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  1. they beat all the local shops by a couple hundred on wheels. No problems with the wheels I bought from them, would do it again.
  2. Can someone please tell me what all I need to buy to make my CC non Bose system sound good but also not crazy expensive.
  3. I got my 14 Sierra 6inch fab tech installed at the dealer for $2,900. That might seem pricy but the dealer told me that they would still carry my warranty on it and the lift. I love the ride, not far off of stock but you're not gonna love the mpgs probably. My buddy got the BDS 6inch on his 14 Silverado and he loads a dirt bike in and out of the back no problem. As the power issue due to regearing, I can burn my 35s no problem. Yeah it's gonna be slower a little but I mean what do you expect jacking it up so far into the sky. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I love my sound system in my truck but it's too stock for me. In my old truck I had a system in it and I'd like to put one in this truck. I had 2 10" JL audio subs and I forget the name of the amps but being in a 98 it rattled my truck some times. I really really want to put a system in this truck but I'm not real sure how to go about it on this 2014. I want it to be clean, crisp, clear sound. I ABSOLUTELY HATE rattling from stereos and over powered subs. I just wanna know what you guys recommend on brands and boxes and if I should replace the stock speakers and what not. I'm Looking for quality because I'm a perfectionist one could say. Anything would help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. 14 sle Z71 4x4 just put 6 inch fabtech lift, 20x12 gear alloy big blocks, 35 Atturo Trailblade M/Ts, T-Rex billet inserts, tint, dual flowmaster super 40 exhaust. My first choice was this color. I walked around the lot and saw this and a green Silverado and ended up picking this one for the color. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 6 inch fabtech lift, 20x12 -44mm Gear Alloy Big Blocks, 35x12.5r20 Atturo Trailblade M/Ts no trimming but very slight rubbing on valence under bumper full turn or reverse. I see no need to trim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I absolutely love mine. 14 crew cab gmc z71 brownstone. I really want to paint my chrome bumpers the same color.
  8. Anzo now has after market headlights available that are similar to the slt head lights. In my opinion are awesome and will be making the purchase.
  9. Okay so I have a 2014 GMC Sierra CC Z71 4x4 SLE. I had been having to put more effort into shifting out of park into gear already. One night I went out in a rain storm on back roads to get home (not playing in mud or messing around). It was a down pour and so I finally made it out to the main road and to my destination of a college campus. Went to put it in park and it stuck in reverse on the way to park. The shifter went completely limp. Having only 3,000 miles on my truck I grew very angry having been embarassed. Shut off the truck and had to call a tow truck. Towed it to the nearest dealership to be fixed. The next day I picked it up and with crummy service and very little information from what I comprehended that a rock had wedged between the shifter cable and the frame and had poped it off. I hope GM has fixed mine and will fix any others from having this happen. Was not happy with Gm that night.
  10. So I'm looking to get a suspension liftkit for my 2014 CC GMC Z71 and am just wondering what install would be for one is. Looking into the 4in to about 7in haven't decided which brand or size but I know prices for the kits themselves but I don't wanna get stuck on install by a shop thinking Im clueless and get easy money off me. And also to start getting my budget together. I get it will vary by shop but what would be a resonable price.
  11. looks great! I love the look! Mines on a bronze crew cab it makes me happy.
  12. I recently went to the local dealership just tooling around, saw a 2014 Tuscany edition Silverado and convinced the salesman to let me test drive it. I wanted to see what it was like to have the 2014 lifted as I have a GMC CC Z71. I liked the ride of the lift but I really liked the exhaust. I asked multiple salesmen on different days about it and of course none had a clue.... The closest answer I got was it might be a magnaflow. But I've tried to find it on Tuscany's website and they only say that it's just a custom exhaust. So does anyone who has one know or anyone know what it is? Any help would be great. Might be a stupid question but I really liked it.
  13. T-Rex grilles. They are the best. Installed inserts on my 2014 GMC Sierra and it looks great. They have inserts, full billet, and more. I'm having trouble uploading pictures on here but just search the brand and you'll see them.
  14. I had a 99 5.7 leveled with 18 inch rims and like 31 or 32 inch tires. Had about the same gas mileage but when I drove it normal it was good because I had true dual flow master 40s exhaust with no cats. And an EFI live tune done by a guy that lived near me. I drove around 52 miles just in commute a day in the hills not counting extra driving. exhaust will help but be sure to remove the cats for extra help. But be sure to have a professional bypass the sensors or the check engine light will be on 24/7. Fact is the 350 plus the lift and tires are not helping you. You're just gonna have to take your lumps with the gas reguardless. But it can be improved.
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