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  1. WTS Factory Intake setup

    bump, since im breaking it apart if anyone needs any one component let me know.
  2. How’s everyone’s intakes doing? I’m approaching 80k miles and weighing doing a mechanical cleaning. I think a Crc or Seafoam is out of the question as I had a cat issue when I did it at 30k and haven’t done it since. Trucks running fine. Share any deposit pics you might have with mileage.
  3. WTS Factory Intake setup

    pm sent
  4. WTS Factory Intake setup

    Have my factory intake setup from my 2014 1500 (5.3) sitting around collecting dust. Anyone need? Anyone selling or trading in a truck with a CAI and want to recoup some of the cost. Shoot me a message if interested. Posted on eBay as well.
  5. HELP - TPMS issue

    anyone know if theres a way to get only 3 of 4 to learn? i lost monitoring on all when i tried to re-learn. I have a replacement sensor just waiting till i need tires to install it.
  6. WTB Range AFM

    ended up ordering a tuner.
  7. WTB Range AFM

    kicking myself for not getting one when they were on woot. Anyone sell or trade their truck recently and looking to get rid of one? Or any good deals out there?
  8. WTS: Third Cat

    Removed the 3rd cat on my 2014 1500. Shoot me an offer if you need one.
  9. 50 HP! ;)

    nope i have mine vertically on the windshield +70HP
  10. Gorilla Locking Lug Nut Set (Black) *SOLD*

    awesome thanks.
  11. Gorilla Locking Lug Nut Set (Black) *SOLD*

    whats the diameter of the tool? interested but need to make sure the tool fits with my wheels
  12. 50 HP! ;)

    no no no its 25 hp when mounted in the lower corner. you are correct with the 50 under the brake light.
  13. Kleinn air horn install gm1500-230

    really REALLY REHEHEHEALLY wish this fit on the 14s
  14. reading comprehension not great there hahahahaha. yea so even more so be prepped to stay with the truck if you had to. Box of hand warmers might be good, space blankets etc.
  15. well since you're moving to FL no more worries about winter hahaha. I keep just about everything in my truck. Store it all in an underseat storage. Tow ropes, flares, paracord, first aid, rain gear, small shovel, box of 9mm (the gun is always on my person), a couple MREs, etc. I plan to be able to stay with the truck for a couple of days if need be.

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