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  1. How difficult is it to drop the pan on a 5.3 6 speed? I remember reading it was a pain. I used to drop my 08 every 35k
  2. I got huskys for the wifes car 2013 Mazda CX5 and fit perfect, nice and thick. I had heard people complain about WT prior to ordering. Had full intention to get huskys in my '15 CC Silvy, found a slightly used set for $75 and fits perfect and again are nice and thick. Will stick with huskys unless they cheap out. I know someone who has a contact at WT in Chi town and its under $5 a set to make
  3. Nice truck! And since your the whaler here is a great song from a fave band you may like as long as its in the same context!
  4. I tourqed my factory u bolts to 70lbs last night (were about 40) drove on a 1 week old brand new concrete freeway I 275 SB here in Michigan. It is 80% better instead of 70 to 85mph its around 75 to 79 and reduced quite a bit in intensity. When i got to work i tourqued them to 80lbs. Lets see if i have more change.
  5. Ya dont my 15 has a 3.08 i dont hate it but def a dog...... i need to put a 3.73 in it one day.... ir it will be a huge reason to trade up to a '18
  6. So just got told that dosent look like a rock hit caused this but their is a chip about 2 mm away but they dont intersect. But since im over 500 miles (at 1 yr 15,250) they cant do anything.
  7. Just got one dead center of drivers position. No chip. Going to dealer asap
  8. Been doing this about 2 weeks now everytime i drive. It is much better overall. I notice if i turn it off when on the gas/under load holding steady rpms it feels as if i dropped maybe 200 lbs out of the back of my truck another analogy it feels like you had a sticky brake caliper slowing you down and suddenly frees up.
  9. July 10 2015 i got $14,250 off a cc z71. All rebates $1500 private offer and GMS. 44k truck for just under 30k. Id wouldent look now unless 16k+ off now w the 2016s out (though i like the 14/15 better)
  10. Im fine with my 3:08. But when i possibly get a 2018 after the new revamp i will make sure its anything else 3:73 preferred
  11. I hate to say it the 14 and 15's look like a 80s early 90s style retro throwback blocky and tough. The 16s look like a 99 throwback but looks much more feminine i.e. soft smooth lines too busy too techy.
  12. I like the 14 and 15 chevy. Never liked the GMC for many years the wide mouth grill just looks odd. And the last what 10 years have just been about the same. The 16s only look ok in a z71 i.e. painted front and rear. Wish more colors were avail painted in 2015
  13. After reading this the other day i thought BS. But being on empty i went to 89 octane yesterday for a few $ more. At 12500 miles on the truck. Only 50 miles in the motor is smoother and less sluggish already. These are 2 problems i have complained about to the dealer since new. It always felt it would stumble and fumble off a light at low to moderate throttle (pulling timeing i assume) Now its better much smoother and i cant wait for the fuel tables to adjust. And same drive to work i was getting 15.5 to 16.3 mpg when i got to work it was 19.1 and climbing. Even sans the mpg it runs alot bette
  14. I was cured after many visits, new tires and more visits. It became the tires needed to be matched to the rims (called it vector balanceing) and in spec tires. Then i went after market tires and its back though not as bad but havent had the time to go back and have them roadforce/tire match.
  15. And from my understnading if you have to trans cooler option you could pull the trans outlet from trans line attach clear tubeing into a marked container, start truck, put in drive, 3qts out stop, pour 3 qts in dip stick tube, repeat untill fresh red fluid is coming out. Check level, drive and check again top off as needed. All fluid replaced. Takes a hr at most
  16. Ive been looking at Roadwire leather covers i like the style http://truckingtimes.com/new-products/info/roadwire-releases-designer-series-leather-interior-for-full-size-gm-and-gmc
  17. I have a 2015 z71 in Ocean Blue. I bought a like new VR painted grill, bowtie and honeycomb combo. I have a paint guy who will match it for $50. Now would my z71 black insert and z71 logo swap onto the painted grill and replace the honeycomb? And what are the chrome small bits that surround the headlights? I would want to buy the black ones off of a midnight or blackout edition to have them painted also, just not sure what part name i am looking for.
  18. Sorry I updated my post had Hankooks on my 08 and ATMs currently on my 15
  19. Had Hankooks on my '08 z71 loved them. Now i went with ATMs on my '15 and these are also great! Can go wrong with either.
  20. Sorry this is going on for you. Makes me afraid my wife got tapped low speed on her rear bumper and a few scratches on the hatch of her 2013 Mazda Cx5 sport crossover. Its a bumper cover, maybe a plastic support, and hatch repaint ($1800 damage) Now thinking we can lose alot of value over nothing. Though in our case we plan to drive it 200k miles or more
  21. I never will order factory leather ever, huge upcharge for very poor and thin hide and now with vinyl added. Cloth lasts forever. But a guy at work bought a used 2500 with 108k that had black katskinz leather and man is it nice! Far far superior to OEM not even on the same planet. Looking into a set of Roadwire leathers for my truck
  22. Correct they say the 18" SRAs are All Terrain and they will do nothing about it. I called goodyear and all tire shops i could find and they all confirmed they are all seasons no question. But GM says different so thats that
  23. I dident 2 months ago. GM cust care made up some long lie about how GM and GY both rate the SRA as AT so it is. And the head of GM truck div also said thats how it is so piss off.
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