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  1. It's gotten stupid. Every now and then some dumbass would do to it to my wife's Lexus (she's really bad about tailgating). Then I bought my Raptor and every gawdammed brodozer out there has done it to me and I drive as politely as I can 99% of the time.
  2. If there ain't 3 honks and go it isn't a race. Not sure WTF that was ... and then you put it on youtube ... LOL.
  3. OP, get Forscan and enable secure idle. Ford should make that the default setting or at least allow you to set it in the settings. With secure idle if the fob is removed after starting you can't put it in gear. I guess if you're already in gear you're screwed. I haven't tried that.
  4. foo.c

    Talk me out of it

    My chevy is deep ocean blue which is practically the same color, and I have this thing where I never get the same color consecutively. The Raptor is ruby red.
  5. Gaidos is the traditional tourist spot.
  6. foo.c

    Talk me out of it

    The heaviest thing I would tow is my CJ7. Roughly 5-6k lbs including the trailer. It should be ok towing that occasionally. If it blows up out of warranty maybe I'll be the first guy to LS swap a Raptor. Heh.
  7. foo.c

    Talk me out of it

    I'm kind of on the fence still. Stupid V6, stupid expensive.
  8. foo.c

    Talk me out of it

    If Ford ever puts a V8 back in the Raptor I will trade it in for the V8, but until then I will just have to try and get over my dislike of V6 engines.
  9. I just ordered a Raptor.
  10. Looking at my invoice it says: Recall 16007 Sensing and Diagnostic Module reprogramming. It seems to me like it would safe to reload my ECM and TCM tune. Right?
  11. I had the recall done today and I am pretty sure I lost my tune. The throttle feels much less sensitive was the first clue. Can I re-flash using my Autocal, or does that negate the point of having the recall done in the first place? Is there an update tune that incorporates the recall?
  12. 5.3, BBP tuning, E85. Just thought I would highlight the subject. Anyway, I might be an alcoholic. I think it's worth the 20 minute drive to fill up twice a month. And yeah the smell is different/better than pure gas, reminds me of a wedding reception with all the cans of sterno burning.
  13. I wonder how much power this is making? I had BBP tune my truck for 91-93 octane and he said it would help on E85 as well. Isn't the stock tune good for 380 on E85? I bet it's close to 400 with the tuning. Anyway, I filled up on E85 for the first time since tuning, and the truck is running strong. Curious what the ballpark horsepower number is.
  14. The dealer doesn't give a rip most likely. The guy who works for GM and whose job it is to approve warranty claims might. Everyone's an expert on Magnusson-Moss, but I don't think it means what they think it means. It's not merely consumer protection, it's partly meant to protect independent part manufacturers and repair shops. Without the law GM could say we only warranty engines that use AC Delco filters installed by GM dealers. It's not meant to force GM to cover repairs regardless of what was done by the owner. I don't see how adding a part that doesn't exist from the factory is covered under the act. It really just comes down to how stingy they want to be.
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