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  1. Read back a bit. I remember a few people have. I was lucky to hear about this at 35k and got it replaced
  2. I put Cooper ATPs on for $800 otd 1.5 yrs ago love them. I saw discount tire has $170 in rebates for Duratracs right now so about $900 otd
  3. Ok due to the above pic we may be on to something here. That brown USB female behind the radio should be able to be used for the new console USBs. If i remeber correctly their is a cable inside the jumpseat wire harness i cut out that may be able to work. I have to check when i get home from work. Worst case you can order a brown male ended usb and retain the glove box usb also
  4. Is that the back of the radio? Or behind the trim ring? How do you get the trim off?
  5. Its little to no better quality but the lense is a dome not flat
  6. I was under warranty and mine would on occasion do that. They replaced it with a updated camera
  7. My service writer (head writer) said word of mouth is GM is not going to recall but will have a special bulltin and if people have this issue they will fix in the future. But it isent a 100% sure thing.
  8. I just got mine done today w a new GM condenser so they are coming out now. I was number 3 at this dealership in the last few days
  9. My truck was in today. Its a new design GM not aftermarket
  10. I keep auto off..... just choose how i want it, dont know why
  11. Called again it is the new GM redesigned condeneser.
  12. Ok so i was called yestetday take it in Thursday only about a 5 day wait and a condenser came in.
  13. I got a call today my condenser is in only waited about 6 days..... not sure if its GM or aftermarket though
  14. Well the dealership is doing it under warranty so ill wait lol
  15. Ok i looked my driver side condenser is wet. I rarely use ac. Dealer dident even look just oredered me a new condenser. Ac isent horrid yet so hopefully it holds for summer. Said no aftermarket parts avail now here in MI. so now the wait.
  16. Call LKQ in Wayne Michigan they can search across the county for and sell you one likely for your local pickup. They shipped mine in from Montana i think
  17. I found in michigan a junk yard LKQ/Keystone got one near complete for $130
  18. Walk away or make them eat the repair. Also make them put bilstiens not rancho on it. Huge improvement!
  19. Nice job. Though i personally like the 14/15 front end much more...... i want to buy a 15 blackout grill and bumpers and paint them blue
  20. Fyi all i ordered the usb cable to remove the glove box usb to feed the console. Delco pn 19303284 from rock auto. First they sent me the wrong one with a brown and black end (proper pn on bag and cable). I returned it and explained i needed the one shown in the picture green and grey. They sent me the proper one but has the same PN as the wrong one...... so the diff cables share the same number. Send yours back for a exchange.
  21. Where can we get roadwire now? Ebay had them last yr but havent seen them lately
  22. Great i took a few hours today and put my junkyard console in. Your all right once you get both harnesses out, look at them you can see where to splice them together. I soldered and shrink tubed all my connections. Only thing is i am waiting on a usb cable #19303284 from the glove box usb to console USBs. Was pretty strait foward. Looks sooooooo much better the way it should have. Thanks go Slatemetal15 for the Pm help
  23. I got lucky, my local Autozones clearanced 5 qt jugs of 0w20 EP Mobil 1 syn in late winter for $10 per jug. I was able to grab 12 of them from different stores. Thankfully my wifes Mazda CX5 uses the same oil also!
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