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  1. 2018 Yukon Denali Purchase?

    What are these roof rack dampeners you speak of?
  2. 4' lift on '17 Denali?

    Will the RST be available in 4x4?
  3. 4' lift on '17 Denali?

    Or just do a 2 Level on a Denali?
  4. 4' lift on '17 Denali?

    So would I be better off with a regular 4x4 Yukon over the Denali?
  5. Has anyone installed a 4" lift on a '17 Denali? I am looking at something like the BDS 4". I was originally going to go with a Z71 Tahoe, but I really want the 6.2L in the Denali.
  6. Title says it...let me know what you have
  7. Vinyl to match White Diamond Tricoat

    I just ordered a sample of the Avery brand from eBay...we shall see
  8. Vinyl to match White Diamond Tricoat

    That would be great!! Thanks
  9. Has anyone found vinyl that matches the White Diamond color? I would like to get my grille and bumpers done.
  10. Can't decide which to go with

    What did you guys pay for a muffler install? I have a guy that will install a 14" Magnaflow and delete the flapper and resonator for $260. Does that sound about right?
  11. FS: 2014 Chevy Silverado RCSB LT Black

    Nice truck!! Saw your add over on ARFCOM also
  12. Can't decide which to go with

    Ok, I am torn between the Borla Pro XS, Magnaflow 18" or 22", and the Dynomax VT.
  13. Can't decide which to go with

    If I was to put in a new muffler, which one should I go with? Not looking for it to be too loud, and I don't want any drone.
  14. Sent you a message on the grille
  15. Can't decide which to go with

    SO, I was thinking to do the tune, and possibly just replace the stock muffler with something that will sound a little better....or just get rid of the muffler all together. Any suggestions there?

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