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  1. I have a black bumper (no fog lights, valance or bracing) for sale for $400 shipped. It has some rock chips and a small dent which is why I'm selling it so cheap.
  2. Are you interested in seeing some pics? The bumper is in pretty good shape, especially for the money.
  3. Sorry I didn't see this sooner, how about $300?
  4. I have a black bumper that has a small dent and some rock chips if you're interested
  5. Is this still for sale? If so what's the price to get it shipped to 63010?
  6. Mine's getting the heads replaced too, I smelled coolant and they said it was leaking out of one of the head bolts. This is worrying and doesn't give me too much confidence in the engine's reliability...
  7. GM calls this is a skid plate but it's just a piece of the front air dam on a 2016 Silverado, I switched over to the all black one and am selling this one. I had a person interested in buying it but they were in CA and $50 was the cheapest I could ship it for so it just wasn't worth it. They go for around $100 new. $50 OBO
  8. I'm getting ready to take mine off, I would be willing to sell after this weekend.
  9. Was it easy to remove the front valance? I am working with a buddy to custom fab a piece of aluminum to get rid of the valance and still line up with the rest of the front bumper.
  10. Just as a frame of reference, my rims are 20x10 with a -19 offset. I have 305/55/20's as well, and as you can see they stick out but in my opinion just the right amount.
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