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  1. ^^^Basically what I said^^^ The Blue Mule
  2. Y Certainly my friend Let me know if it helps fix it. The Blue Mule
  3. Grinding/scraping/clicking noise in the door itself. Window jumps track. Motor drags n won't raise the glass all the way. Fixes... 1st grease the rollers in the track check for a smell from the motor While rolling it up n down. The Blue Mule
  4. IIRC we used to put 350 heads on the 305's slot because the 350 head had better flow numbers. You shouldn't have to change anything on the tranny to make this combo work and play well together. Have you heard the donor engine run?? Were all here to help and there's no dumb questions so ask away. The more details you can provide the better the answers... The Blue Mule
  5. Can any of the parts stores where you live test them? O'Reilly autoparts has really upped their game on testing electrical parts. The Blue Mule
  6. Tie rods,idle arms,pitman arm These tend to wear out first. The Blue Mule
  7. Yours may not have the drain plug. Here are some pics of where it should be. The Blue Mule
  8. Most gm GM torque converter have a 1/4" plug on them it's got a square head. The Blue Mule
  9. Out of curiosity... are the valves the same for roller and non roller the same?? Are you using the old bolts or did you get new ones?? Any build I do I use ARP bolts. The Blue Mule
  10. Yes I believe they did and for a few years after that The Blue Mule
  11. Yeah fellas I decided 150% against trying to do air bags. It's just not a feasible idea and wouldn't really help anyway. So now for the next subject... Looking for good cheap/free mods that'll make a difference The Blue Mule
  12. Sounds like the ball bearings in the valve body are sticking. My 1st recommendation is drain the fluid and filter and refill it with a synthetic atf (red line) No matter what do not use Royal Purple!!! If the valve body is the problem. You can pick up a new one and put it in at the same time as the fluid n filter change. Its pretty easy to change. Oh I definitely suggest that you drain the torque converter fluid also. It should have a plug in it drain it out usually holds about 3 qts us the trans fluid. The Blue Mule
  13. Sounds like the clutch fluid (dot3 brake fluid) is old and breaking down. Possibly freezing up. It's kinda typical for the wires to harden and become brittle given the age and the heat from the motor. If it's a ground wire I'd fix that 1st then change the fluids in the clutch system. The Blue Mule
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