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  1. you won't make up the gas cost via mileage difference if you trade it in.. you will take just as big a bath on the trade in... Worrying about mileage on a truck is like worrying about the weather... if it is mileage you seek a small efficient car is what you should buy.... The biggest cost of a vehicle especially trucks is the depreciation... gas/diesel is like number 3 on the list... combining insurance and gas over 5 years is less than the depreciation... Ownership Cost Ownership Cost for 2018 GMC Sierra 3500HD (Denali Crew Cab 4WD) Estimated: $66,201 over the next 5 years Cost of Ownership Total: $66,201 Depreciation ($24,430) Insurance ($12,539) Fuel ($11,953) Maintenance ($8,207) Repairs ($3,752) Taxes & Fees ($5,319)
  2. my only advice is if you buy one turn it off... I was in the camp of it is just fine.. then at 5xk miles I had a lifter collapse AFM #4, all new lifters and cam on right side, all new lifters on left side... 3 weeks in the shop... pulled motor, not everything put quiet back right 3 more trips to the dealer.. put on the AFM disable after it was all fixed... Mine is the 6.2, I tow and use it not for groceries but for what it is, a tool. I am hoping they were able to fix it right but I am leery of it now... I am lucky I have the 72/100k warranty from the factory. I thought about trading it in but the cost delta was (even with 20% off MSRP on a 18) north of 10k ... I can get a new motor installed for around 7k... so I would just go with a new motor at this point everything else is good. Besides you can't get the 3.73's any more... which I really like for towing....
  3. Just started or getting worse? does it go away per the "normal" operation bulletin? when did you have your fluid changed?
  4. Well I had the vibration and ended up the dealer replaced the whole rearend with a new one built at the dealer from parts because they quit making the 3.73's... and yea fixed.. then at 54k miles the check engine light, stabilitrac loss of power and a new "tick" started up.. took it in.. they thought just the collapsed lifter.. and it was and it took out the cam and bent the valves... so no word yet on when fixed... maybe like last time it will take a month... all covered under warranty... and they gave me a truck to drive while they work on mine.. I have read the 5.3's had issues and now it would appear the AFM is taking out the 6.2's as well... maybe it is just the early builds? IDK...
  5. RF all 4 tires... this seems to be an issue with the tires everytime they get rotated they cause vibrations... Why who knows why ? it is just plain weird... happened to me... even moving from front to rear the vibe stuck around... after they RF'd all 4 tires again then it was good as gold... even the SM was in disbelief that it worked...
  6. well it has been a while sense I posted up. So as a follow up so far about 1000 miles sense they fixed it, it is still fixed. I was over 80 this weekend.. and I was shocked when I looked down.. I really thought I was only going 65 or so... so lucky for me I am all fixed.. I am heading to Utah for a 4wheelin' trip so for sure will get to put on a boatload more highway miles... I still have the crappy LS/2's on it but so far so good... I hope they can figure out how to fixe the rest of these that are broke... 3 tires, 1 new rearend, RF balanced to less then 10lbs per tire.. i think the threshold is 16 or 15.. but mine vibrated at that balance...
  7. this has the same clutch system as my 4wheeler..
  8. did they have a pico computer? if so did they put it on? if not then you won't get far fast... I know i repeat myself but it worked for me... that got my rearend fixed and then all the tires below 6lbs of RF... and it is now my smoothest vehicle I own.
  9. then go to the service manager... see if that helps... if not then open a ticket with corporate try those first in order... don't be an arse... just explain and be level headed... let them tell you no... then when you open the call with corporate let them know... they can arrange a different dealer... To bad you aren't in MN I would recommend a place to go
  10. you need to make them put the Pico device on it... with the NEW software that is available... it will tell them exactly what is wrong.. if they don't have a Pico device then don't do business with them.... Of course this should not be... but it is what it is.... All I can say is it worked for me and I am now a happy customer... But I had exceptional service ....
  11. so with about 2 seconds of looking I found this.... "So after reading several posts between a few different sights it seems that the problem I have is caused by the rear mount on the transfer/transmission case. Good news, right? wrong I explained everything, crawled under the truck and showed the movement with in the driveline and explained that several people have replaced the mount with the Ford Raptor mount which is much beefier and doesn't allow the vibration under torque. However, Ford explained to me that it makes perfect since however since the trucks are so new (even though its essentially the same driveline as previous years) Ford haven't released a TSB for this fix?? So after the 5th visit to Ford and 2.5 days of "diagnostics", (simply new tire and road force balance) they concluded that 1 more of the 4 brand new tires that were already replaced were bad and they couldn't explain it. So I asked them did you check the suspension? Nope. Check the rotors for possibly being warped? Nope. Check the driveshaft to make sure it's balanced? Nope....soooo....2.5 days and 1 tire on the 5th visit!......Unbelievable customer service! To top it off surprise surprise the shudder/vibration is still there!" now there hasn't been as large of an out pooring in the ford space yet... but starting to sound alot like the GM problems... I don't know what wheels/tires etc... but don't run to fast... it is possible that GM will figure this out which they did for me (rearend and tires)... and Ford seems to have some quick answers but so did GM at first... maybe they are all using the same outsourced vendors??? makes you wonder....
  12. That's great so you are off to the Fiat forum then... Thanks for the update
  13. you would think that they would put it back to where it was, after all less than .001% better fuel economy is not worth the AFM vibration at lower speeds.. the 6cyl I drove didn't do it and my 6.2 doesn't but I know when I driving a 5.3... heck i should apply for a job as a vehicle tester... probably fire me though after telling them what is wrong.. and what folks won't like ;.)
  14. okay, but did the programming change in that time period?
  15. balanced or Road Forced balanced? they need to be RF balanced the spec is less than 15 but best if less than 10
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