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  1. It's a friends truck so I apologize for not having all the info. I will get the vin and post it. It's be to the dealership 5 times with no solution. I have seen these forums do wonders to help when the dealership cant. The original problem started with the truck going into limp mode and has progressed into a no crank situation.
  2. You have no clue what I know. Obviously this is not a place to get help!
  3. Not sure on motor but was told its a gas with Allison its a 2007 and I do believe it's the new style. What would be the tell tale sign of an Allison vs standard trans?
  4. Any clue why it has no communication with scan tool?
  5. Not sure that the TCM is even the issue. It doesn't crank. There is no line under the shift selector and I cannot get any communication with my scan tool. If I cycle the key enough I can get the line and it will start for a few seconds the die. Read a ton and was hoping for a bad ground in the TCM
  6. Definitely has an Allison I believe it's an 8.1 gas engine
  7. It is the newer body style. It's a gas engine with an Allison transmission. Not sure if that changes location.
  8. I have a 2007 gmc 2500 hd with what i suspect to be a tcm issue. Must things i have read show the location on the radiator shroud but it is not there. any suggestions where it could be?
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