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  1. Its not going to be above 0 degrees F here for a while so I don't know when I will get them installed. Looks like they shipped from NY and I am in MI. Maybe you are further West?
  2. I drove around tonight and had people flashing me anytime I hit a dip/bump on the road or anytime I was on a slight incline. I had my father-in-law drive ahead of me about 100yds and he said it looked like I was constantly flashing my highbeams at him. Not to mention his vision would be above the cutoff...then he would see a bright blue light and then see a blinding white light....then back to blue and then his vision would be above the cutoff again. The roads are really lumpy around here this time of year with the cold temps. If I crank them down lower I can't really see any further than my factory projectors would shine. In fact I think I see less on the left side of the road. The only gain I have now is the road is brighter in front of me. I can't see crap above the cutoff....pitch black. I don't want to be that guy that blinds drivers on the road
  3. No, but they are the same price. http://www.fastheadlights.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=buy_chevy_fxr-adapter-kit-only http://www.fastheadlights.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=buy_fxr-adapter-kit-only
  4. I just ordered the FXR adapters as well and would like to get the caps so I can install everything at the same time. Let me know when you have verified the caps fit properly. Thx!
  5. FXR projectors with xb35 5500k on a 2500 silverado.
  6. Do these look like they are aligned ok? I'm thinking i may need to lower them a bit.
  7. Have you talked to TRS to see if they would be interested in including them with their kit? Include that with the upcoming fastheadlights adapter and this setup is a must for silverado owners.
  8. I'm not even sure mine are on left to right...i was mostly concerned bout getting them level on the horizontal plane. When I pulled up to the neighbors garage from about 20-25ft away it appeared as if they were shining about waist high and the distance between lights seemed to be about the same distance the lights are spaced on the grill. I'll try to get some pix tonight when it gets dark.
  9. That is correct. On the first attempt they were both slanted 15 degrees in opposite directions. Only way to correct was tear it all apart .....drill out projector holes and twist to level.
  10. Not sure how the rest of you leveled your projectors in the housing but I had a hard time getting them level. I had to keep taking them apart and making adjustments until it was just right. The output looks absolutely awful if both lights are not perfectly level. Now that I have it all leveled and aimed, the output is amazing compared to stock. I think I need to find some cooler running high beams now because when I flip them on they look like yellow candles Any recommendations on high beams that would match up with XB35 -5500K?
  11. When I ordered from TRS they told me I needed the 2.5" projectors so that is what I ordered. I later discovered that they needed to be the 3" projectors so they overnighted them to me with a return label or the 2.5". I held on to them for a few days so I could see the difference at install time....they are quite small
  12. I just got done installing my FXR's. A projector adapter would make the process go MUCH faster that is for sure. Also, if the morimoto wiring harnesses were not sh!t that would help too. The relay kit wiring is so short it hardly reaches from ones side to the other. The retainer clip snapped off while plugging into the ballast on one side. The 9006 splitter I purchased so I could have 4x highbeams was not crimped right and would not send power to both outputs. Of course I didn't notice this until I had installed the headlight and put the wheel liner back on. Ended up prying the bad terminal open so I could redo it and not have to wait for a replacement. I used half a roll of 3M Super88 to seal up the dust caps. I hope it holds up until I can get the caps Crf450r420 is making. Also, the 2.5" FXR projector lens that TRS sent me looked like quarters in the housing compared to the 3" lens.
  13. Thanks for the reply Phil. You should put the first few sentences of this post into your "About Us" section on your site. I'm going to start my silverado install tonight. I would be willing to give you $100 for the kit but since I don't like to wait I'll probably make due without it unless there are alignment issues
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