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  1. Disappointed with 2019

    ive been a chevy guy my whole life.. but... 2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-High-Country-Interior-2018-Detroit-Auto-Show-001-Interior-Overview-1024x683 (1).webp 2019_ford_f-150_limited_6 (1).jpg&dim=2560x1440&make=ford
  2. Disappointed with 2019

    quiet fitting. Its garbage compared to ram and ford.
  3. Disappointed with 2019

    whens the last time you looked at the ram pricing? Bc you are way off there. But it's a lot easier for Ram to work out a rattle than to get around the crap interior GM gave us.
  4. MontyUSAs 18LT Z71 BDS Build

    looks good but is it just me or is there a TON of rake?
  5. HELP - headlight condensation

    which do you think is better? the goretex or the screw valves?
  6. HELP - headlight condensation

    definitely something i can do, a little larger a job than i had in mind. Do you think adding additional sealant around the outside of the seam without opening them would work?
  7. HELP - headlight condensation

    i was thinking of grabbing a few of these (https://www.theretrofitsource.com/bolt-on-breather-vent.html) sealing off the old (3) vents and drilling 2 or 3 of these onto each headlight. obviously getting them completely dry first.
  8. HELP - headlight condensation

    the headlights do have 3 vents on them already... do you think i should block those off and do these goretex patches?
  9. HELP - headlight condensation

    ill certainly give those a try. They look just like the OEM 14-15 LTZ headlights
  10. I have the worst luck with lights ever. So long story short. I bought eagle eye headlights from a user here. Finally installed them a month or two later... all was good. went to the beach, got home, and was flushing the undercarriage with a sprinkler. BOOM fogging. I used a heat gun to get rid of it but it came right back. Took headlights off and i had a cup worth of water in them. Must have shot straight up a vent when i used the sprinkler. I got all the water out... left them open next to a dehumidifier over night and then strapped some silica packets to the inside to absorb any residual moisture. Now less than a week later im getting fogging again. When there was water inside i rolled it around to try to see if there was a leak anywhere else and i couldn't find anything. Its easy enough to pop the lights back out, is there any good way to determine exactly whats causing this?
  11. Air LIft - Installed

    ive been debating getting a set. More for load leveling when the bed is full than towing. interesting that the ride got better
  12. WTS 2014-15 Silverado Head Lights

    bump... $50 each.. free shipping if you buy the pair
  13. My 2014 Tungsten Before and After

    yea all good. "like a rock" right
  14. My 2014 Tungsten Before and After

    there were a couple bumps in the road to get here too. At least i know she can take a hit.
  15. its been a long time coming but im very close now. Lift and tires planned for next spring then she's done (for now).

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