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  1. My 2019 with 12k on it and driven in mn winter looks almost new underneath you need to have a local body shop look at it and get an unbiased opinion not that it will matter but may help you in how to move forward
  2. I looks good get out the carnuba for the real shine and elbow workout. I tried the turtle Wax spray carnuba was and for in between waxes it is awesome fire up the clay bar for the bugs
  3. I just paid 1.45 for diesel and gas was 1.89 I feel like I was stealing ... Mora mn is having some sorta diesel war and I am enjoying it filling my truck up for less than $50 you can't go wrong with a diesel and I got 24.2 mpg on a 50 span going 65 unloaded whooot whhhot but 11 hauling the 9k toy hauler. My calculated mpg has been 20.2 unloaded for 2 tanks combined driving. My regens are at 820 miles so I passed on the update, my shortest Regen was 500 miles with idling and winter fuel
  4. an expense... the more you spend the more expensive it is... it will be worthless in 20 years... ouch... no worries though there is no inflation... oh wait...
  5. Get a bed rug if you're not hauling heavy stuff
  6. Napa synthetic is fine or mobil1 or any that meet the requirements. Dexos required? If so make sure it has the dexos logo
  7. I used dexos oil in my gas 6.2 changed it early and still lost a lifter at 59k cyl 4 afm cylinder. I contend faulty design The dealer sold one and with 23 miles on it it did the same thing as mine. Some poor other person got a brand new lifter and that was on a 2018. You have to change the oil in a diesel whether conv oil or synthetic at the recommended interval, there is no extended drain interval in any reading from any manufacturer I have seen.
  8. If you're in the snowbelt bilstiens if south then the adjustable ranchos. I guess so cal is south enough to withe ranchos I have had both the adjustables are nice.
  9. The used car market is going to have some smoking deals,l but not sure about the truck market and how that will pan out. Good luck just make sure you test drive anything used and get the Carfax now that will help too
  10. a diesel is not in your future here. The 6 l will run a long long time pretty bullet proof and the prices for used will be going down due to the current glut hold out another month if you can. You will come out way ahead on the gasser compared to the diesel. Change the shocks out the ride is almost the same as a 1\2 ton, lower the tire pressure to 60lbs when unladen and enjoy. And echoing the other vibration test run it to 76-80mph if it vibrates walk away and keep looking no matter what they tell you. Do a Carfax for sure
  11. I'd roll the dice for sure they will make more of them...and sooner or later will have to sell them
  12. Usually the ones that were chipped stretched the head bolts I haven't heard of anything in the l5p in this regard
  13. Mine does it in exactly 20 miles if kept above 40 mph
  14. A call to gm customer service is probably in order or have another dealer or this dealer reflash it
  15. as stated earlier the 17 and early 18s have the Bosch C4P pump the later 18's and 19's all have the Denso with a lift pump. You can search about the C4P pump issues.. There is no difference from a 15 to 19 on the cab, HUD is rare, trailering app is probably rare too..
  16. It will also run higher idle when Regen is active iirc on mine it is right around 800-900 rpm . Make sure it completed a Regen.
  17. You get nav and all the other goodies in the higher trims . I would make sure you go with a late 18 or 19 and get the denso fuel pump. The rancho shocks are junk so if you want a better ride plan on replacing them I went to 5100 bilstiens and what a difference and my truck had 6k miles on it. Make sure the block heater recall was done. One last thing is drive it on the freeway at 76-80 mph and make sure there is no shimmy/shake if there is pass on it.
  18. you won't make up the gas cost via mileage difference if you trade it in.. you will take just as big a bath on the trade in... Worrying about mileage on a truck is like worrying about the weather... if it is mileage you seek a small efficient car is what you should buy.... The biggest cost of a vehicle especially trucks is the depreciation... gas/diesel is like number 3 on the list... combining insurance and gas over 5 years is less than the depreciation... Ownership Cost Ownership Cost for 2018 GMC Sierra 3500HD (Denali Crew Cab 4WD) Estimated: $66,201 over the next 5 years Cost of Ownership Total: $66,201 Depreciation ($24,430) Insurance ($12,539) Fuel ($11,953) Maintenance ($8,207) Repairs ($3,752) Taxes & Fees ($5,319)
  19. my only advice is if you buy one turn it off... I was in the camp of it is just fine.. then at 5xk miles I had a lifter collapse AFM #4, all new lifters and cam on right side, all new lifters on left side... 3 weeks in the shop... pulled motor, not everything put quiet back right 3 more trips to the dealer.. put on the AFM disable after it was all fixed... Mine is the 6.2, I tow and use it not for groceries but for what it is, a tool. I am hoping they were able to fix it right but I am leery of it now... I am lucky I have the 72/100k warranty from the factory. I thought about trading it in but the cost delta was (even with 20% off MSRP on a 18) north of 10k ... I can get a new motor installed for around 7k... so I would just go with a new motor at this point everything else is good. Besides you can't get the 3.73's any more... which I really like for towing....
  20. Just started or getting worse? does it go away per the "normal" operation bulletin? when did you have your fluid changed?
  21. Well I had the vibration and ended up the dealer replaced the whole rearend with a new one built at the dealer from parts because they quit making the 3.73's... and yea fixed.. then at 54k miles the check engine light, stabilitrac loss of power and a new "tick" started up.. took it in.. they thought just the collapsed lifter.. and it was and it took out the cam and bent the valves... so no word yet on when fixed... maybe like last time it will take a month... all covered under warranty... and they gave me a truck to drive while they work on mine.. I have read the 5.3's had issues and now it would appear the AFM is taking out the 6.2's as well... maybe it is just the early builds? IDK...
  22. RF all 4 tires... this seems to be an issue with the tires everytime they get rotated they cause vibrations... Why who knows why ? it is just plain weird... happened to me... even moving from front to rear the vibe stuck around... after they RF'd all 4 tires again then it was good as gold... even the SM was in disbelief that it worked...
  23. well it has been a while sense I posted up. So as a follow up so far about 1000 miles sense they fixed it, it is still fixed. I was over 80 this weekend.. and I was shocked when I looked down.. I really thought I was only going 65 or so... so lucky for me I am all fixed.. I am heading to Utah for a 4wheelin' trip so for sure will get to put on a boatload more highway miles... I still have the crappy LS/2's on it but so far so good... I hope they can figure out how to fixe the rest of these that are broke... 3 tires, 1 new rearend, RF balanced to less then 10lbs per tire.. i think the threshold is 16 or 15.. but mine vibrated at that balance...
  24. this has the same clutch system as my 4wheeler..
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