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  1. Sorry to bump a year old thread, but was this ever resolved for anyone? Have a 2015 Tahoe and the rear compressor has started doing this intermittently like the OP's video.
  2. When does production start? Any idea how long the "late availability" wait for Hunter Metallic would be?
  3. A couple of guys here have reported improvements with Michelin (Pilots?). I have the Continental 20's on my Tahoe and have not been impressed. I have had one loaner Tahoe and one loaner Suburban now with 18" wheels and the Goodyear tires and I think the booming is worse. I can't say it's solely because of the wheels/tires, but I would have expected the 18" wheel/tire combo to be better not worse.
  4. Ridiculous isn't it? There are $30K Hyundai's with better head lights.
  5. I have a 2015i Tahoe that exhibits booming and slight buffeting. I am of the opinion that the two are the same and that the buffeting is just rapid body booming. I don't have any drivetrain or tire vibrations that would cause buffeting all the time. I do have plenty of the low speed cabin booming when going over bumps or more often rough pavement. The interior cabin booms/vibrates like a drum on a brick road. I have not had the dealer try anything (Roof TSB's, Rear End, etc) as I believe this is a major design flaw and GM is just throwing darts at the problem for two years now. I think the tire road force balancing can help with the buffeting issue, but you will never get the booming out of these trucks. I read recently in this thread that some thought new body mounts for 2017 may fix the problem, but that does not appear to be the case with this 2017 Suburban I have right now.
  6. In a 2017 Loaner Suburban right now. LS, ~ 3000 miles, 18" Goodyear tires, 8/16 Build. Booms and Buffets like crazy. Worse than my 2015i Tahoe with 20" wheels. I don't believe that GM has fixed this for MY2017.
  7. In my experience, I don't see how the exhaust system could be the cause of the low speed body booming. Please do post pics of the dampers when you have some time -- Thanks
  8. Zip does your roof flex like this when you press on it? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1UQB0HJVe3XcHR2TF9vd090VDg/view?pref=2&pli=1 Mine does and so does the 2016 rental I am currently in.
  9. I tend to agree. I think the following is plausible: A: The roof is still the main problem. B: The roof TSB does not successfully repair the problem (Most here report no improvement after the roof TSB) C: Something your dealer did got the roof to bond (at least temporarily) since your buffeting disappeared for some time. It could be a larger design issue with the roof sheet metal being too thin and flimsy or perhaps even the spacing of the roof bows. It may be extremely difficult to effectively brace the roof as designed. I don't think anyone can dismiss the roof at this point solely because the "fix" doesn't work.
  10. Currently in a rental Tahoe: 2016 LS, September 2015 Build/18" wheels, Goodyear Tires Vehicle low speed/rough surface body booming is worse than my 2015 LT with 20" wheels and Continental Tires Buffeting is about the same. In my experience they all exhibit body booming. The buffeting (which I agree with Fog -- is essentially rapid body booming) will vary with the amount of vibration in a particular vehicle due to wheels, tires, drive-shaft, etc. If you can minimize the vibrations, you will minimize the buffeting. I do not believe there are any boom or buffeting free trucks.
  11. Took my truck to a guy that I know who does custom auto interiors. He's knowledgeable and been around for awhile. Told him about the roof bow TSB (did not mention anything about buffeting/booming) and asked him to take a quick look at my headliner and roof and see what he thought. My headliner jumps near the 2nd row overhead lights when you slam the car door. Also have some flex in the roof sheet-metal similar to Elripster's video #2. He poked/banged on the roof a few times and turned to me and said "That's a vibration going down the road". Take that with a grain of salt, but I still think the roof is suspect. I can't believe how thin the sheet metal is up there. My other vehicle is a Ford pickup and you can't make the roof sheet-metal flex by sticking your finger in it.
  12. Wow, I was just re-watching tonight on my home PC (which has a subwoofer) and I can absolutely hear the body booming in your first video. Turn up the bass and listen...
  13. Links work, thanks for posting! The driving video is a little hard to see the roof flex. The second video.....holy cow. I am going to stick my finger on my roof later today.
  14. If you go to each video click sharing (The person icon with the plus sign) and select "Anyone with link can view" you can just post the video links here. Then anyone can clink the links to view the videos. They would not be able to view any of your other google drive content. Only the links you select to share.
  15. I hope you are right, but GM has been tracking this issue for over 18 months (See Four Knuckles third post in this thread). IMO, this is a design issue that can't be fixed easily. The roof bows, new wheels, new tires, road force balancing, new rear ends.....all band aids.
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