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  1. With the help of Ron S i decided to try this when i got my brakes done this week. Man i wish i would have done this 100000 miles ago! vibration gone, better ride. unreal. Ordered my u bolts from boise spring works, had them to me in 2 days. Hope it works for others but difinitely worked for me!
  2. A/C Condenser

    Did mine yesterday! only hard part were those damn bolts under the radiator support...what a PITA
  3. Turn indicator circuit tap

    so for the screen mirroring you need a hdmi to lightning connector with an i phone correct?
  4. well my tuck had a similar issue. it has been in the shop for 3 weeks. Torque converters on backorder now!
  5. A/C Condenser

    me too!!! on top of the trans going. 104000 miles....YAY!!! replacing myself.
  6. right. its 2500 not installed. 1800 bucks for the install they claim...they wont give me a check for 750, just take 750 off of the rebuild. My truck had a blackbear tune that they did in person. LOVED how it ran. just crappy that this is all happening.
  7. mine is the 6 speed. After it is fixed I will be hitting all of the social media accounts. Since it is a "good will " gesture to add the 750 dollars according to GM, it can be pulled back. I just want it fixed at this point.
  8. Well my rant continues. I have been reporting a vibration coming at low RPM ranges for the past 2 years of owning my 2014 Silverado high country 6.2L. I suspected it was the trans right away and was told "we cant replicate the noise" or "everything is within spec" by multiple dealers. Well at 104000 miles and less then 3 years old all hell broke loose on the tranny. I bring it into the dealership and they tear it down saying my torque converter and 3 of the gear packs are shot. I call GM for "assistance". a week later I get a call saying they will contribute 750 dollars towards a 3300 dollar job.. what a joke. Ive reported the issue since day one and everyone told me it was fine. Now, 4000 miles out of warranty i get stuck with a huge bill. This is all on top of the AC condenser that just went out as well (900 dollar repair according to the dealership) that GM will do NOTHING for. SO DISAPPOINTED with GM that it has changed my mind about buying the 2019. I hope you all have better luck then me.
  9. GM is kicking in a whopping 750 dollars. to say im pissed is an understatement
  10. Well they are saying that I have a strong case and that GM will "probably" contribute to the fix but they wont know until they drop the trans and get it open which will cost me 1090. They said GM will not cover that because they dont know currently what is wrong until they get it opened up. Does that sound right???
  11. Well the bad continues. Ive noticed a vibration that nobody can seem to figure out for a long time now. Finally cant deal with it anymore so brought it to dealership. Was told my trans has an issue causing the vibration and noise and they want 1090 dollars just to open it up and figure out whats wrong...Any pointers??? i am at 104000 miles so just over my powertrain but have had the truck in multiple times reporting the issue to 3 different dealerships. Would anyone think GM would assist?
  12. Did Cognito ever figure out what was going on with this? anyone else have these issues?
  13. i have the 2.0 front and rears on my 14 high country and LOVE the set up..only thing i dont like is the fronts squeak in the cold weather
  14. Took the Fox 2.0 plunge

    they should be like this as pictured in a different forum.. http://www.f150forum.com/f118/fox-2-0-ifp-rear-shocks-installed-today-upside-down-359573/
  15. Took the Fox 2.0 plunge

    I think you might have installed your rears upside down? from what i was told the body of the shock should be at the top, allowing the fox writing to be read not upside down when looking from the rear? Someone please correct me if i am wrong

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