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  1. Ok so trying to get a better idea of what to do here. I have a 2015 silverado with a 2014 console. What is this $14 cable your all saying to order? Part number? Do i ise the connectors off of that? I havent started install yet i want my ducks in a row first. I just want charging to front usb connectivity would be a bonus though i have the glove compartment one if needed for that.
  2. Just the cupholder assmebly that drops in. I have the large upper plate with the silver rev houndstooth
  3. Ok someone posted a junk yard search link. I looked up a console and found LKQ/Keystone in Wayne MI close to my work. Got a near complete black console with the z71 reverse hounds tooth trim for $137 otd mint. Missing the front dash bracket and cupholder piece. Can you get the cupholder seperate? They said they would find them for me cheap. Smells like a fruity airfreshner but ill clean it.
  4. Great mine is a March 2015 build. No AC muffler, no bracket. Im going to see if i can get it in for a few small things. If not ill just buy the bracket and install myself. I need to try my AC been noce havent used it since August AC bracket, tailgate drops fast, driver seat cover bolster wear and airbag reprogram.
  5. Follow-up bought a 3/8 od plastic waterline tube was able to get 4 qts this time. Still dark but more red the round 1. Will do 4 more qts. Will repeat ever 30k or so.
  6. Ok so i pulled the upper driver side hose (lower clamp was facing up no way to get a vice grip on it) it is all connected by a Tee any way. I pushed the hose down lower then the radiator and ensured no kinks. Was able to get 1.5 gallons out that way.
  7. Ok i did this today with clear 3/8 od tubeing i could only get it deep enough to pull 3.5 qts out. Was pretty dark but still had some red in it at 32k miles. Will repeat again soon.
  8. Is their a drain plug in the 2014+ 5.3l radiator? Or do we just pull the hose on the pass side rad? How many gallons for a basic drain and fill?
  9. FYI I made a polock move and assumed the transfercase used Mobil 1 ATF (dex III). Then i looked into the manual and realized it takes Dex VI. So just to be safe i went and bought full syn Dex VI ATF and re did it today. Dont be a polock, use DEX VI. Thankfully my M1 was left over from a old trans flush so I dident waste more money.
  10. Ok so i finally got to doing 4x4 fluids at 32k miles. I used all M1 ATF and 75W90. Rear diff was black black and watery thin, gear looks good but is it odd that the magnet was in the bottom of the diff housing? Im used to it being on the back of the cover. Front diff was a mucky dark grey still pretty thick little bit of shavings on the mag. Abd transfer case was still bright red but a ton of shavings on the mag.
  11. Do not take the 3:08 rear end, 3:42 minimum, dont take the 3:08 even for $2000 extra off. Drive for awhile between 70 and 85 mph any shake or vibration walk away it will not be fixed no matter how many dealer visits.
  12. I got my 2015 Silverado in july 2015 Crew 4x4 z71. sticker was 44k got it for 35k or so otd. Brand new not a demo
  13. Oem for me was $300+ out of pocket. I got a Pilkington for $0 and from research it seems to be the OEM manufacturer. In place of the GM logo is a Pilk logo that is the only difference. Had it 2 yrs and love it. No waves or distortions like garbage safelight shields.
  14. Same here with the 4600 rears i put on yesterday. A little softer on hard turns but bumps and general driving the tuck is much much better. Debating if i need to swap the fronts.
  15. My 4600 rears are on their way. Waiting for the fronts till i have more $. My rear stock ranchos have really gotten bad at 31,000 miles. Any tips on swapping the fronts or do we need to hire a shop to press them?
  16. Also get some MAF cleaner. Its in a aerosol can. Pull your intake tube and spray it to clean off any current oil. If you do use a K and N never soak it with oil just enough to make it orange. Red always seemed to heavy on the oil. I just stick w paper filters now Delco or Fram replace 1 time a year.
  17. When swapping make sure to cut a piece of flexable cutting board or thin cardboard 9 inches wide. Slide under the filter, hold in place when you slide the new filter out. It will catch leaves ect. First time i changed it i got 2 leaves that fell into the blower motor. Made my dash vibrate when running. Second time yesterday i did the cutting board and caught a few tiny leaves. Order Delco filters on rock auto. I got 2 delco cabin filters for my silverado 1 air filter and 2 delcos for the wifes car shipped for $44.00
  18. I got lucky in December autozone was clearenceing out M1 0w20 EP gallons for $10. Grabbed 12 at different stores. My wifes Mazda cx5 uses the same
  19. Check Autozone they were clearenceing out M1 0w20 EP gallons a few weeks back for $10. I grabbed about 12 gallons since my wifes Mazda and my 2015 use it
  20. Look at Katzkin or Roadwire Factory leather is garbage mostly vinyl and what is leather is low quality
  21. What fluid did you use? I used Mobil 1 LS on my 04, 08 both with G80 lockers never had a issue. Now ive read not to use it due to LS additive. Any ideas
  22. How does GM view the use of M1 0w20 EP with a M1 filter using 15k 1yr OCIs? What happens if i have a engine issue while in my warranty. I ask because FYI I stumbled on 1 gallon jugs on clearance for $10.00 at autozone. Was able to grab 12 gallons (my 2015 and the wifes Mazda cx5 uses 0w20) So go grab as much as you can find!
  23. Is their a issue of clearence with dropping the pan and the crossmember? In a 2015 6speed 5.3?
  24. Ocean blue is good at hideing dirt ect as the dark colors go (as long as a good quality wax is on it such as natty poor boy blue) the metallic helps with the illusion. My 08 was black, never again. I like that mineral metallic!
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