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  1. I had an old lift master to. You had to be within five feet of it to work. Eventually it quit working altogether. Bought an new opener and it programmed fast and works 30 yards from driveway
  2. I second that on the Nissan. Gm is way behind on their warranty
  3. Can’t beat cooper’s Ht’s
  4. 91 Blazer.jpg

    That’s one sharp blazer
  5. Firestone MT 2 tires

    Can't beat BFG At's
  6. That's not even a choice.
  7. Truck #1. Still has warranty. That would be my pick.
  8. You should be fine with stock tires. Just run 4 wheel auto.
  9. 5th wheel question

    Was looking at a 1/2 ton towable 5th wheel camper. I guess they make sliding 5th wheel hitches. The one I was looking at was 1,400 bucks. Think the trailer is a no!
  10. Can you put a 5th wheel in the short bed? 51/2 foot bed 1500 2014 Chevy
  11. I agree. In the winter people in the back freeze and people in front are dying of heat.
  12. Look in the forums under seat issues. Hundreds of pages!
  13. I have the GM one and love it.

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