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  1. See, right there is the problem. If I liked it I would get a "hey thanks buddy" etc.... But if I say don't like something than I am a hating piece of ******. It's just wonderful how fragile the internet has made people. Blows my fricking mind.
  2. Ahhh I see the fragility of the snowflakes have made there way to this site too.
  3. I had the older version of the IBT on my 2016 silverado for 3 years before I sold it and bought my 2019. I took the old one off before I sold my truck and I noticed that it did have some condensation inside of it but it also had a small crack in it. Btw it still worked when I took it off my 2016. The new version for my 2019 seems to built a lot better and so far no problems after almost a year.
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I would say testing that method would tell you if you have that option...smh
  5. Did you vinyl wrap the chrome window trim and the handles? Or how did you get them black? I hate all the chrome on my '19 LTZ black.
  6. 2019 LTZ here. If I reverse any farther than lets say a parking spot, I lose power for a couple seconds when i put it in drive and then it studders bad. Took it to the dealer and they flushed the trans and put new fluid in it and stated it will go away in 500 miles. Well it's been 2,000 miles and it still does it. Haven't taken it back to dealer yet.
  7. I read you lose steering wheel controls if you have this. If that is true, why would anyone buy this?
  8. I put one of these on my 2016 and would really recommend putting a thin layer of silicon around the edges of the emblem before you install. I had it on mine for a little over a year and when I took it off before I sold my truck, i noticed it was pulling apart and had some water inside of it. The crappy thing is I have to buy a new one now because it isn't compatible with my 2019. They were $200 a couple years ago and I guess Chevy decided they need more money and added $75 to the price.
  9. Where did you get your CarPlay upgrade from if you don't mind me asking?
  10. So what is your site? I am very interested and am unable to message you for some reason.
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