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  1. Digging through multiple threads trying to find someone running this kit with the 3.0l duramax. Has anyone done this? I'm wanting to also run the 33x12.5 Toyo RTs after the eibach kit has been installed. Any response is greatly appreciated.
  2. My wash is pretty in depth but I'm also a little OCD... I start with wheels. Nextzett for wheels with a black wool mitt, wheel woolie, and race glze brush. Tire next with Adams tire and rubber cleaner. This uses its own bucket. Kranzle power washer with 4.0 40* nozzle for initial rinse and then foam the truck with Adams or Optimum soap. I use the 2 bucket method with a TRC platinum microfiber mitt. Drying off I use a leaf blower and then follow with TRC pluffle towel. Drying aid is what they call Merlin's Magic Elixir and TRC Eagle Edgeless towels. Glass I use Gyeon Glass with TRC waffle towel.
  3. After sitting on my shop floor for a month I finally took the time to get this hunk of aluminum bolted on. Should do nicely towing the streetrod around. I also built a much larger surge tank as the standard Magnacharger tank in a joke.
  4. I'm actually a former Magnacharger dealer and have also done some stuff with Whipple. I have a TVS 1900 sitting on my shop floor and was curious who is running them. Back in the day the Magnacharger Radix was heavily used. I have no interest in making a ton of power. I just could benefit from the torque pulling my trailer with my street rod on it.
  5. What pulley are you running? Also did you do anything to your fuel system?
  6. I'm curious to see how many folks here are running a magnacharger TVS1900 and what else you have done to your trucks.
  7. Fog lights are SOLD Other prices lowered. Prices do not include shipping and I would prefer a local sale
  8. And he was last on here 8 hours ago... hmmmm
  9. Color? What cab size are they for?
  10. The black one is one solid piece and the part number is 84029800
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