he put one on his and mine. The exact name is a unknown to me it was a performance racing glasspack is what i was told. Nevertheless I love it and it sounds MEAN. Its turned down before the axle. The drone is only bad at 70-75+ on the highway. I know what others are saying about the copper behind you. But honestly where i live, it may kick in to 4cy mode half a dozen times but quickly comes out of it because of the terrain or traffic. I live in east Texas, not alot of flat roads and when i commute to work not alot of chances over 75 mph becuase fo traffic either. Honestly i dont see what the big fuss about the drone is but im not an exhaust guy i am a speaker guy so i can relate to people having their preferences of sounds. I can take some pics of what was done if you want to see how it was done.
  6. Yes they are 899 plus tax. I will be waiting on getting them now.
  7. HOLY SMOKES BATMAN 500 bucks for led taillights..... sheesh they are proud arnt they?
  8. Does the tune in fact void the warranty?
  9. yea I had some recons in a 2009 but i was thinking of saving some money and just buy some good quality LED bulbs to put in. But i have to say i have seen some pretty cool LED replacements. I just dont know what options will look good for my truck. I dont like the blackout but i was looking into the lightly smoked one.
  10. haha i guess some people think they are funny as some people actually understood what i was talking about. Im talking about the chrome, smoke, color matched, etc. I KNOW the LIGHTS have to red/ amber per the law but i'm talking about the housing and lenses and plastic covers ....examples below. Thanks for the sarcastic comments though i chuckled at a few.
  11. What color taillight lenses match best with the silver ice metallic paint job?
  12. May i ask which 7 watt led you use? i am looking for a bright reverse LED
  13. May i ask where you are getting yours retrofitted at? I notice you are from Texas.
  14. Does anyone know the quality of the ANZO headlights and taillights? I want to go ahead but dont want to waste my money on something i will have to replace in a year. I bought recons in the past but they have blown me out of their price point with 1k for headlights....
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