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  1. My weird experience

    My 14 doesn't have these options...Maybe a chevy only thing? Kind of like the changeable icons on the radio??
  2. My 2014 Sierra has done this a few times, but never for that long, maybe 2-3 mins max. I never concerned myself with it.
  3. 2016 All-terrian

    That's what I figure, as well.
  4. 2016 All-terrian

    I wonder if the new headlights will fit/work on a '14?
  5. I got rid of an ecoboost and bought my GMC. The F150 was only quicker off the line. virtually no difference above 30mph. Other than I get better gas mileage in the GMC. I do miss that "off the line" torque, tho.
  6. Mine was done 2 weeks ago. Listed as a recall on the invoice. Mine definitely seems less confused in stop and go traffic. There is still some occasional "clunking", but I no longer have the "bump" on downshifts. I think there is more to this than just the transfer case hanging up.
  7. Same problem, same spot. I'm 155lbs soaking wet and constipated. I'm going to bring it up to the dealer on the next oil change.
  8. Mine has the seat wear on the bottom bolsters, with the faux carbon fiber look. I'm only 155lbs at 5-10. Not like I'm a big guy! 7 months old, and about 7500 miles. It looks like it is 10 years old.
  9. Update, they just called me. Said they replaced the seals. Also stated that there wasn't a gasket on the fill plug and that the plug was loose from the factory. Picking it up later, will report back if the paperwork has more info.
  10. Mine was leaving spots on the ground, dripping from skid plate.
  11. I just find it odd that is was leaking on both sides! Unless it was a faulty batch of them...
  12. Anyone had this happen? Short story long... Took my truck in for it's first service a couple weeks ago (6100 miles). I noticed Saturday that there were spots on the driveway under it. Took a peek, noticed "drips" coming from the front skid plate, but filter and all looked clean. Made an appointment for them just to check it out. I figured the oil change guys just got sloppy and spilled oil all over the skid plates. Dropped it off yesterday, no more put my butt in a seat in the lounge when they came and got me. My front diff it leaking on both sides where the axels exit. I asked if they'd seen this before, his only response was "it's the first thing we've been checking lately on reports of oil leaks". I found this interesting! I'm not too worried, the dealership has been great to me. Even gave me a brand spanking new '15 sierra as a loaner for the next few days. Just curious if anyone has seen this and has any more info. TIA!
  13. Perfectly normal for DI engines.
  14. Not operating incorrectly?! Come on down, let me take you for a drive of what they call "normal". 1 mile in stop and go traffic, and you'll want to walk back to your truck. It's perfect on the interstate or open roads, but not during rush hour in ATL.

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