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  1. WTS G2 Caliper paint

    bump... $25 shipped
  2. WTS G2 Caliper paint

    bump... anyone want?
  3. Waxed the truck and....

    where are you located? could it have jusst been a dusting of pollen or dirt or dust that settled over night?
  4. WTS G2 Caliper paint

    WTS G2 caliper paint kit - silver. Paid $50 but changed my mind and don't want to use it. $30 shipped.
  5. Which brakes to buy...

    i used the power stop and they were very much worth it.
  6. Tungsten Metallic Color Match Project

    it gets rock chips but no more than the metal parts. i just touch up every other wash or so.
  7. Wheel Deals?

  8. i have a couple old coke machines from the 60s
  9. Help!! Bought a truck tonight!

    im sorry idk why i read snow plow in the OP.
  10. Help!! Bought a truck tonight!

    i also can't find a combination on GMC.com that allows a 6.2l with the snow plow prep pkg.
  11. Help!! Bought a truck tonight!

    so are you saying the truck was built wrong? or you made a mistake? Im guessing it's a crew cab?
  12. Tungsten Metallic Color Match Project

    just realized i never updated here. The color match is officially complete. Currently selling the truck but if i don't get what i want out of it in the next month she's getting an altitude adjustment.
  13. my 14 had a leak.. replaced the tail light and it fixed it. Im pretty sure it's a known issue with the tail lights.
  14. My K2 may be gone forever

    damn man glad your ok.

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