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  1. Just piggyback another switch in parallel. I wouldn't worry about the override for park. Just put the truck in part while you are doing it.
  2. Another vote for Covercraft. Worth every penny.
  3. I prefer the center for the child seat. It IS the safest, but what if you have multiple children? ONE of them will have to be on the outside, or you need to take multiple cars. My daughter is 7 and she sits in the passenger side rear seat on a booster. When she was in a reverse carseat, I put her in the middle seat of my Suburban, but my wife's Enclave has Captains Chairs in the second row, so she always sat on the passenger side. My point is, YES, the center is the safest and preferred, but all things must be considered when placing the seat.
  4. I'd take it back to the dealer. Have you had any water come inside? Sounds like the drain to the A/C may be plugged and not letting the condensation out of the cab. Then it sits and starts to smell. I agree with O_J - Fix the cause, then treat the smell.
  5. We only have one kid, but you're exactly right - She feels comfortable with the shorter front, overall length, etc. She doesn't want a mini-van, but the just make so much damned sense. The Enclave is essentially a pregnant car, as is a Minivan. It's no more truck than an Impala. Plus, the sliding doors on a van are MUCH easier to get kids and their crap in and out of and they ride great for our 2,000 mile round trips from Houston to Illinois and back....
  6. We have an Enclave and while the MPG is NOT as good now 7 years later as it was, it's still ahead of Tahoe territory. And, one of the best things about the car for my wife was that it was nearly the size of the Tahoe, but was front wheel drive, drove like a car, and didn't intimidate her. We're not small people, so the reduction in size of these will push to the Tahoe/Suburban in the future. Or <gasp> a mini-van.
  7. Exactly. How much actual "bodywork" with Bondo gets done anymore. If this was a steel fender it would simply be replaced as the aluminum one will.
  8. Just installed mine last weekend. Nice unit. However, this doesn't replace a "holster" or some other system for quick access. I will only use mine when my firearm needs to stay in the truck and I have to hand the vehicle to someone else (dealership, tire store, detailer, etc.).
  9. I wish I would have known this color was available in 2016, I would have held out. This is EXACTLY what I wanted...
  10. Trying something new today. I usually leave the windows down 2"-3" to let the heat out of the truck. This may give them enough room to deform in the heat, so I'll check that variable by leaving them up today. Kinda defeats the entire purpose of having them for me, but I'll at least know.
  11. Yep, I installed them exactly as instructed. But, when the truck sits in my work parking lot, with ambient 98F, it bounces back every time...
  12. My Weathertech units do the same. When cold, they work fine. However, once they sit in the sun and swell, the window bounces back. I'd be interested if there is a way to recalibrate them as well.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I don't think it's real leather, that I'm pretty certain of. However, since I am sure my leg will continue to rub, I'm looking for ideas to toughen up that area. I don't think I can say I'll never have anything in my left pocket, so I need to take preventative steps.
  14. So, I'm a big fella and my left leg presses against the armrest while driving. APPARENTLY, the Magpul case on my iPhone has been digging into the armrest leather and, well, you can see the result. Any thoughts on my options? From what I can see you can't just buy the armrest, you need to purchase the entire panel (~$300). I've tossed around the idea of an aluminum angle trim to both cover the tears as well as prevent it in the future - I would do the same to the other side just for balance. However, I don't have the skills or the creativity to know what type of trim, what's available, etc. So I'm asking for guidance. 2014 High Country if it matters. Thanks, JP
  15. Which is what I'll need to do because I want to add the power tailgate lock.... Wish I would have caught it when I first bought the truck.
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