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  1. I have 3m and it seems ok. I put it on myself but I don't drive my truck much. I bought it in Feb of 2014 & I have 9,948 miles right now. Maybe someone with more mileage can say more for wear.
  2. I like my 2wd too but if I'm going off road I'll take my jeep. These trucks in 4wd will never go where my jeep will. That's why I didn't get a 4wd truck.
  3. Yes it has made it without a catch can. All he has done is have the oil changed & other routine maintenance.
  4. I know everyone will say it's not my truck but a man who delivers all our nuts & bolts to my work place has a 2014 gmc cc 4x4 5.3 with around 175,000 miles now. It's his personal truck as well as work. Only thing he's had fixed is the blend door arm in the hvac broke.
  5. I made my own can so the first hoses I used was just regular vacuum hose. When I changed I did both hoses.
  6. I got the hose given to me free of charge so I used it. Didn't mean it had to be 350 psi.
  7. The hose will collapse if it's just regular vacuum hose or fuel line. That's what causes the whistle or noise. As soon as I got some strong 350 psi hose no more noise.
  8. What rims are those? Oh great looking truck by the way!
  9. Speed limiters started in 1993 on gm trucks. Friend of mine had a 92 & no limiter. I had a 93 & it did. I also had a 94,96 & 98 all were limited.
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