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  1. Power Stop Brakes

    im running Z36 on my 14 and i love them. So much better than stock. only put them on 10k ago but no issues.
  2. 2014 third brake light

    shameless daily bump
  3. 2014 third brake light

    anyone looking for factory 3rd brake light. It did leak at some point but im sure a new seal could be made. Has LED bulbs for brake and reverse. Just asking $15 for shipping and its yours.
  4. HELP! fog light issue

    UPDATE: There were no pinched wires anywhere so it has to be a bad internal ground. I filed a claim with Paypal as the seller was unresponsive, got a refund, and bought a second set (because i don't know how to cut my losses). The set comes with a relay, inline fuse, and switch. It's also has a factory plug. The fuse in the wiring that came with the kit is 30A. That can only be because it uses heavier gauge wiring right? No reason the stock wiring and 10A fuse can't run LED lights? They should be lower load than the factory halogens.
  5. Wrapping the full truck

    our trucks aren't very curvy so what the truck adds in material cost it saves in labor in terms of stretching to match contours.
  6. Wrapping the full truck

    if you wanted to do satin black i recommend looking into plastidip. Its basically a sprayable wrap. Much cheaper too.
  7. WTS passenger side tail light

    bump. 50$ shipped.
  8. ORL-capable OEM headlight switches for sale

    Wasn't aware this was one of his gems... damn tempting. My wife would kill me, because i sure as hell would be clicking buy on the light bar next hahahaha
  9. ORL-capable OEM headlight switches for sale

    damn... tempting and i don't even have a bar yet. How hard is it to wire the accessory light to this switch?
  10. WTS passenger side tail light

    Passenger side tail light off a 2014. Great shape. No this isn't a dupe, i have another one lol. $75 shipped obo.
  11. Front Camera

    has anyone tried on a 14 or 15 yet?
  12. Disappointed with 2019

    ive been a chevy guy my whole life.. but... 2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-High-Country-Interior-2018-Detroit-Auto-Show-001-Interior-Overview-1024x683 (1).webp 2019_ford_f-150_limited_6 (1).jpg&dim=2560x1440&make=ford
  13. Disappointed with 2019

    quiet fitting. Its garbage compared to ram and ford.
  14. Disappointed with 2019

    whens the last time you looked at the ram pricing? Bc you are way off there. But it's a lot easier for Ram to work out a rattle than to get around the crap interior GM gave us.

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