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  1. Who has a place where I can hunt hogs in N. Texas or Southern Oklahoma. Trying to keep the family fed. Blue Mule
  2. Yeah sounds like the 4x4 is locking up or engaging. Bump steer is whel ya hit a bump or pot hole and the truck jumps out from under you. That can be fixed with a stabilizer shock. Blue Mule
  3. I've got a 1 piece (plastic snap in) unit with tailgate piece. I'd sell it. Its for a 6.5 bed I'm in denison tx. Blue Mule
  4. If its the oil pressure sending unit (OPSU) wouldn't it register on the dash a low oil pressure on the gage or light?? Blue Mule
  5. Intake manifold gasket or more likely it's the distributor gasket the most people forget about. They're a paper/cork style until later models they became an O ring seal. Blue Mule
  6. Yeah I didn't think about rockauto they got everything but beer Blue Mule
  7. LMC has priced there selves outta my budget for sure. Check summitracing.com I buy a lot from them Blue Mule
  8. Let me know if I can help you. Friends helping friends. Blue Mule
  9. Easy. Mark the center of the bolt drill a hole through it as deep as possible preferably all the way through it. Step up in bit size until your almost to the threads. Then with an "ease out bit" tap it into the hole till it gets a bite and turn it counterclockwise and un screw what's left of the bolt. Its crucial to get as close as possible to the center of the bolt as possible. Use a center punch to mark the center. Blue Mule
  10. If you've got a flatbed on it now then there's no issues at all changing them out other than its heavy as shit. Blue Mule
  11. It should line up perfectly cause there were no frame changes. I would say its best if can get under it with a tape measure and measure from bed bolt to bed bolt on both frames. And measure from bed bolt across the frame to the bed bolt. Most all utility type beds are universal fit for that particular manufacturer. Meaning GM will work on all GM. I'd put money on a direct bolt on. As far as lighting it should be plug n play Blue Mule
  12. Go with brass bushings and adjust the sticker plate. Blue Mule
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