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  1. my 14 had a leak.. replaced the tail light and it fixed it. Im pretty sure it's a known issue with the tail lights.
  2. My K2 may be gone forever

    damn man glad your ok.
  3. WTS Fumoto oil valve

  4. WTS Fumoto oil valve

    bump... haven't heard back from the mud lover.
  5. WTS Fumoto oil valve

    i know lol... no one wants though
  6. Is the Trail boss a bad deal?

    same way in that a ZL1 is a "bad" deal vs a regular ss... or the hellcat is a "bad" deal vs a SRT. You could mod the cheaper ones to make more power and handle better far cheaper than buying the others. But you lose out on a factory warranty and then you have to do all the work. purely buyer preference
  7. WTS Fumoto oil valve

    bumpity bump bump
  8. WTS Fumoto oil valve

    its in the pic F107N if the extension p/n is needed its ADP-107
  9. Gotta be it. The wheel should take that off easy
  10. WTS Fumoto oil valve

  11. WTS Fumoto oil valve

    Have a Fumoto oil valve with extension, 3 extra washer seals, and extra safety clip, and just over 2 ft of clear tubing. Planned on putting it on the next oil change to make future ones easier and cleaner but im selling the truck so this will likely be my last oil change. $25 shipped.
  12. WTS 2014-15 Silverado Head Lights

    no more extra rear caps but could easily tape over the HID hole if you remove the HIDs.
  13. WTS 2014-15 Silverado Head Lights

    bump. Anyone need?
  14. WTS factory ORL switch

    Factory ORL switch - blue light. Decided to go a different route and no need for this. $20 shipped. I paid $28
  15. HELP - Loose tail light bulb

    that's a good call... not sure why i didn't think of that

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