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  1. Who Has The Highest Mileage On Their 14+?

    That's a very good point. And a catch can package is around that same price so in that scenario, you've spent the same amount of money either way. Assuming everyone without a catch can sees this kind of longevity, really the only argument for the catch can at that point is it prevents any reduction in engine performance leading up to the time of the walnut blasting service. But from a strictly dollars standpoint, it looks like it could be a wash.
  2. Who Has The Highest Mileage On Their 14+?

    While I am one of the guys that spent the money on a catch can, reading this post is awesome even if it means I wasted my money on the can. Hopefully we continue to see this kind of longevity in these engines.
  3. My truck doesn't have an autodimming rearview mirror

    Good grief what kind of a freak truck did you find? haha. It's half High Country half WT
  4. Catch cans

    Yeah they are. I think mine was $299 when I bought it in 2014
  5. Passenger Bucket seat rattle

    My 2007 Silverado had a horrible squeak from the passenger seat under the same circumstances you describe...unoccupied, bumpy road, etc. I mentioned it at my oil change and the they fixed it. I don't remember what they did but there was a service bulletin out that addressed the problem and they were able to easily correct it. Never had a problem with it again for the remaining 5 or 6 years I had it. I would mention it to your tech at the next service and see what they can do.
  6. Catch cans

    Haven't read the whole thread to see if it was posted yet, but RX is still in business and can be found here: http://teamrxp.com/ The RX can and the Elite E2 are essentially identical. I would buy one of those and go with whatever has the better price at the time of purchase.
  7. BG44K fuel additive

    I just did a BG flush on my truck as well. 53,000 miles. I have not used the fuel additive for reasons stated above about not cleaning the valves. But I have done 2 BG induction cleanings right around the time I installed my oil catch can thinking that the cleanings would make the valves close to new and the catch can would prevent an future building. I also use top tier shell gasoline exclusively to cut down on engine deposits. From my experience, BG products are great. If I were going to use any type of a fuel additive, it would be BG followed by Techron.
  8. Battery Replacement

    Correct the metal cross bars, whatever you want to call them, come out with the removal of 4 bolts.....1 bolt at the fender, 1 bolt near the windshield, 1 bolt where the two crossbars intersect, and 1 bolt at the bottom of the vertical metal bar near the bottom of the battery. As for that black box that sits on top of the battery, I didn't do anything with that like the guy in the video did as far as removing cables that attach within the box. I simply disconnected the black negative cable, and then disconnected the main red terminal cable and the block box on top went with it. The black box sort of clips into place on top of the battery...it's pretty simple to remove and put back. You'll see what I'm talking about when you go to do it. Just remember to remove the metal cross bars first, and then you can disconnect the battery cables and push them out of the way.
  9. Skimped on interior

    Yep they're driving customers to those bigger trucks and more expensive trim levels. It's all marketing to generate $$$$$. I'd argue a good majority of silverado owners want, at a minimum, the 5.3 V8. So by not offering that in the regular cab, they can sell more of the bigger cab trucks assuming a customer is willing to pay up a little to get the V8. Also, consider that marketing isn't just commercials on TV and highway billboards. It's also the trucks you see on the road every day driving around. So if they can help generate more customers of the larger cab trucks, they create a bigger presence on the road of those bigger trucks. So when Joe Somebody is driving around in his Hyundai Santa Fe dreaming of buying a truck, he's more likely to see that LTZ Crew Cab next to him at the intersection than he is a regular cab. I could be off, but that's my assessment of why they do it. And the other manufacturers are doing the same thing. It's business.
  10. Battery Replacement

    Yeah I guess that makes sense. It's interesting actually that my comment has been resurrected because I just replaced the battery in my 2014 last month. It took me 45 minutes but it is doable yourself. The hardest part to deal with is the size of the battery....you can't just lift it and set it in place because the coolant expansion tank is in the way. You have to turn the batter on it's side, then angle it into the location by inserting it in a direction toward the passenger seat to clear the expansion tank and get it into the hole, then you can rotate the battery back to the upright/vertical position and set it down all the way. Here's a good YouTube video on it:
  11. diesel for 19

    So what would be a good reason to get the diesel engine? Like outside of an enthusiast that loves trucks, which consumer should this be targeted at? Someone who tows a lot so you can get good low end torque maybe? I guess we still need to see the numbers but maybe someone who drives a lot and it can get better MPG's than the gas counterparts? If you're on the road every day for your job, a Ram that gets 30 mpg makes more sense than a Silverado that gets 21 mpg.
  12. Skimped on interior

    I don't know maybe I'm just really old school. I like my trucks to be simple and rugged, not stuffed with the latest tech. One of the things I love most about my 2014 is I can operate most of the controls for the HVAC and Radio completely blind. I hardly use the touch screen feature because I hate having to focus on it while I'm driving. The new Ram looks cool, but doing everything on the touch screen seems like a huge pain in the ass and adds tremendous cost to the vehicle. At the end of the day, I want a solid engine, 4wd, basic tech to connect my phone so I can do hands free calling and stream some content from the phone (so Apple Car Play), rearview camera, rear AC vents, an auto dimming rearview mirror, and heated side mirrors. I don't even want leather seats. I'm concerned that the way these manufacturers like to package features that to just get some of these basic functions I have to pay up for an expensive trim level with a lot of extra features that, while certainly nice, I don't need or necessarily want. The only reason I paid up for the Z71 in 2014 is so I could get a black grille without all the chrome. The next go round I'll probably drop down to the regular LT unless the Trail Boss isn't ridiculously priced.
  13. Sign me up for a Trail boss in white!!

    Admittedly my first reaction to the new 2019 was that it looked like a Tundra and an F150 had a baby together. But it's starting to grow on me. Once I saw the Trail Boss model in white, I think that officially sold me on it. I still want to hang on to my 2014 for about 10 years simply for the fact of saving money. But I'm going to keep an eye on the specs of these new trucks and the pricing. Maybe I'll trade up around 2021 or 2022 instead of waiting the full 10 years.
  14. 50k service

    Sorry for the side bar. Back to the OP, I have 45,000 miles on my truck. When I hit 50k I plan to change the tranny fluid and filter. I'll do my front/rear differentials and transfer case at 75,000 miles.
  15. 50k service

    I did 2 BG inducation services on my truck and then started worrying about clogged cats. I asked my mechanic about it and he said it isn't a problem nor should it ever be. I still worried about it though and decided to to stop doing them every 15,000 miles. I have an oil catch can. I'll probably just see how the engine is doing around 100,000 miles and maybe do another BG service then.

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