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  1. Looking for a grille, GM part 23207684. Fits 2016-2019 Chev 2500 HD. Thanks.
  2. old post, but JL Audio makes a stealth box that goes in the center console, if you have a center console.
  3. I'm looking for a used grille (GM 23207684), either to purchase or swap. I have the 2019 LTZ/Z71 grille. I've had success swapping rims before, perhaps someone is interested in swapping grilles, or has one they'd be interested in selling for a reasonable price? local used auto parts do not have any and my understanding is the grille is interchangeable from 2016 through 2019. New prices are a bit too steep to justify the expense. I'm near Fredericksburg, VA. Thx.
  4. I appreciate this info, curious if you might have any insight as to whether the 5.3 has the 9.76" axle (or where I can find that information on my truck)? Looks like I'll have the 9.5" axle (based on this article)...
  5. That's interesting... if that's the case, how could I verify the GRAWR was based on a tire rating... or that the OE tire rating may have reduced the GRAWR rating? The OE tires were Continential CrossContact EcoPlus. Looking them up on tirerack, they're rated at a max load of 2,403lbs. Since then I've replaced them with Michelin Defender LTX's with a rating of 3,640lbs. What does that mean for me? (Other than the obvious!) The original tire size is a 275/55 R20. I added a leveling kit and a larger tire: 285/60 R20. The larger tire has a considerably higher max weight rating.
  6. This is with the air bags. Without, it sags considerably. Donstar - it was an Airstream dealer who set up and also recommended I not put any more weight on the WD hitch. With that said, I just looked at the hitch weight again and the brochure shows 903lbs. I would think that's easily mitigated by the WD hitch and standard suspension of the truck. Maybe I'll swing back by the dealership, though I have nothing good to say about them.
  7. Probably, but I'm worried about too much stress on the WD hitch. Before I added the air bags it had started to fold/shave the metal of the spring arms. This is my hitch: There was so much stress on the top "pin" where the spring arm connects to the ball mount that the metal was shaving off after only 3-4 tows. I think mine is 10K rated, I'll need to go look at it when the sun comes up!
  8. Front axle was around 3300. Lighter than I’d like, but RV dealership didn’t recommend any more torque on the hitch. The 950lbs of tongue weight isn’t favorable.
  9. I have a 2014 Silverado 1500, 5.3L double cab, 4wd, which I use to tow a ~6000lb travel trailer. The travel trailer has a heavy tongue weight at roughly 950lbs. I have a E2 load transferring hitch that probably takes ~300lbs off the tongue and transfers it to other axles. I still wasn't happy with the visible stress on the hitch, so I added air bags to the rear axle. The air bags have addressed the sagging rear end and have really cleaned up the bouncy feel while driving with the trailer and I'm happy with them (in fact, I recommend them!). Last weekend I hooked it up to go camping and decided to drive it on the truck scale to get axle weights. The rear axle was right at 4000 lbs, or 50lbs over the GRAWR. I didn't have much in the bed of the truck (however, it has a fiberglass cap), no kids in the cab (100lbs each x2), I actually think it was a lighter load than normal... and I'm over the weight rating. I learned that the "Max trailering package" offers a towing mirror & larger rear-end. Along with it is a 4300lb axle rating, but I don't have that on this truck. With the new body style 2019's, Chevrolet has dropped the axle rating to 3800lbs from 3950. So I'm not sure if I want to rush to find an "old style" (2014-2018) truck with the Max trailering package before they're all gone... or am I really staring down a 3/4 ton pickup to tow my 6000lb travel trailer? Or am I reading the GRAWR wrong? Thanks.
  10. To all and the OP - thanks for this treasure trove of information. Before I spend what is going to end up being a lot of money, I'm trying to become as educated as possible. I have a 2014 Silverado 1500 (LTZ), with the DL3 mirrors. I'm looking to maintain as much as the OE functionality as possible with a DL3 to DQS upgrade. Based on what I've read here, I'll either need to manually modify a wiring harness or purchase new harnesses already configured? I'm not opposed to aftermarket mirrors, but I cannot get a good gauge on quality. I think I'd rather hit the easy button and buy the harnesses. From what I can tell... If I upgrade to DQS and want to keep the memory seat functionality I'll need to have the BCM flashed. I will need a modified wiring harness to enable all functionality. Question: Is the truck wired to feed the modified wiring harness? e.g., when I plug the modified wiring harness into the truck body (effectively connecting the door components to the truck), is the truck set up to push power to the right places already? Would you recommend specific parts for me to purchase? Thanks much for your time.
  11. I've thought about that... I'll look for something to wrap the handles. Appreciate the feedback!
  12. I really liked the 2007/8 - 2013 body style with the extended cab setup, but couldn't find any used with reasonable mileage and at a price point significantly better than a new 2014... so I picked up the 2014 Silverado double cab in tungsten metallic. There are a couple mods I'll be doing in due time, one of them is I'm thinking of color matching only the rear door handles (they're currently chrome). I'd like them to blend into the body of the truck, giving it the appearance of the previous body style. Any general thoughts? I also really like the smaller wheel-flair on the Sierra - are those available aftermarket that would fit a Silverado? I can only find the larger flairs, which I'm not crazy about. Thanks.
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